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    posted a message on Map editor for Minecraft 1.2.5?
    Quote from nostalgicleaf

    I am currently using mcedit to modify a 1.2.5 generated anvil world with much success. What exactly are you having trouble with?


    I realized how snob-ish my post sounded. 'Oooo, it works for me! Y u no work?'

    I am running mcedit 0.1.1-32bit on amd64, 8Gb of ram, hd6870 on WIn7 Ultimate 64bit. Apparently there are known issues with the PyGL bindings mcedit uses for python 2.7 on certain Intel chips (like the crappy ones) and it sounds like they won't be fixed or updated any time soon. Head over to the mcedit thread and either go to the github links on the first page to download the same copy I am using, or head to the last page in the thread and look for the link to Zap's 64bit build (if you have 64bit OS and CPU).

    If you are using Intel integrated graphics, I don't know what to say. You can pick up an HD6450 for $40?

    I know this is a very old post. But I just wanted to thank you. I had chunk errors that made my world unplayable for the past 2 months. Thanks to your post I found a proper mcedit that worked on 1.2.5, I deleted the chunks and I now can play on my world again. Thank you so much.
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    posted a message on Is typing fast w/o resting most fingers on ASDF JKL;' a talent?
    I got an average of 80 wpm about a year ago. I don't rest my fingers how you are suppose to either. I have broke both my hands and it is uncomfortable for me to use my pinky and ring finger the way I should. I use my pinky for things like shift, ctrl, tab etc. Never for any letters. I rarely use my ring finger either.

    That speed is typing everything 100% grammatically correct. If I cheated, no comma's, no capital I etc. Im sure I could do a higher speed.

    The way I type is I split the keyboard in half "figuratively" between my left and right hand. Sometimes I will use the right hand on the left side or vice versa if it is quicker that moving the "correct" hand.

    I honestly don't think it matters, type the way you please and the speed you feel comfortable. :)
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    posted a message on Summarizing the Internet
    A place where the scrawny, the ignorant, the immature, the young, the old all turn into 25 year old genius's. Who are 6'5" 285lbs of muscle, have the hottest girl's in the world, and make's millions of dollars a day. Also they all own their own house's which they paid in full for, and do not live with their parents.

    The internet is a magical place...
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    posted a message on What games do YOU play?
    Well I just finished Metro 2033. Gonna start on F.E.A.R 3 tomorrow. Then after that I will play amnesia. After Amnesia I will probably start the Bioshock series, or if something looks interesting for sale on steam Ill buy it.

    I jump on a minecraft hunger games server when I need to kill about 30 minutes or play something different.

    I need to throw portal 2 in there and finish the last quarter of the game sometime.
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    posted a message on Custom GUI, post your desktop.

    First picture shows with my task bar. I keep this hidden most of the time.

    I am still working on it. Just started customizing this a few days ago :)
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    posted a message on Allocating more RAM into Minecraft Issues

    Dude, you're starting it with 2GB but limiting it to 2GB, I think. Try changing one of the numbers to a lower number; I don't know which one it is.

    Correct, it is the second number that needs to be changed. Changed it to 1024 instead of 2048.

    The xms#### needs to always be half what the xmx#### is. (thats the way I learned it)

    Also starlinvf is correct with his first statement. That is also your problem.
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    posted a message on Got a job interview and need some assistance with skills.
    You can overcome the habit with experience. Just get out there, over time it will diminish. Honestly the only way I have found to be confident, is to be confident. I don't know how to put it. But over the past years with different jobs working in social environments I just learned how to be confident by being in those positions and seeing who succeeded and who didn't. Observing why those people got better than the other. I was antisocial from staying in a majority of my life.

    I was so antisocial I didn't like going to a restaurant because I was so nervous. Over the years I got over that, and now I can go to a restaurant by myself and not feel embarrassed. My attitude towards people has changed, I start conversations now. Where as before I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Moral is it just takes exposure to overcome your problems. This applies to nearly everything I have found.

    You will do just fine :)
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    posted a message on texture pack: possible to sell?
    I can honestly say that with the vast amount of availble texture packs, most of which are beautiful. I would not ever pay for a texture pack. You would get nobody buying, or downloading your texture pack (in my opinion). I also believe it would ruin you. I know if someone was charging for something like that I would probably never download anything of yours in the future.

    Don't be greedy, appreciate the fact you done good enough work for people to download.

    Back with the psp came out I spent months working on a website to download available games, apps, demos, music videos. I made a version available for the computer and the psp. I made every image on those sites, I wrote every piece of code by my self. I tested every thing that was on my website. I made several portals as well. I had more than 5,000 hits a month, over 15,000 downloads for my portals. Guess what? I didn't charge a dime for any of it. I spent a minimum of 5 hours a day when I first got started testing, finding new information to put out. Eventually that died down and I spent less time on it. But never the less the point is don't charge for stuff people can get for free.
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    posted a message on Whats you height?

    My mom is 5'4"
    My dad is 5'8"
    My grandmother is 5'2"
    My grandfather is 5'8"

    Everyone else deeper in the family tree is less than 5'5". Where I got my height from I do not know. My brother is tall like I am, not quite as tall. But we are the only tall people in our family.
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    posted a message on Scariest game ever in your opinion?
    I played a dinosaur survival game back on the ps1. I was around 10 at the time, I don't remember the name of the game. It was only a demo but something about that game scared the living hell out of me. It was a dark Jurassic park style game. I played it a few years ago and it wasn't near as scary as I remember though.

    Definitely dead space for me. I hadn't played a game with such a dark atmosphere before. It was a great game though.
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    posted a message on What was the first game you ever played?
    Sonic the hedgehog, the original, on the sega genesis. Also had Taz-mania at the same time. Those were my first games.I think that was around 95, so I was 4 when I played them.

    Shortly after that we had the nes with super mario and duck hunt. Those were my games until the gameboy advance came out.
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    posted a message on Fairly New Laptop Gets Low FPS
    Quote from FrenchFry

    I have Optifine by the way. What is a good graphics card specifically for gaming, and where can I get one. Btw if I didn't already say this, Im on a laptop...

    You did already state this. You cannot upgrade your graphics card in a laptop, unless you have a dedicated graphics card (mainly on high end laptops) even then replacing them is limited. You are stuck with what you have, unfortunately.
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    posted a message on Fairly New Laptop Gets Low FPS
    Quote from Zantza

    You idiot,they wont help at all. Anyways, i think these so called "Intel HD Graphics 3000" are the reason for your lag. They are integrated to the processor (i think). Basically you would have to buy a new computer what wouldnt have intel's crappy graphics stuff. Get a proper Nvidia card and u will run fine.

    This is correct. Just because it is new doesn't mean it performs well. Intels graphics are not good for gaming. They are integrated graphics cards, dedicated graphics cards are what you need for decent gaming. Intels graphics only has 64mb of video ram. It uses your ram to act like video ram, which just doesn't work good at all.

    Try downloading optifine, it will boost your fps by fixing some bugs. It also allows you to change a lot of graphics option vanilla minecraft doesn't have. IE animations, quality of individual things in minecraft. You can turn everything to fast or off to help boost fps even farther.

    Other than that there isn't much you can do. You are limited by your hardware and you cannot upgrade what you need to, in order to really boost fps.
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    posted a message on What would you do if someone broke into your house?
    If they didn't have a gun I would beat their ass quicker than they broke in. If they had a gun then I would cooperate until I saw an opportunity to hit him from behind, or knock the gun out of his hand.

    After I took all my aggression out on him and he is unconscious, I would call the police.

    I think breaking into someones house is a low life thing to do and I won't tolerate it.

    About 5 years ago someone broke into my great grandparents house and stole all the presents under the Christmas tree, stole all their medicine. This was about a week before Christmas. Thank god they weren't at home, they were in their 80's at the time.

    A year later I was at my grandmothers alone (she lives a few blocks below my great grandparents) three guys pulled up in the back yard. One sat in the car, the other two stood around our back door. I stood on the other side of the door with a bat waiting for the assholes to break in. Lucky for them they didn't, they just got in their car and left. Haven't seen them since.
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    posted a message on What Are You Saving Your Money For?
    A new desktop computer, A new vehicle and a house.
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