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    Java IP: rc.mcserv.fun
    Bedrock IP: Port: 19132

    Introducing our PVP Survival server which can be accessed by users on Java or Bedrock editions of the game. Most importantly this is NON p2w and will remain so. The world is a few weeks old yet largely unexplored and we have finally got a configuration the community is happy with and we want to share it with others. We are a mature group and invite you to come befriend us go to war with everyone - the decision is yours.

    Earn money rewards for killing other players & mobs and have the ability to set up your own safe zones from shopping districts or even a survival town. The freedom is yours to decide how you want to play. Whether you want to survive alone or form a group - to just wanting to hunt other players and steal their valuables. Take control of the economy by setting up your own shop with the option of hosting your shop in the main /spawn lobby for increased traffic. Portals can be set up in the lobby to allow other players to visit your custom builds so feel free to take on large projects to show off to the player base! Be sure to visit the Guild Hall at spawn and manage your professions! Many jobs and sources of income to choose from!

    Griefing is not punishable as the responsibility to protect your land lies with you alone. If it's unclaimed it is fair game! Their is no world border so if you want to remain safe and enjoy the survival experience of Minecraft we advise you travel a fair distance before setting up camp.

    Silk Spawners is active and there are villagers in the lobby who you can trade with - including mob eggs which can be used on your harvested spawners.

    Logging during combat is rewarded with death and commands such as /sethome, /spawn, /tpa & /wild are all disabled during combat.

    As the player base increases regular moderators will be essential and we will be actively looking to add to the team.
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    Server IP
    JAVA: rc.mcserv.fun
    BEDROCK: Port: 19132

    A new and upcoming survival community with a server tailored to your needs. Whether you want to form a group and embark on a large and ambitious project or just want to survive alone this is the place for you. You may want to be at the top of our economy or just get a thrill from helping other players and selling off your materials for a bargain! Whatever you decide to do - it is welcomed here.

    A custom /spawn area filled with tutorials on how to claim your land and prevent unwanted player interference and also how to set up your own shop. We have dedicated space available at spawn for players to create a shop or even if they would like a /warp created which can effortlessly transport players to their own shopping district or impressive build. Take on the economy by selling your spare raw materials at spawn or hunt mobs and get rewarded for every kill.

    Silk spawners is active and if you interact with the NPC's at spawn it will open up some extremely valuable trades which come in handy early game.
    We have a /vote system on the server and if you decide to take part you will receive rewards which will assist in trading.

    This server is online 24/7 via. a professional host and we have invested in a premium anti-cheat to keep the game fair for everyone. There is no pay 2 win premiums and every player has an equal opportunity at progression and this is how the server will remain.

    We will be adding players to staff roles once proven they are active and will be an asset to the community so this is also an opportunity for anyone wanting to help with the running of the community or to help new players adjust to the game.

    /sethome, /wild, /tpa, /back & land claims available to everybody. Mob difficulty is set to hard mode as we still believe in a good challenge! Largely unexplored world to venture into with no world border.


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