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    posted a message on ArmoredHost.net | 1GB = 4$ | DUAL XEON's 24GB RAM
    Warning: This host may be suspicious. I searched the front page picture(He said it's their datacenter) via TinEye. I found the other 67 pictures look EXACTLY the same. He just changed it from blue to green, which is very easy to do it.

    Proof: http://www.tineye.co...core&order=desc

    Pic from his "VPS Page(Tineyed) http://tineye.com/search/25fd6ceb4b42ab2ac0ca6d5ab893afc8a16a5d4c/
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    posted a message on \*The Samarus's Tome:Eskora*/ The Next-Gen Action RPG Server! With Random Loot,Epic Boss Battle, Clans, Dungeons, Legendary Weap

    In The Samarus's Tome: Eskora, The Player will be the hero of the Eskora with the Eskora City, The Center of the Eskora. The player would be able to select their own class. Fight through dark and monstrous dungeons. Survive and collect loots and treasure. Strengthen and build up your character. Fight the Evil Boss. Collect rare Arsenal and Treasure with special abilities. Make your way to the LEGENDARY WEAPONS. Prepare for the Next Generation of Minecraft Server. The One of the biggest Action RPG server of all time, The Samarus's Tome: Eskora

    Cross-Server Function: Player-Based server make the player choose the server the player wants to play. If the server is full, we've got another server to play with. And the inventory still the the same as you play on the other server before!

    Fight through the dungeons and get loot the treasures! Acquired Rare weapon with powerful ability. Get item and forge it to your sword. Find the Legendary Weapons by slaying the Bosses!

    Strengthen your hero by leveling up, allocate stat points to your hero, and unlock magical abilities and skills to your hero by leveling up and fight with hundred of mobs or your enemy!

    Faction system makes you able to create your own group/teams to venture the hardest dungeon and/or fight with your No.1 enemy!

    Trading, Personal Store, Custom Shop and more mechanics enhance your experience of playing an Action RPG Server!

    Any lastly, NO CLIENT MODS NEEDED!

    Feature Lists:
    1. Classes
    2. Bosses
    3. Quests
    4. Dungeons
    5. Skills and Magic
    6. Levels
    7. Faction
    8. Lore
    9. Random Generated Items
    10. Loot
    11. Class Trees
    12. Custom Items w/ lores!
    13. Custom Boss/Mobs
    14. Cross-Server
    And More In the future!

    TST:Eskora recruiting the server developer with talented skills:

    World Makers(Builders)
    Video Makers and Editors
    Plugin Developers
    GFX Artists

    Lore Writers

    Make Banners/Signatures
    Make Beautiful Pictures for Server

    Make texture Packs

    World Makers/Builders
    1. Build Cities/Dungeons/Decorations Etc.
    2. Classified in 3 groups (Structure, Terraform, Organic)
    3. Be Creative

    Plugin Developers
    1. Make Custom Plugins
    2. Can Make Complicated Plugins

    Video Makers/Editor
    1. Make a Cinematic Videos
    2. Make Trailers
    3. Good at adding effects and such

    World Maker/Builders:

    What are you good at?:(Structure, Terraform, Organic):
    Rating For yourself(Out of 10)
    Maturity(out of 10):

    Tell More about yourself:

    Video Maker/Editor:

    Why do you think you are good at making/editing videos:
    Example Work/Past work(Video or screenshots):

    Rating for yourself(Out of 10):
    Tell More about yourself:

    GFX Artist:

    What are you good at?(Banner/Signature, Texture Pack, Making Beautiful Screenshot)
    Rating For yourself(Out of 10)
    Maturity(out of 10):

    Link to the past work(needed):
    Tell More about yourself:

    Plugin Developer:
    Have you ever made a plugin before?:
    Can you make complicate plugins?:
    Do you have times making plugins?:
    Link to the Past work(Needed):
    Rating for yourself(Out of 10):
    Tell More about yourself:

    Lore Writer:
    Can you write lores?:
    Write at lease 3 sentences of a sword which is very strong(Think the name of it by yourself):
    Rating for yourself(Out of 10)
    Tell more about yourself:

    I'm waiting to see you guys later
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    posted a message on Zonisto · From Only 99p/mo · 1 Click Bukkit/Vanilla/Tekkit/FTB! Full FTP Access! Fast & Reliable Xeon Servers + 10% Off /C
    Just introduce myself. I'm samuri55, the representative of zonisto hosting :D
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    posted a message on [PrevailCraft] Looking For 1-2 Architect
    The Server, Daravos is currently recruiting an Architect. What the Architect will do is design buildings and towns for our server. This is very important so you must be very experienced

    We gonna let the ppl try to build something, then our staff gonna decide that the ppl is pass or not

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    posted a message on [100 SLOTS][NO WHITELIST][FACTIONS][FACTION4LIFE[SPOUT][24/7]
    bumpy bump
    Quote from Hamburgers123

    I used to think the cake was a lie but then I took an arrow to the knee :sad.gif:

    Then someone stole my sweet roll
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