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    Hey! First off I love this mod. I have had some of my most AMAZING server experiences using this mod. I am however like some others having a harder time actually finding a river system at start. I am wondering how much of an issue other terrain generators may play a part and what I can do to increase my odds. For my modpack I am also using the Far From Home generator with OTG. This is also using the BOP biomes etc. Does anyone have experience with combing these? I absolutely MUST use Far From home...but I also want the streams to spawn....but even if I take FFH off i still am not seeing streams much.....any advice would be helpful.

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    Been awhile since I played with windows mixed reality and windows 10 minecraft, or Bedrock edition now as it is called. My son got an x-box one x for Christmas though, and we have really enjoyed playing the marketplace maps and mashups together. So I thought I would give it a go in VR. My question is how do I do all the basic controls in the game with the hand controllers? The basic controls work very well in classic mode. i can quickly adapt to move around, jump, open and close items, look through inventory etc. However, I see no way to run. Which is pretty important in either survival or trying to do parkour maps. If you click the left stick like you would on a Xbox controller, that is what takes you from immersive VR to the room where you basically play minecraft in 2d in a VR room. I see no documentation on how to run. Likewise I see no way to pull up and gain altitude when using any sort of wings. Anyone know how? Especially the running.

    Also if I was forced to just use an xbox controller that would be even okay, but again I see no way to do this because there is no way to say switch your target reticle to say you visual facing etc....you must use the VR controller for this. also I see no way to make your tool bar static which also would be required to play in VR with the xbox controller.

    It seems crazy to me that Microsoft created the WMR platform, and the Bedrock edition platform....but don't really fully have these set up to work together as well as say vivecraft. I can't find any info anywhere about these settings. If someone knows a resource please point me the way.

    What I really feel would fix all of this is if they allowed us to remap the WMR controls in game like we can with a gamepad.....how hard would that be? We have two large dpads on these controllers but both are gimped to just be single click tools. I have no issue using these as intended for many games so that diff directions do diff things......space pirates for example.....again this is a MS product using a MS platform controller... I would expect better integration.

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