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    Quote from Blaze »
    Capes=17th thread

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    Ghasts in swarms. can't kill them if there more then 3.. Everything else, easy as ****..
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    The long awaited dragon... OR! Ogres.. Or how about everything from the Mo' Creatures mod :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on I agree 100% with this guy on reddit (about first beta)
    He makes valid points, but only valid points for a game that is NOT in BETA or ALPHA. This game IS BETA and was in ALPHA. We payed notch a chance to play his Alpha, or beta version of his unreleased game. We pre-orderd his game and the benefit Notch gave us, was that we can TEST his game for the bugs that it WILL have, and to make the game us least buggy as possible when the game as been officially released.

    PS: Did anyone ACTUALLY read the Terms and Conditions? It seems that no one did... Well lets just look at that first paragraph.
    Please note that Minecraft is currently a work in progress and NOT a finished product! The sandbox mode available right now. However, you may buy a discounted beta account today, which will also include the full game!
    That took me 5 seconds to figure out that I'm paying for a unfinished game.

    Although we are very passionate about this project, we cannot guarantee that it will be completed - that's why we offer the discounted price When you purchase the game, you pay for it as it is right now. Future updates are an added bonus.
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    posted a message on How do YOU mine?
    A straight down 10x10 spiraling staircase kind of ordeal. The sides will have 1 block going down like a staircase wrapping down till the bottom for easy minecart usage. If i hit a cave i dig straight down through it continuing my pattern sealing the open space with glass and some torches in the cavern to give some cool lighting effects. Once i hit bedrock i seal it up and make it even at whatever level where adminium wont be 2 blocks high and start a 3x3 hallway about 50 blocks long then do 1x3 hallways branching off being separated by 2 blocks each. I carry lots of buckets as i LOVE me my lava...
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    Quote from zeldadude »
    If only there was a picture thread for this type of stuff.

    Blind idiot

    5 posts in and you already are flaming people? Congratulations on a report.

    Either way, yes there is a picture thread for this, but a lot of the time it is missed. Nice world needs more pictures if i don't say so myself, I'd like to see a cartograph of the map personally.
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    posted a message on new world- big fort, supplies to resist creeper invasion
    Go to the right side and select the embeded thumbnail for forum one.
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    posted a message on Notch, stop trolling with the item names.
    You know the one thing i can not understand, is why all of you people think that because Americans changed the spelling of the British version of English you get all pissy and ****. You think that the British version was the original? Well **** you should go back to history class because it sure as hell is not. The form of Russian sure is hell is not the same version of Russian as it was 400+ years ago. God damn you are all ignorant as hell, can't ****ing believe you guys think all Americans are ignorant when you are all too ignorant to see it yourself.

    Mod edit: warned for flaming
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    posted a message on The Internet Censorship Has Begun: We Need to Stop This!
    Good luck.
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    posted a message on [1.3_01] Handheld Torch Light - Performance
    Quote from gxgx55 »
    Quote from Bennysloba »
    Quote from ZacQuicksilver »
    Even just loading Modloader. it's not working.

    Just to make sure; here's what I'm doing:

    delete .minecraft to reset things
    run minecraft, downloading all the files
    close minecraft
    open .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar in my .jar opener
    copy all files from (appropriate download folder) into the .jar opener
    delete META-INF folder (and contents with it)
    close .jar opener
    open minecraft

    watch as minecraft doesn't load fully...

    Hm.. that sounds right.. maybe it's the jar opener that's the culprit? I doubt it but it's a possibility; I used Winrar for dealing with the .jar, however i now use 7zip (winrar might be easier to manage :tongue.gif:) Are you on Windows? I use XP and i just right click on the .jar and select Open with.. and find winrar/7zip. works great.

    you really shouldn't be having any issues from the steps you take,

    1. install modloader
    2. install Handheld Torchlight mod
    3. Delete META-INF folder
    4. Close the jar and run the game

    Those are the only steps you really need to take.. However if you're still having issues, you could try this Mod installing program that should do everything for you without an issue, found here

    Just to repeat,mods havent ever worked if I deleted the whole META-INF,only when I delete both MOJANG files in it.

    I sometimes get this, just run Xau's HD texture patcher and use the RUN function from that to start the game up. Seems to work fine for me, doesn't require you to install a texture pack or anything.
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    posted a message on FIXED![WIP] Wood Puncher's HD Non-HD Texure Pack! 16px
    Quote from WoodPuncher »
    Quote from ReMx3dit »
    I was gonna try to make a video for you using the pack, but i can't get the download to work, mediafire stinks... :smile.gif:

    Aww man, tht would have been awesome. Any ideas for a good file hosting site?

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    posted a message on [128x128][1.5][1.6] Aza's Arid Pack 1/06 [WIP]
    Quote from AzaIndustries »
    Guys it downloads at 200kbs for me =/. Maybe your ISPs are biased towards Australian hosts.

    I download fine. This texture pack got me back into MC ;3
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    posted a message on [16x][1.8] Lomakraft (Dark Realism)
    personally.. this could look verrrry sexy as a 64x64 or even a 32x32.
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    posted a message on ULTIMATE Realistic Texture Pack: AO, AA, HDR, Bloom, Normal
    Quote from Assassians4hire »
    Quote from Inacio »
    Quote from Donixs »
    I had tried running this texture packet, but I soon realized I could not play a game with 1 FPS, so I had set the graphic setting to "Fast" and then I was able to play with 2 FPS.

    Greatest packet ever.

    You need to download more RAM to get more FPS


    Sorry, had to post this. This topic is beyond hilarious

    I went there and downloaded more ram, but i don't think im getting any difference?
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    posted a message on Eclipse Pack | 8x8 | loljk it's 16x16 | UPDATE
    there hasnt been an 8x8 tex pack since what? Indev?
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