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    - OPTIFINE REQUIRED / Enable "Better Grass" for intended look -
    Soboku is a minimalistic/simplistic texture pack. Basically like any other minimalist texture pack but with a different style and a few extra features.

    This texture pack was previously named MistyCraft, but I decided to change it to Soboku (simplistic in Japanese, I know I know, very pretentious). For clarity, the last version named MistyCraft was v5.1, and the first version to be named Soboku is v0.6 Beta.

    - All textures changed (all blocks, items, mobs, entities, and UI)
    - Bushier leaves, similar to Better Foliage mod
    - 3D models for some non-full blocks (made to be seamless and not eye-catching)
    - OptiFine connected textures for all types of Glass, Sandstone, Red Sandstone and Bookshelves
    - Randomized textures for grass, sugar cane and other blocks

    If those extra features cause too much lag or you don't like their appearance, I have a Lite version of this
    pack that only contains the plain textures. Here's a comparison:

    Since most textures on this pack were made years ago, some of them don't look very good for many reasons. On the next versions, I'll go slowly updating those textures. Also, we're still in Beta because not all 3D models are done and I'm not sure overlay textures will stay as a feature, besides the fact that I didn't playtest all textures properly and there will be bugs, especially on mobs. Please report them in the comment section or Issues section.
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