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    Thanks to Christmas, I was able to aquire a new headset and keyboard! Updated specs below.

    • i3 4150 @3.5GHz

    • ASRock H97M Anniversary

    • Kingston Fury HyperX Black 8GB @1866MHz

    • WD Blue 160GB 7200RPM

    • WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM

    • WD Caviar Black 500GB 7200RPM external drive

    • Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960 G1 Gaming 2GB

    • Lian Li PC-50

    • EVGA 500W w1

    • Linux Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

    • Acer P221w 1680x1050 @60Hz

    • Kingston Fury HyperX Clouds (Red/Black)

    • Razer Deathadder 3.5G 3500DPI

    • CM Storm Quickfire Rapid w/ Cherry MX Blues

    Honestly, I'm very happy with the new keyboard and headset haha. After using my first mechanical keyboard, I honestly can't see myself going back to rubber dome. The Clouds are pretty nice as well, and they're probably the most comfortable headset I've ever used. The sound quality of the Clouds is amazing compared to my old Apple EarPods. Not to mention, the build quality is outstanding.

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    Quote from AlexxRyzhkov»

    Obviously macs suck blah blah

    But anyways, I used to own a Late 2013 21 inch iMac.

    I had the mid range i5 model with 8gb of ram and the nvidia GT 750m graphics card, and minecraft ran pretty well. Running Optifine with 12 chunks and Fancy I got around 150-200 Fps, and around 100 fps while recording.

    If you want an iMac though, don't get a 21.5 inch. I would get the $1999 27", since it has the fusion drive instead of the slow 5400 rpm hard drive, and it has the better GPU.

    Honestly I don't get why Macs get so much hate. Sure, they're priced pretty high for something such as a MacBook; however, the OS is REALLY nice. It's flows a lot smoother than Windows or Linux in my opinion. Some people do like that fact, myself included. The build quality is superb as well.

    All aside, they aren't meant for gaming; however, the OS is pretty nice.

    Though I actually use a very customized version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. (Customized MacBuntu theme. Make it have a few Mac features but I optimized it to have different icons and the such. Quite fun ^.^.)

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    GTX 960's and r9 380's are both out of budget. He could go over and get a 380/GTX 960, but sometimes that isn't an option.

    I would wind up getting an R7 370. (Though I haven't researched much on DX12 with the card and Windows 10 and all that, so I'd check that out first. I'm a little out of date as of right now due to the fact that I despise Windows so I don't quite use it or research it much lol.)

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    Quote from Charrax»

    The i3 definitely isnt helping. I would recommend an i5 at least for fraps and or shadowplay.

    I already solved the issue by optimizing SimpleScreenRecorder better. Thanks though!

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    Quote from Werewolf5153»

    You could do a dual boot option and have Windows just for recording and playing games, kind of a pain though. Did not know that NVENC was not on Linux, kind of sucks. Not really sure why OBS is lagging for you. Could be just so optimizations with OBS. If you plan on doing a lot of recording, you might wan't to get capture card, but their expensive and not really worth it.
    Anyways, hope you can find a good screen recorder on linux. SimpleScreenRecorder looks ok.

    I like it better than OBS now. I switched the file format on it to FLV experimenting rather than the H264 and I squeezed out even more performance. I was worried that the picture quality wouldn't be as good but holy crap it's far better than OBS would ever be. I think I found my recorder :).

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    Quote from scarymonkies»

    Seems Linux is pretty good now on games and the such, but not so good for things such as this.

    False statement. Way false.

    I usually use a recorder named SimpleScreenRecorder. It worked well but it was slow. That was why I tried OBS. When I saw that NVENC was generally built in, (Though it's supported.) I tried implementing it myself. Failed.

    However, just a couple minutes ago I got back on SimpleScreenRecorder and looked around to see if I could fix it. Huh. I found an H264 format hidden in the list of formats. Hey, I figured I'd load it on and screw around and laugh at the lag.

    Well, I loaded up Shadow of Mordor on ultra settings (Texture quality set to medium because I only have a 2GB card. I don't like motion blur either so I got rid of that.) and hey. I got a steady 40-60 fps solid. Only a frame drop here and there in intense spots to 25-30.

    What the heck just happened.
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    Quote from _Xiae»

    Generally OBS shouldn't be limited by the write speed of your HDD as it encodes the footage to x264 before saving to disk. That does however, mean that the i3 4150 may be an issue which you are obviously aware of. What sort of CPU usage vs GPU usage are you getting when recording with SOM?

    If you only have one screen you could probably set up MSI Afterburner Overla- wait, Ubuntu. Mm. Dunno then. Doesn't seem like there are any decent overlay options for *nix.

    Also, is ShadowPlay available under Linux, or is that a Windows only thing? I haven't really ever bothered checking, i'm guessing it isn't.

    No, sadly. I may be able to get the NVENC set up in the nearby future. I really do wish Shadowplay was available through Linux, as that'd be a top pick for me. I'll check the usage tomorrow after school when I get some time. Though the CPU usage when I looked at OBS was at around 15-30 percent I believe. Course, that was instantly after I left the game. And yes, I do have one screen to answer that question! :P

    Seems Linux is pretty good now on games and the such, but not so good for things such as this.

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    Quote from Werewolf5153»

    What resolution are you recording at and what frame rate? 2500 is a bit low unless you are streaming. Also, try out the Quick Sync and Nvidia NVENC encoders to see if you still get this problem.
    I would recommend getting a bigger hard-drive if you record a lot. It could be a problem depending on the amount of space you have. Try running a disk fragment.
    The main issue if probably your CPU. Try setting the Priority higher in Advance settings.
    There might be a way to log what is happening in OBS. Usually when I get FPS dips, OBS will put red text on the bottom, under Scenes, saying High Encoding. If you only have one monitor, I am not sure there is a way to see this.

    Resolution: 1680x1050
    FPS: 30 (Would do 60, but let's not stretch it with an i3.)

    Sadly Quicksync and NVENC are not on OBS for Linux from the beginning; in fact, Quicksync isn't supported at all.

    However, Nvidia recently added support for NVENC on Linux in recent drivers through ffmpeg, allowing people to have built it in to OBS themselves. I'm actually currently attempting to do this myself. It definitely will take a lot of work though, so that's why I'm asking if there's a way for better performance on x264.

    I could switch to Windows and make it simple; however, I honestly don't like Windows. I mainly like Linux because I can customize it to my liking. (Games are getting pretty good now, including Alien . Isolation soon as well as Arma 3 while Shadow of Mordor is compatible already. Quite a few more you'll see on Steam.) That being said, the NVENC is worth it me. The main reason it's so hard for me is the fact that I'm trying to get a grasp on what I'm doing and planning it out.
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    I recently decided to download OBS Multi-Platform for recording purposes; however, I ran into some issues, mainly being lag.

    When I turn on the recorder, it seems like everything runs perfectly, and it does. Minecraft runs as smooth as smooth can be other than lag spikes a little often. However, it seems that whenever I try to record a different game such as Shadow of Mordor I get frame drops. It'll run perfectly and then I'll get a major lag spike and it'll be unplayable for a few seconds. Minecraft gets lag spikes as well but not this entirely bad. I've run over my settings; my settings don't seem to be at fault. My computer hardware itself seems fine, other than maybe the hard drive or the CPU.

    The CPU, an i3 4150, almost seems like it COULD possibly bottleneck me during recording sessions; however, other people with the same CPU and sometimes a worse GPU get quite a few better frames than I do. I don't really seeing it getting to be this bad.

    The other part, the HDD, possibly could be bottlenecking me a little bit. It's an old 160GB Blue drive of some sort that was sitting on my father's desk I believe. Not sure of the exact model, but it isn't the best of hard drives. Could it be struggling to keep up with processing the files as well as keeping a game loaded?

    Not quite sure what to think here.

    My Specs:
    CPU: i3 4150 @3.5GHz
    Motherboard: ASRock H97M Anniversary
    Ram: 8GB Kingston Fury HYPERX Black @1866MHz
    Storage: 160GB WD Blue of some sort
    GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960 G1 Gaming
    Case: Lian Li PC-50
    PSU: EVGA 500w W1
    OS: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Please do not blame it on the OS unless you research on that specific piece, as I can't really see any issue on it. When I'm not recording, everything is perfect. OBS seems stable for other people as well, so I can't find a reason to suggest that as the cause.

    Any help is highly appreciated and my settings for OBS are below!

    Using MP4, 2500 bitrate, custom buffer size of 0, no cbr, crf 15, ultrafast, no profile, x264, 30 fps, bilinear filter, l444 color format, 709 YUV color space and partial YUV color range.

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    Quote from craig5489»

    What power supply do you have? Wattage will be enough if you don't know the model/make

    What size computer do you have? ITX? mATX? ATX?

    What ASUS model PC?

    The model would be nice too so that we know how good of a PSU it is.

    OP, to recommend anything we're going to need a full specs list.

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    Quote from karlzhao314»

    The original SuperNova NEX series weren't great in voltage regulation and had some ripple issues (They'd hold up, but not in the most ideal way). I honestly wouldn't recommend buying an EVGA power supply unless you're willing to spend a fair bit more for the G2 power supplies, which are excellent.

    B2 and GS are pretty nice as well. Though I'm a fan of the Rosewill Capstone 550w for $30-40. (Assuming it's still priced at that.)

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    I already posted a thread about headsets a while ago but I'm still having a really hard time choosing. I'm looking at the AD500X's, the HyperX Clouds, and the Seinheiser HD518's.

    I want a good balance. I like a good bass but not too much of a bass and I've heard the AD500X's are a bit bright, which I really want a good deep sound for music to be able to notice more detail. The HyperX Clouds I've heard are great, but I also know there's a lot of hype about them.

    The HD518's are among a favorite of mine; however, I've heard they can be a bit expensive.

    I mostly want these for music. I listen to Blues such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmi Hendrix, Classic Rock such as Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots,Grateful Dead, and some newer stuff such as the Strokes. I also listen to a lot of music such as the Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction.

    I want a decent bass, not too high but still a good amount to allow a deeper sound. I want everything to sound crystal clear as well with not too much treble blocking out everything. I want them to be isolated as well so that I can block out loud noises in the background.

    I mainly play FPS games, Minecraft, and I plan to play some AAA games and survival games in the nearby future. Though I mainly want to focus on sound for my music.

    What would be the best for my needs!

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    Watching a Hallmark movie.

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