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    posted a message on ♛ Rival Prison ♛ [1.7.10/1.8] ► [Transfers] ► [Custom Plugins] ► [Minigames]
    -Guard App-
    In-game Name: Sasvasalex
    How old are you?: 16
    How long have you played on Vendex: 1 day on the current server, and a much LONGER time (6 + months? part of that time spent as a guard on GreenHaven(Still part of the community)).
    What is your current rank (Block)? A
    Do you have experience with prison servers? I have a very large experience with prison servers, especially, specifying the Roleplay enviroment, and have been staff on many.
    List Three Reasons Why You Should Be Guard:
    1. I have a very large experience in this role, and as a staff member.
    2. I am mature, giving me the ability to help out other players and discuss issues and suggestion with the community clearly and efficiently.
    3. I am open-mined, meaning I will take criticism seriously and will try my best to improve at my role within the community, while taking suggestion/fixes from staff and players.
    Do you vote everyday, or at least try to? Yes, infact I do.
    What's the secret word? S
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    posted a message on *Lockdown Prison* [150 slots] [Clans] [TeamSpeak]
    IGN: Sasvasalex

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: PST

    Date Joined: Feb 4, 2013 (Same date as my first donation)

    Do you understand and agree with the Guard rules? Yes, agreed.

    What times are you available to guard? 4-9 pm on weekdays, variable on weekends (Usually more) 10 am - 9pm.

    Are you available to be online during weekends? (Friday-Sunday): Yes

    Why should we pick you: I have the certain skills that are more likely to be possessed by a good staff member, some of them including, being open-minded, loyal and principled in their actions. I'm a more senior player on this server and I have had quite an experience with, giving assistance, monitoring and respecting other players within the game. I cannot say I am perfect, but I try hard and do my best at what I can. I learn small tips and tricks from others and when I need to, I'm always ready to learn big, whether it's from the player community or from other staff members themselves. My goal is to provide a fun, safe environment, while enjoying it myself to players around me. Yes, I have had experience moderating servers, utilizing commands properly and fairly for other players that want to enjoy the game. I understand that I am 100 % responsible for my own actions, and will take the proper punishment if needed with no questions asked (Providing I know what I have been punished for). My skills came from experience and gave me the opportunity to be a good role model. Bringing these skills and experiences to Lockdown is the least I can do for the server. I understand that trust needs to be earned, and I’m ready to show that. I like to think as: if you have the need for something, you got to go earn it.

    Are you staff on any other server? No and yes, I was staff on servers that are mostly not currently running. I will list them if required.

    Attach a photo of your current rank from ingame: Took my /nn off for this: http://i.imgur.com/K32Aaoy.png

    What makes you different than other applicants? I am mature, can handle even the hardest situations, and always strive to be prepared for anything. Even if in the rare occasion that something is required of me and I cannot complete the task, I’m ready to ask others, so that next time I can complete it correctly. I know and can tell the difference for when it’s good to have fun and joke around and when to do the opposite. I can type well, rarely containing errors, resulting in respect from the players to the server. I love to take part in the server activities, as well as participating in events such as building and helping/hosting events as I think it brings the community together and gives everyone something to enjoy. I take time to reflect on the actions I take, so that next time I could improve my decision or deal with a certain situation more efficiently. I also feel the need to resolve disputes between me and other players including staff members. If somebody has a problem with me or my actions I would be more than happy to discuss it with them. Understanding that the guard position involves role play, helping and moderating at the same time, is key skill that some people have still yet to acquire. Yes, yes I also love gummy bears.
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    posted a message on Savage Prison [1.7.2] [24/7][Dungeons, Quests and more][Lag-Free][Dedicated Staff][Realistic Prison Server][Accepting Prison Tra

    I am applying for a guard position

    IGN(in game name):pippa_minecraft

    Prisoner Rank(Must be B-block, A-block, Elite-Block or Free to be accepted as a guard): B-block


    What is your definition of a prison server?: A prison server is a server which you start of the lowest rank, then
    build up(get more gold) to the next rank until you get set free. You can own shops, mine, fish or chop down wood for money.
    If you get caught with a sword or any type of weapon in your hand by a guard, you will then serve minimum of a minute in jail.
    It is an EXTREMELY fun server to play on, making new friends, selling items and mining!

    What time zone do you live in?: Australia

    Do you use mumble regularly (if not, would you to keep in quick communication with other guards?):I do not use mumble, where-as I am a very good AND fast typer

    Do you have any previous experience as a guard on a prison server (if yes, tell us about it here):I do not have any previous experience
    on being a guard, but I am hoping this could be my first time!

    Did you read all of the Guard info?: Yes

    Do you understand and accept that you cant play as a normal prisoner while being a guard?:yes

    Why should you be a guard on Savage Prison: I LOVE playing Savage Prison for hours on end being a normal prisoner,
    but I believe being a guard would be so much more fun! I will respect all the rules , sacrifice mining and being a normal prisoner to become a guard.
    I am free most hours, and will do my duty NOT taking advantage of it, killing the people killing other people with a sword,
    and jailing the people with their swords out!

    I would much appreciate being a guard, what ever length I have to go to become one, thank you .=) :DORE: :Zombie: :Spider: :Sheep: :Notch: :SSSS: :steve_lol: :DSWORD:

    "Ahem" Australia is not a time zone.

    Here are the following time zones that Australia has:

    Western (AWST, GMT+8) - Western Australia

    Central (ACST, GMT + 9.30) - South Australia, Northern Territory

    Eastern (AEST, GMT +10) - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania

    Which one is yours?
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    posted a message on Savage Prison [1.7.2] [24/7][Dungeons, Quests and more][Lag-Free][Dedicated Staff][Realistic Prison Server][Accepting Prison Tra
    Quote from chookhook445

    i think i would make a great guard. Yes I have read the rules. I think they're fair too. I am 18 years old. Please make me a guard. I am a great person.

    If you were 18 years old, you would know that this app does not meet any standards whatsoever required by this server.
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    posted a message on Savage Prison [1.7.2] [24/7][Dungeons, Quests and more][Lag-Free][Dedicated Staff][Realistic Prison Server][Accepting Prison Tra
    Guard Application

    IGN(in game name): sasvasalex

    Prisoner Rank(Must be B-block, A-block, Elite-Block or Free to be accepted as a guard): Free

    Age: 15

    What is your definition of a prison server?: A minecraft server that has rolplay, is based on a real prison in life, with different cell blocks, and personnel. As there are different blocks, they have their own security and perks/privileges. Personell within the prison server act as managers and security to keep prisoners safe/watch, keep the prison in control, and host special events.

    What timezone do you live in?: GMT - 7, Pacific Time (Normal), Until the end of August: UTC/GMT +4, Standard time zone.

    Do you use mumble regularly (if not, would you to keep in quick communication with other guards?): I do not use it regularly because I use other communication applications depending on the server that I am playing on. I have used mumble for previous prison servers before and I am ready to use it regularly. Whenever I have logged onto mumble any time on this server, I noticed that there were no players every time. I do use voice chat most of the time in online games.

    Do you have any previous experience as a guard on a prison server (if yes, tell us about it here): Yes I have been guard on another prison server. I had to monitor the prisoners, answer basic questions and help out new players if they needed help. Also I had to monitor the PVP areas for illegal items and fights. From my experience it was a real challenge being a guard, especially when other guards are offline. It is very hard to handle and monitor multiple blocks and handle players. When people were jailed on the server they had the option of bailing out for a small amount of cash for a fixed price whatever their jail time is. I found on the server many options advantaged the prisoners over the guards. Armor was droppable and equipable so it was impossible to have a physical advantage. I moderated the chat and found spammers which I kicked (Although there were rarley any). I had to take a lot of responsibility for my actions. Guards were not corrupted although the players tried to make deals and arrangments. I wanted to be fair and made sure I didn't have an advantage over other players although the guard system still favored the prisoners, because many complaints were sent to the wardens if a prisoner got mad. The guard sets were set up much differently and the guards had no advantage over other players because the armor dropped and could be equipped. We had a much larger area so we spent more time chasing the prisoners before they did a linehop offence. Our whole guard team had to rely on skill and strategy working together to defeat others. Almost everyone knew me on the server and we had lots of fun!

    Did you read all of the Guard info?: Yes I have read all of the Guard info, and the rules.

    Do you understand and accept that you cant play as a normal prisoner while being a guard?: Yes I fully understand and comply with the restrictions that guards get, such as not being able to PVP when they would like to or have shops for which reasons I fully understand.

    Why should you be a guard on Savage Prison?: I should be a guard on savage prison because I would like to help out others, and answer questions such as locations or how to donate. I will do my best to moderate the PVP areas and make sure everyone gets to the location that they need without a hassle, monitor for large fights, and help out other guards if they are in need of help (I'm a great support to whoever needs it). I have mumble and I can chat to other guards while In game to help organize. I'm very powerful with other players when we have voice contact in any game. I want to make sure everyone has fun on the server and no conflicts occur. As a guard I will notify others and explain to players for their jail reasons, report to others truthfully (such as wardens) and do my best to learn from other guards, which are higher ranked than me. I will respect the guard rules to a full extent and not that I noticed any of the guards were. I love chatting to other players and I'm very friendly. I'm on diffrent times of the day and I especially noticed that I'm on the server when all other guards are offline. I can have a definite time to play if needed, and I'm happy to share my schedule. I can handle the frustration as a guard, especially when unarmed players attack me and run away from me, as in my previous experience it was rare, but still happened because you could get jailed for it. I will notify if any of the guards become corrupted as I wouln't like guard gear being used against me. I can have a normal discussion if there are any concerns. I try to vote for the server regularly and I check the forums a lot (although I don't post much, but I will if there is something concerning me or is in my interest). I have experience from other prison servers and know what to expect.

    Sorry my app is long I know you have a lot to read.
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    posted a message on ♛ GreenHaven International Prison ♛ [1.7.2] ► [Custom Plugins] ► [Drugs] ► [Minigames]

    First of all I will start off by posting a photo of the ban. In this ban Floppinaround banned me for calling me an abuser of guard powers. I feel like he is mistaken in this offence and this should be rethought and considered for justification.

    He wanted to demote me for jailing for disrespect of tacticalexodus. First of all I didn't jail him for disrespect and he has a proof that shows that I jailed him for disrespect as the reason. It is impossible because when you try to add a reason after the jail it sais "there is no jail of that name" I would not jail him for that reason I would mute him.

    There were other complaints of abusing and I unserstand but most of the people who call abuse didn't read or understand the guard rules for example: I jail for safe zoning 3 times in a row and they say abuse because they were out.

    Another example: Jailing for safe zoning in a zone that isn't a safe zone but is a block that I can't access, most prisoners call abuse because they were out and in a non-pvp zone in that block. I specifically talked to I_mine_yew for this reason and he said if I can't access the zone then I have to jail them.

    Another example: A guy thinks that I have not seen their item but clearly I can see it. Im not blind -_- .: Or they have not seen that I have been counting down in the chat. I will upload a video to show an example.

    Most people want to get me demoted because I'm a oood pvp'er and I kill people like noxeh for example, this also shows an example of safe zoning:

    Then if they kill me back they are happy and dont report me:

    Thank you, I will be online on mumble this saturday 11 am PST mumble for further explanations.

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    posted a message on [Now 1.5.2!] [PRISON] Bone Breaking Prison [Transfers Open]
    In Game Name: sasvasalex
    Why Were you Banned?: Becuase I disrespected a warden
    When weer you banned?: about a month ago or so
    Who banned you? (If known): I forgot
    Rank on server: free
    Why you should be unbanned?: Because Il never disrespect a warden again, Im sorry that I did I was unsure if he was helping the server. As it turned out he did and Im truly sorry for accusing you I just didn't have enough time to realize that. I didn't want to interfere and I understand that you have your right of way.
    Other Information:
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    posted a message on *Lockdown Prison* [150 slots] [Clans] [TeamSpeak]
    Mute appeal

    IGN: sasvasalex

    Why were you muted?: Becuase I advertising / put a website in chat

    What day were you muted?: 7 February 2013 7 am
    Who muted you?: Not sure

    Was the ban justified? (Honesty counts here): Yes it has

    Why are you appealing?: Because I want to talk in the chat.
    Why should we accept your appeal?: Because I'm very sorry for advertising. I had no intention of advertising and that thing was just stuck in my head. I want to play the game with other players enjoying it. Again I'm very sorry that happened and I never meant to advertise on any server. My fault :C.
    How do we know you won't do it again?: I will not talk in game about anything else from now on. I will read the rules again and memorize things that I can do or can't for a final time. I will understand others more clearly. I will have a stricter system of processing my chat (Read twice, post once).
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    posted a message on *Lockdown Prison* [150 slots] [Clans] [TeamSpeak]
    IGN: sasvasalex

    Name of server your transferring from?: Killion detention centre

    Have you been banned from the server your are transferring from?: No

    Picture of your in game name in the chat:
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] IMPACTED PRISON SERVER | ACCEPTING PRISON TRANSFERS | mcMMO | Nether,Potions,End & More | 24/7 |
    In-Game name:

    Original Prison: Killion detention centre

    Rank on other Prison: Free

    Why would you like to transfer over to Impacted?: Because I want to try something new and experience different things on the server.

    Screenshot of the rank / A well known area in that server:
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    posted a message on Don't Drop the Soap! | Prison Server | 1.5 | 155 Slots | No lag | 24/7 |
    transferring from: killion detention centre
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    posted a message on [Now 1.5.2!] [PRISON] Bone Breaking Prison [Transfers Open]
    Hmm I wonder why I demoted from guard... I was always nice, and followed the rules. I donated to the server... I just wonder...
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    posted a message on [Now 1.5.2!] [PRISON] Bone Breaking Prison [Transfers Open]
    Quote from isaac149


    Calm down, I'm sure there are other prison servers out there that you might like and I understand that you might not like this one. :) Just don't rage on our forums :C.
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