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    Hey! I remember playing this mod in late 2017 with some friends of mine and we were all hoping it'd get updated to 1.7.10(or updated at all.) I'm happy to see that both Star Platinum and The World have time stop now, and the stand EXP system is really cool. If you like the idea and are able, I think it'd be really cool to see if you can make the mod compatible with DBC(Dragon Block C, if you don't know), so that the stands can scale in power with your character. I dunno how hard or easy that is, but seeing as someone is finally moving this mod forward I figured it couldn't hurt at all. Thanks for continuing this mod and bringing it to 1.7.10, it works real well. Only issue i had was when I stopped time the other player I was playing with could move, but I don't know if that's due to him having star platinum or if it's a conflict with one of my other mods. I know he has less stand EXP, but I'm unsure of how i works when it comes to time stop. Also, my friend and I had a resource pack that we gave up on because the mod was dead, but I think we might be motivated to continue now that it's been worked on a bit. Thanks again for updated this wonderful mod, and I hope cool stuff comes in the future!

    Edit: It was because of star platinum, but I'm still not sure how EXP works into the other player moving around in your timestop(if it does for the 1.7.10 version)

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