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    posted a message on BuildersCraft SMP - Season 2 [Hard Reset] - Builders Only Server - 24/7

    Minecraft IGN: SaucyMcFlossy

    Age: 18

    How often would you play? probably everyday for a couple of hours

    Why would you like to join?: I've been looking for a server that is both fun and serious at the same time. I've never really been on a server where building nice things is the main focus but it sounds great to me. usually i am the one on a server building something cool that everybody looks at while I'm stuck looking at their less appealing buildings, this looks like a great way to change that.

    Are you a good builder? Please provide a screenshot of a build you made! I believe i am. i don't have very many screenshots but I'll put them all at the end! they both came from old YouTube videos so i couldn't get great views. hope that's alright!

    Tell me about yourself!: I'm 18, I've played mine craft for about 5 or 6 years but have not played as of late. I'm looking to get back into it now and possibly start recording videos again. I've spent the last few months completing my first two semesters of college so I'm a broken man needing some fixing. hopefully this server will help with that lol


    All builds on the server must be pleasing to the eye! We don't want the server littered with block houses and such! Is this okay with you? (Yes or No): yup

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    posted a message on = FreeMine SMP = Youtuber server (open) (Professional)

    Hello, Im starting up a new youtuber smp survival server! and of course that
    means that we need youtubers to join! im not going to type much here
    because i've made a video explaining everything you need to know below! enjoy!

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    posted a message on FreeMine SMP (Apply Now) (Accepting Applications) (Youtuber Server)

    to the person that messaged me, you will have to be a youtuber in order to join!

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    What is your full name? Dawson, most people call me sauce

    What would you like to go by? Sauce or saucy is fine by me

    What Position are you choosing? (Commentators, Video-Editors, Artists, Animators, Musicians and Coders) Commentator and if need be an editor

    What is your age? 17

    Favorite game? Minecraft and csgo is a close second

    Computer Specs? Currently doing this from a mobile phone.

    Days you are avalible to record? Just about every week day, weekends depend on times

    Skype? Will give over private chat

    OS? Windows

    Do you know how to code? (What Languages?) Not yet, looking to learn how.

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    posted a message on Looking for a host (Details inside)

    Thank you saucydawsy1 for purchasing a server with us :)

    Thank you very much! Great hosting company. definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a server!

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    posted a message on The Nest Recruitment ~Need Dedicated Plugin Developers, Builders, Youtubers, and other staff~

    Name: Saucy[/b]

    Age: 16[/b]

    Skype: Saucystrayt[/b]

    Subscribers: 70[/b]

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPa-mWRdNmEj-gKfDrDA9uQ[/b]

    Availability: Every day[/b]

    Mature:(how mature are you on a scale of 1/10) 8, not a serious guy, chill and relaxed :P[/b]
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    1. Summary of the number of followers you have on each social platform. : I currently have 72 subscribers on YouTube, and 7 followers on twitter, Obviously not very many but hopefully that does not affect my chances of getting the spot.
    2. Full list of all social networking sites : YouTube, Twitter, Minecraft Forums, Facebook, , Reddit, planetminecraft.
    3. Any communities you have run. I have ran a server called highlands smp, my jobs included but were not limited to: Going thru and messaging each applicant whether they were denied or accepted, Resolving any fights, Making sure everyone followed the uploading rule that we had established, Making sure that the server ran smoothly and there weren't any issues with our increasing world border. and just do anything else a manager of a server should do.
    4. Any communities you own and would be bringing into wD Gaming. Don't own any as of right now.
    5. Your qualifications for managing a bungee server. I helped a friend of mine set up his world portals on his server that he never got around to actually launching. I'm familiar with that plugin and many others.
    6. Any real life Resumes are welcome (please PM these privately) Not really,but i would like to let you know if you have any other follow up questions or anything of those sorts feel free to message me on Skype at saucydawsy101 .I look forward to your response, thanks for taking the time to read thru my application!
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    posted a message on Looking for a partner

    yea, thats fine :) contact me on skype. it'll be quicker to talk back and forth

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    posted a message on Looking for a partner

    1.name Saucystra

    2.age 16

    3.Skype(yes\no) (Skype name) yes, Saucydawsy101

    4.mic? A blue snowball

    5.can you help me with my server? sure can

    6.if you can then with what: (building, developing, managing etc.) Building, Managing, I have experience with a few plugins, can figure out how to use the rest .

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    posted a message on Plese review my channel
    hey man, i love your channel art and thumbnails. your commentary is good and you upload quite frequently. the only negative i see is your mic , its not horrible but i sometimes could not understand what you were saying because of it, i suggest investing in a better one :) Good luck :P
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