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    posted a message on TilesCraft

    if you got suggestions. feel free to shut up. just kidding, tell me in the comments

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    posted a message on Looking for casual Aussie gamers who just like to create
    thank you for adding me. you wont regret it
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    posted a message on Sky fallen realm!!!!!! currency, survival, economy
    ign: samirjusufovic

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    posted a message on Looking for casual Aussie gamers who just like to create
    ign: samirjusufovic

    age: 18

    im creative person. like to build
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    posted a message on ("Hard") Survival Realm Looking for Builders (16+)
    IGN: samirjusufovic

    Age: 17

    Why do you want to join: play minecraft since alpha. i seen alot of good server, that no longer exist. today's server are awful.

    Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: building/mining

    non-favorite thing: redstone wiring
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    posted a message on Realm [18+] New Survival Beginnings
    IGN: samirjusufovic
    Age: 18
    Are you willing to use ventrilo, teamspeak, etc?: teamspeak only
    let's see: played minecraft since alpha.
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    posted a message on 2 Slots LEFT, RP Survival Multi-player, Non-PvP, No Grief, Age 17+
    1. samirjusufovic

    2. Age 18

    3. germany

    4. im tired of those server with millions of plugins. big ass spawn. chat being overwhelmed. pvping. no place to build. i play minecraft since alpha. i know how to craft every block. know every secret

    5. blacksmith/miner/night guard/
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    posted a message on Mianite/Survival Realm (looking for players)
    ign: samirjusufovic

    age: 18

    i hate all those server with their fancy big ass spawns. factions and no place to build. no wilderness
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    IGN samirjusufovic
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    posted a message on 1.7 new world generator vs Beta world generator
    the new world generator for minecraft 1.7 look alike the old beta world generator, dont you think
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    posted a message on Can i has old mob AI?
    i want that too, i hate it >:-(
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    posted a message on (idea) many little feathures
    backpack - crafted using 8 leather and 1 chest (the chest in the middle)

    dangerous torches- torches can set things on fire

    herobrine - when you play on tiny and you are in a cave then he will spawn

    ingame recipe maker

    giant flowers with biome

    cookable eggs

    game engine i know minecraft already use a LWJGL but a better game engine would be nice

    rubies and sapphires - bc there's already emeralds

    more village types such like hunter .................. and that

    "Ultra Hardcore Mode" was shown, where death would revoke an account's premium status for 1 days or longer

    volcano biome --- with obsidian crater full with lava

    tophats and capes


    ability to rename minecraft accounts

    remove bossmobs

    surface ores - in real life you can find diamonds and ores on surfaces and why not in minecraft

    random textures - like random mobs to use terrain 1, terrain 2, items 1, items 2 multiple textures

    bookshelf - when you place the bookshelf it appears empty. when you rclick you can storage 9 of your written or non written books

    more pet mobs mobs

    monsters on peaceful mode (friendly monster)- they won't attack even provoked and also don't burn

    more gravity effective blocks

    less oceans and more mainland - too many ocean biomes

    fireworks can set things on fire - example you fire a firework in a house, the firework explodes and set fire and also damage mobs and players

    craftable command blocks

    sponge - can be found in deep oceans

    mob gui - disable mobs that you hate i hate endermans

    emerald tools and armor - about 25 % less durable as diamond

    key - lock/unlock doors

    more biomes - like in real life

    inventory clock and compass - no more wasting iron, gold and redstone to craft clocks and compasses now you will have them in your inventory (corner)

    glass preasure plates - visible only to player who placed them

    lava boats - using a minecart as a lava boat

    re-crafter block - what ever you crafted, now with this block you can re-craft it example you crafted a diamond pick and you want to recraft it then you put it in the re-crafter and you will get your 3 diamonds and 2 stick (doesnt work with damaged tools)

    stackable swords and dual wielding - you can stack a sword up to 2 and use them as dual swords (you have to stack them manually to dual wield them)

    spiders eats mobs - spiders will attack your cows,pigs,sheep,

    old book recipe - the new one is a pain

    sand, gravel, anvils - can be placed from dispensers such like boats example press the wrong button and a dispenser drops a anvil on me

    wool armor - like in the old minecraft you could craft

    ingame recording - like in team fortress 2. you can choose the perspective, change the texture pack

    custom paintings - you place a painting and you will have a option to browse a picture on you desktop
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    posted a message on old school texture pack 1.4.6
    bring you back the old texture of some blocks

    furnace top also dispenser
    mossy stone
    gold block
    iron block
    diamond block

    steve-- the old unshaved steve

    cocoa beans
    leather armor
    iron axe

    the old iron axe, it really existed



    HERE the download link ----------->>>>>>
    Link Removed
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    posted a message on Minecraft is getting destroyed and screwed
    Quote from Kingmansam

    Wow, don't you think what you are saying is really rude, think about how Jeb feels with people going "Oh I hate all the new updates".
    I am quite sure we do not want the old Minecraft back, the new updates are great, bringing a much needed goal to survival mode.

    All I can see you have listed is mostly post 1.8, if you hate it so much just roll back, please do not be really offensive to all the Devs in Mojang!
    notch gaved jeb to continue adding stuff to minecraft and he add terrible stuff
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    posted a message on Minecraft is getting destroyed and screwed
    if you are a old school minecrafter and dont like the new feathures and fixes, then you are't alone
    i don't want minecraft turn into runescape or better say a fantasy game. alone i'm weak, but together we are powerful, we can change minecraft, jeb is killing/destroying/screwing the game, we can stop him together
    with this message

    "we want the old minecraft back, spread the word"

    here all the changes that i hate
    • Changing fog by hotkey now requires debug-view to be open in addition with pressingF.
    • Ocean Biomes
    • Enderman
    • Silverfish
    • Cave Spiders
    • The "Sound Update"
    • Strongholds.
    • Npc villages including npc village
    • Weapon and tool damage has been nerfed to make space for the increased damage enchantments (Diamond swords do 3.5 hearts now instead of 5).
    • "The End"
    • Brewing
    • Enchanting
    • Enderdragon
    • Golden Apples now restore rather than and cause regeneration for 5 seconds rather than 30.
    • creative mode
    • Redstone Lamps.
    • Fire Charge and Bottle of Enchanting.
    • Wooden planks now have the color of the type of wood they came from instead of the original wooden plank texture
    • editable books
    • Changed crafting recipe: 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather in any possible shape.
    • Retextured cocoa beans
    • Tripwire Hook
    • Ender Chest
    • jungle temples and desert temples
    • emerald block
    • emerald gems
    • emerald blocks
    • emerald ore
    • jungle biome
    • new world generator too many ocean biome and that ****
    • iron and snow golem
    Jeb is adding terrible stuff to minecraft and thats all what i wanted to say
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