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    Whats your IGN?


    12 but mature

    Santa Maria, CA
    Tell me about yourself

    Love playing and chatting with others, play mc almost everyday if i can, love to build and to socialize
    Whats your Minecraft history?

    Started in 2010, always played on pc, and played on servers more the singleplayer
    Why should I accept you?

    I am patient, kind and will help people in the server weither building a house or needing a item i have
    Final statements?

    I hope to join the server since i love servers
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    In Game Name:samhan555

    Age:12 but im mature

    Overall Skill lvl (In what Areas are you skilled at?):My skill level is always about building a beautiful house

    Can you get along with other people?:Yes!

    Will you agree that you are NOT allowed to steal or grief?:Yes

    What part of the Rules dont you understand?:I understand them all

    What part of the rules do you Understand?:All

    Why is it that you want to Join our Server?:Yes

    Why Should We Accept You?I am a friendly player and loves to build and is a good a pranking others. I am also not a rager, but I am friendly, patient, and kind person who loves to play minecraft with others and to talk with them too. I also have skype if needed and would love to do a lets play!

    If my grammar is terrible i'm incredibly sorry im using my dad's computer since mine is getting fixed (I still have minecraft) and his keboard is a bit rusty
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    1.) Do you know what Mindcrack/hermitcraft is? Yes I do from watching Mindcrack vids but not hermit
    2.) Have you ever played a server like it? Yes and I am always wanting to go onto new servers
    3.) Do you have skype? Are you willing to skype with other server members?Yes, however my computer is down and my dad has no mic but I will tell you when i get my computer back
    4.) How old are you? 12
    5.) Do you plan on recording videos on the Server? (Yes or no is fine, no big deal)Maybe it depends on when I have enough for fraps but when I do i would love to record on a server
    6.) What are your plans on the server or ideas you have?To make amazing buildings and good pranks
    7.) IGN so I can whitelist you:samhan555
    8.) Ever been banned on any servers?Yes for throwing a potion of experience (it was a creative one)
    9.)Why would you be a good addition to this server? I am a friendly player and loves helping others and sometimes pranking others ( if they prank me first)

    10.)Do you have any goals if you are chosen? To build a beautiful house
    11.)Do you have any other questions or concerns? Yes do I have to go on everyday if i'm chosen
    12) What is your building style? yes, I have a lot of styles, but the one I use most is sorta a homey,castle based
    13) Do you have some pictures? (It's okay if you don't, they are encouraged though)No I am very sorry I dont have pictures
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