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    posted a message on Iron bars and maps are broken in RTX beta

    1) iron bars can't be held without causing the frame rate to go to 3-5 fps, and if you try to blow up an ender crystal that's surrounded by iron bars the game crashes and you die and then you can't go back to get your stuff because anytime you get near the area again the game crashes, ask me how i know this............

    2) maps do not work currently, when you make them they appear invisible in your hand or its highly glitched out, also if you place them in a map they will not work either. And when you look at a map in the cartography table it says the map is instantly at zoom level 4/4 instead of starting at 1/4

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    posted a message on More glass options

    When can we get some more things to do with glass such as making doors or stairs out of them?

    Seams like a glaring omission after all this time to not expanded on glass at all

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