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    posted a message on Got a job interview and need some assistance with skills.
    You can overcome the habit with experience. Just get out there, over time it will diminish. Honestly the only way I have found to be confident, is to be confident. I don't know how to put it. But over the past years with different jobs working in social environments I just learned how to be confident by being in those positions and seeing who succeeded and who didn't. Observing why those people got better than the other. I was antisocial from staying in a majority of my life.

    I was so antisocial I didn't like going to a restaurant because I was so nervous. Over the years I got over that, and now I can go to a restaurant by myself and not feel embarrassed. My attitude towards people has changed, I start conversations now. Where as before I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Moral is it just takes exposure to overcome your problems. This applies to nearly everything I have found.

    You will do just fine :)
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    posted a message on Texture troubles with a brand new .jar.
    You have to set your AA/AF to application controlled in your graphics card panel.
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    posted a message on No Sound
    Try pressing "F3" and "S" simultaneously while on your world. This usually fixes my sound problems.
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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Can someone help me ? (sound isn't working, yes my sound is on -,-)
    Try pressing "F3" and "S" together.

    I have this issue every time I have started minecraft for the past month. Just found this fix last week. It works every time for me. :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft 512x Texture packs
    You need to increase the amount of ram java uses. Follow the instructions below.

    Open notepad
    Paste what is below in notepad without the parentheses.

    ( javaw -Xmx4096m -Xms2048m -jar "TARGET PATH HERE"
    close )

    Then we need to get your minecraft.exe location, to do this you, Right click the minecraft launcher.
    Go to properties.
    Then there should be a "target path" box.
    Right click on the text and select all. Then copy
    Go back to notepad and paste what you copied over the "TARGET PATH HERE"
    Leave the quotes around what you paste.
    Click file in notepad
    Then "save as"
    Beside save as type change that to "all files"
    The type in the file name "minecraft.bat" without the quotes.
    Save this to your desktop.

    Double click the minecraft.bat on your desktop and it should launch a command prompt followed by minecraft. What this will do is give java 4gb of ram every time you run the .bat. When you want to start minecraft you must use the .bat or it will use the default amount of ram for java.

    That should give java 4gb of ram. Which should be plenty for 512x. I can run 512x purebdcraft with the method above. Before doing this method I received the same error. The high res texture pack requires a decent amount of memory to run.
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    posted a message on Blocks wont show on screen?
    Press "F1"
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    posted a message on Having issues with TMI.
    Too many items has a key the disables the gui. I think its "O" on my keyboard. Yours may be different. Just open the inventory, press "O" and see if it appears. If it doesn't try pressing the letters of your keyboard sequentially until it appears.
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    posted a message on I have 8GB of ram, Why do I get lag?
    It's because of your graphics card. Optifine will help, as suggested above, but it wont get you probably what you want. There isn't much you can do. The intel HD graphics are an integrated graphics card. Which have never been, nor will they ever be a good card for gaming.

    That's the unfortunate side of laptops. They aren't made for gaming,most of them anyways.
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    posted a message on Do I need to buy minecraft to mod?
    I say just buy the game. I dealt with the cracked version before. It gets so frustrating when you try to update, eventually you will get tired of it. Pay the $20, support the developers, enjoy peace of mind.
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    posted a message on Minecraft save completly gone after crash
    Not that im aware of. You could check your recycle bin. Or you could do a system restore to go back to the last time it saved an image.
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