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    posted a message on Need Free Server Host
    Quote from DistortedDorian

    you dont need a host for 2 players, you can try host it on your own computer.
    You said you dont know how to port forward, i would recommend you to search on google or youtube.
    Its money wasting by my opinion to buy a host for only 2 players and no one will offer you a free server.

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    posted a message on Need Free Server Host
    Me and a friend want a server so that we can build some really cool things on... Neither of us can port forward and we need a server host... However we are both out of money... And we were wondering if anyone would be kind enough to host one for us...
    Skype: samual1211
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders
    IGN: samual121
    Age: 15
    I want to help beuild to get some more experience with building
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    IGN: samual121
    Real Name: sam
    Age: 15
    Location: Australia
    Have you ever been staff on another server: Yes
    Name of that server: vTemp craft, Asghard
    What position did you hold: Admin, OP
    What makes you want to be staff here on GANGSTA PvP: The fact that it looks like a promising and amazing server
    Will you be able to meet the requirements: Easily

    Skype: samual1211
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    posted a message on [1.5.2]Craft of the Dead Zombie map (Need Helpers)

    Ign: samual121

    Age: 15

    What Timezone Do you live in?: 10+ AEST

    Pictures of your Builds: Umm heres my survival games map http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/-kaiser101-amp-samual121s-survival-games-/

    Extra Info:
    Skype: samual1211
    Im helping build a server from scratch atm... but theres never anyone on to help so im able to help nearly all day :(
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    posted a message on Asghard RP Server, Needs Builders
    This isn't my server but I am helping to build on it. The owner needs new builders and has asked for me to make this server post for him. If you're interested make an app below and add the owner (and me) on skype and we will talk to you about it.

    What types of buildings can you build?(castles, houses, etc.):
    Why do you want to join the server:
    When can you get on/how many hours?:

    The Owners Skype: moorenick421
    My Skype: samual1211

    Server Rules:

    1. No griefing.
    2. No mods or hacks
    3. No harassing other players or staff.
    4. No overly offensive language or raicism.
    5. Fully chop down trees
    6. Any “floating” structures must be supported.
    7. No spamming global chat.
    8. Stay In character while role-playing.
    9. If your character dies, no reviving him/her.
    10. Keep buildings realistically medieval.

    The servers Lore:

    Catariah, the goddess of life, formed a land, formed a land full of mountains, oceans, grassland, desert, and a land full of riches and full of ores. Knowing of this land full of riches, the first species that Catariah created were Dwarves. Dwarves resided deep underground. Creating large caverns and huge mines. These creatures mostly mine. Forced to mine as early as 6, the Dwarves grew fed up. Dwarves enjoyed mining, but not as children. Mining was taking over their lives. The Capitol Dwarves fought with the rebellious Dwarves. During this war, Catariah created Orcs. Orcs resided in camps and immediately started creating bases around Asghard. When a Dwarven battle was fought on Orc farmland killing hundreds of Orcs, the leader of the orcs joined the Dwarven Empires side in fighting the rebels. Not one battle was fought after that. In fear of the orcs, the rebels surrendered. Catariah’s Orcs seemed like a success. The war was ended. Catariah wanted to create more, so she made the Elves. Elves made their homes in trees. They weren’t friendly with the other races, but kept to themselves. Until the Elven Priests opened the portal to the nether. Unleashing the Demons. Catariah created her angels to counterpart these Demons. Mad, Orcs and Dwarves declared war on Elves, and the Demons sided with the Elves. The Elves were winning this war, until the angels created Humans. Humans had no special powers, but created great technologies such as the sword. The humans took a few years to get booming. They settled up their city, Joorkinstan, all ruled by the High King. The Elves, with their newly acquired land and Dwarven slaves, declared war on the Humans. The Demons, a year later, did also. The humans placed their armies along the borders that lead to the Elves. The Elves were no match for their human contesters. The Demons arrived and slaughtered the people. Sending fireballs into the walls and homes. Catariah lead her angels into the human castle and fought the demons. They were finally sent back to the nether. The humans returned the Dwarves and Orcs their land. Grateful, they sent the humans many resources. It was until the human leader was overthrown with an evil king. The king declared war on the Dwarves and Elves. Stealing and pillaging through their cities, killing thousands of civiallians. It wasn’t until the revolt, lead by the very powerful family of Payne, struck the castle killing this new evil king. The speech gave by Michael Payne lead him and his family into royal power. The Dwarves weren’t as quick as the Elves to forgive. The High King repaired and repayed all the war damages that have been done. Orcs later fought with the angels over sacred land. This lead to another war, the greatest war. The bloodiest war. The Orcs lead an attack that pillaged a group of Catarian Priests. This lead the Angels to attack, with the help of the Humans. The Dwarves were left defenseless from the war before, and had to rely on Elven comrads to protect them. This left a bond between the Dwarven people and the Elves. The Elven leader didn’t approve of this war, so he stopped all protection of Dwarves. During this time the Orc killed the group of priests that kept the portal to the Demons closed. Unleashing the demons, the Orcs kept fighting. They fought their way to Joorkinstan. The king ordered his men to hold the gates. The Demons alight the castle, killing hundreds. Elves finally decieded they needed to help, and sent their forces toward the Humans. Angels had a lot on their plate. They needed help. Catariah, having slept for thousands of years awoken. She was asleep for 5,000 years. Many of the Humans didn’t believe in her, until now. She arose with such a boom that the battle stopped. It all just stopped in place. Then it continued. She sent a wave of water crashing down into the streets. The Demons washed away. The water washed away their evil, their fire, their desire to kill. The remaining Demons retreated back into their nether. Orcs being the Orcs, kept fighting. Until they reached the water. When they reached the water, an aquatic looking human came out of it. Then a thousand followed. They fought the Orcs and defeated them, sending them back to their encampments. These aquatic humans were Oraia. These creatures are the nicest on the planet. They reside next to oceans. They can breathe both underwater and above water. They look human, but have scaly feet. The modern era was approaching, and so did new technology. A scientist, well trusted by the king, formed a mutated gene. This gene caused humans to yearn for blood. Blood of humans, that is. This virus was deadly, and named Vampiris. The scientist unleashed the virus, which causes mutated humans. These creatures known as Vampires. They were shunned and finally were united under one leader. The Vampires want to be recognized as a nation, but are Ignored. Catariah went back into her sleep. This started the modern era. The era of new hope and beginnings.
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    posted a message on We Are Recruiting Builders, Artists, and Coders! LOOK PLEASE!
    IGN: samual121
    Skype: samual1211
    Age: 15
    Applying for: Builder
    Why Me: Building is absolutely awesome and it appears u put heaps of effort into making that poster so u obviously care about what your doing... I build for the love of building not for money or anything else
    Times I can play: I can play everyday, from 4PM to 9PM Eastern Standard Time [weekdays] and all day weekdays

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application!
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    posted a message on Looking For Employee's (Get Payed!) We Have 3 Spots Left! (Admin, and 2 builders)
    Age (Required 15+)
    How Can You Help As An Employee(Plugin Coder, Host, Moderator, Builder, Server Manager etc..)
    I really enjoy building so i can build stuff
    Maturity Level 1-30
    You abide all rules given, and will follow instructions to avoid being FIRED/Unable to earn profit.
    Paypal Information(Paypal Email, Email Address etc...)
    ill give it to u if u are desperate to pay me
    Email(Some Jobs Have Weekly Emails. You Must Check Them Weekly. They Are Important.)
    [email protected]
    Are you familiar with any coding(HTML,YML, ETC.) If so, you may become a website/plugin coder.
    Nope not really
    Do you wish to earn cash flow

    In-Game Name
    Real Life Name(Required to make sure you OWN the paypal/Family Member with same last name.)
    Sam Dowling
    I will be checking applications tomorrow, at 5PM EST 5/24/13.
    Ok then
    The server is taking place in medieval times. (Will Update Server Info tomorrow)
    Sounds fun
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    posted a message on Builders Needed!
    Thats cool can i apply?
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    posted a message on l Hamachi l Builders Needed l
    Hamachi Network is
    Then join the server and help me build
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    posted a message on Looking for builders for my RPG server!
    What is your In-game name?:
    What is your role-play name?:
    How old are you?:
    What timezone do you live in?:
    Do you have a microphone?: Yes
    Are you a good builder? Sort of
    What types of buildings can you design? Whatever
    Can you follow a set style given to you? probably
    Can you follow rules? definately
    Are you well versed in Worldedit, voxel, and other commands? yes
    Post pictures of your building skills here! http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/-kaiser101-amp-samual121s-survival-games-/
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    posted a message on Prison Build
    I will help, i havent made a prison server b4... but ive played on a lot and i have built things for servers
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    posted a message on New server need STAFF [Coders-Co-owners] [Admins] [Mods] !
    -Skype Name samual1211
    -Minecraft Name samual121
    -Staff Position trying out for whatever
    -Experience Im staff on many servers
    -Other information
    -Hours player per day around 4-6 and a lot more on weekends
    -Time Zone GMT 10+
    -Anything missed Nope
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    posted a message on -(SaplingCraft)-Survival-SVanilla-No WL
    Join SaplingCraft. It is a Semi-vanilla survival server... With great staff.No more staff are needed as yet.
    The Owners name is Merlalias. It is an absolutely amazing server. Hosted in the UK.

    Plugins: Citizens, WorldEdit CoreProtect, ColoredSigns, Backup, PermissionsEx, LogBlock, WorldGuard, Jail, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn and EssentialsChat

    Owners: Merlalias (Merly) and ethanbiins
    Co-Owners: Furious_Wolf8, clock12345
    Head-Admin: wolfcraft_
    Admin: albert0808
    Mods: Rellim_boy, ArmaanMahmood

    Server IP:

    1.) No mods but Rei's Minimap and Optifine.
    2.) No Griefing
    3.) No Stealing
    4.) Don't Try To Be Boss Of Sever
    5.) No Asking For OP
    6.) No Hack Clients
    7.) No Sexism
    8.) No Racism
    9.) Respect Other Players
    10.) Don't argue With Staff

    Normal Ranks:
    Citizen, (Starting rank)
    Troop, (Done Something)
    Knight, (Shown Courage and Effort)
    King, (Improved well in everything)

    Please Comment Your Oppinion Below:
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Builders, Admins, Mods
    I added u 2 on skype
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