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    posted a message on [1.7.4] Valhalla One [Mature 18+][Whitelist][VANILLA]
    IGN: sckolar

    Age: 20

    Time zone: EST

    Favorite aspect of SMP: The social aspect! Supporting other players has always been one of my most favorite things to do in Minecraft. Unfortunately, players really can't be trusted in most servers. They usually are willing to stab you in the back after you help them, making it harder to get to know other players.

    Least favorite aspect of SMP: PVP in most cases. I tend to take PVP too seriously, and due to that I avoid it if I can. Now I am not saying I flip my lid, but I find it unenjoyable.

    Who referred you to this server: Err. No one. Does this mean I don't get accepted?

    Do you have any bans? If yes, why? (We do check): Why yes! (Not a serious one) PleasantCraft was the name of the server. I have no idea why I was banned. I just tried to log in one day, and it said I had been banned. No information given saying why. I didn't talk to the other players all that much, and didn't break any rules. I did build a house underground so my stuff wouldn't get destroyed by someone, but that's it. Maybe it was against the rules? It was almost two years ago.
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    posted a message on mixing skins
    I would like to move the head of my skin onto another skin. how do i do this? (instructions appreciated)
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    posted a message on What about slingshots?
    Quote from Theriasis

    And why exactly would I craft a dinky slingshot when I could have a bow..?

    Yeah, speaking like yoda is totally not something that's been overdone. Please stop this, you're being very unfunny.

    Isn't that asking the same question as "Why have wooden swords in mc, when I can just have diamond?"?
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    posted a message on What about slingshots?
    I think that would be a nice little cute thing to add. Easy to make. It would be nice if it were weaker than most weapons, but had awesome durability.
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    posted a message on Replace nether and The End
    Quote from Burnt_Toast_609

    I agree with your POV here. The Nether is a little bit bland on the terrain side, and yes there needs to be more generated features/structures to spice it up. However, I do not agree with removing it completely as it serves many purposes. Must I go into detail:
    1. Potion making (blaze rods, nether wart, blaze powder, magma cream, glowstone).
    2. Ender Dragon fight (eyes of ender crafted w/ blaze powder).
    3. Wither fight (wither skeletons ddropping heads).
    4. Redstone lamps/glowstone blocks.
    5. Long distance travel (each Nether block is equal to roughly 8 Overworld blocks, so this way you can make minecart tracks/paths to other portals of your selected destination: Notch has stated that this is the main purpose of the Nether).
    6. Sunlight detectors (New Nether Quartz to craft).
    7. Comparators (Nether Quartz).
    8. No reason to make a diamond pickaxe (obsidian for nether portal).
    9. No challenge involved (ghasts, blazes, zombie pigmen, magma cubes, wither skeletons).
    10. Fireplaces/infinite fire (netherrack).

    10 legit reasons why the Nether should not be completely removed, but improved.

    See what we're getting at?

    I hope they improve it. Make it more interesting to explore for me, and all the other players. Not to say that it is not interesting for everyone. But for me, I do not find it too interesting. You have good points though. Your post was more polite than some I must say.
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    posted a message on Replace nether and The End
    Quote from WaterTipper

    Hey, I think the Nether is too bland, so instead of trying to make it more interesting I'll remove it entirely!!!
    I know absolutely NO ONE likes the Nether, and as you know lava is extremely boring.
    So please Mojang, just take the Nether code and erase it entirely!
    Nether is just stupid and it has zero point to even being in the game, all because I said so!


    -Has no point in my opinion
    -I find Lava very boring
    -I didn't say "NO ONE likes nether", I was wondering if anyone does, and it kinda surprises me that so many people seem to like it
    -I didn't say it's stupid, I said "It's pointless" Which is actually meant to be a personal opinion
    -"I'll remove it entirely!!!" Trust me, I would if I could, but I can't.
    -If mojang removed nether, I would be happy
    -Yes, it's obviously sarcasm without a doubt, which has little effect on me.

    "I can't even explain how wrong you are in making those assumptions" (Mathy)

    I may have forgotten to explain to all that all of this is from personal experience, and my personal opinions. Failure to recognize that is my fault, however, my personal feelings about it are not wrong if that is what you are saying.

    "You need some serious work on being considerate." (Kyric)

    You took this a bit more personal than I would have expected. It is all personal opinion. I doubt nether will be removed anyway. How much support have I got? not much.
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    posted a message on Replace nether and The End
    Seriously, how many people actually build in the nether? Surely it is good for glowstone, and all those nether blocks, but other than that, what do you really go to then nether for? I personally think that the nether uses a lot of space in memory JUST to have a dimension that no one builds in. The only thing that we really use the nether for is getting neat resources. I think nether should be replaced with something interesting, perhaps a magical forest? Something interesting that people will not only get resources from, but also build in! I think the same about the end. What do we really go there for, other than to just kill a boss? It makes sense if someone wants to build in this epic, cool dimension, and it is guarded by a boss. and the only way to build and live there peacefully is to kill it, but to just have a dimension just for the sake of killing something makes little sense to me. If a dimension is going to be taking space in my mc folder, I want to be making FULL USE of it, as well as being interested. Not only is it not really all that fun to build in the nether (to me), it is boring to explore. The more you walk, the more you see: lava, lava, lava, and more lava. Sure there are strongholds, but they all look the same. You know exactly what a stronghold looks like.

    Anyway guys, I am not trying to force anyone into thinking what I think, but I would like to see what other people think. Perhaps I am the only one who thinks there is little point in the Nether and The End. Tell me what you think!

    By the way. Most of this is personal opinion, and is meant to be personal opinion. IF it has no support, I at least would like to see how other players feel, without receiving indirect, as well as direct insults (which a couple have done already).
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    posted a message on Decompiling problem
    Need help: I am trying to decompile the files so I can learn to mod, But what in the world is an Srgs or csvs?? and how do I get one of them??

    it says this when I drag the decompiler.sh after bash:

    "# found ff, ff patches, name csvs, doc csvs, param csvs, renumber csv, astyle, astyle config
    !! need either srgs or csvs !!"

    I am on a mac OSX
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
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    posted a message on ID 52
    Will ID 52 (monster spawner) only spawn pigs? because in the middle of the spawner is a pig, or does any mob spawn according to near by blocks?
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    posted a message on Minecraft: The Soundtrack
    They're awesome. nice work. I love the Ender Dragon theme
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    posted a message on Smarter Testificate villagers
    I find that sometimes, they even wander away from their own village!
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    posted a message on Can't Break Blocks in Server?
    I felt dumb too when I figured it out lol. have fun :)
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    posted a message on Least Favorite Biome?
    I think jungles should be more rare than they are. What am I going to build in a jungle? A tree house?
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    posted a message on +!CONTEST!+ ICE CAVERNS UPDATE THREAD (an addition most wanted in vannila)
    I would say yes to the ice caves, and instead of ice zombies, some troll like creature.
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