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    posted a message on Share your world seeds! [OP Being Organized!]
    Saltynut1 with the S capitalized gives a nice little world with some overhangs, large forests, rolling hills in a tundra and large mountains. Id post pictures.. but my internet hates me atm.
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    posted a message on Watch This If You Are A Pirate Hater
    Quote from Karan Vess »
    I did.
    I used a pirated version for about 2 days, then I bought it.

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    posted a message on Is there some place I can watch the livestream?
    idk, i remember coming in the stream, near the start and everything was EXTREMELY quiet. It was about how notch's favorite part about minecraft is the level gen, and caves.
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    posted a message on [V1.4_01] BiomeTerrainMod update (Re-read readme!)
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    posted a message on how is "mob" pronounced?
    No one has heard of slang before, or are all of you just this anal about pronunciation. Different people can say words differently. Mawb, mobe whatever you want to call it, we all should understand what you are talking about. Mob as it is being used is not being used a shortened version of MOBILE it is being used as THE word MOB.
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    posted a message on Top 5 most wanted changes from us, Beta testers
    Top 5 most wanted changes from us, the Alpha testers.

    1. People to stop bitching about lag.

    2. People to stop thinking they found something new, you didn't.

    3. For people to stop thinking Notch is god.

    4. For people to stop complaining about glitches and bugs, its in testing.

    5. For people to stop making suggestions for Notch when a mod has been made for it. Notch has said multiple times he doesn't want to be influenced by mods. It is HIS game.
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    posted a message on The best spawn point I have ever had...
    Would i be able to have that save? Ill look around more and see what i like and tell you my ideas.
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    posted a message on REQ- Saddle mod.
    Quote from dillon873 »
    Sounds like the gotta ride em all mod too bad that one is outdated... Wish you luck on finding someone to take the challenge I'd enjoy this mod i have too many saddles stacked up lol.

    just get mo' creatures
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    posted a message on A beautiful sight. *SAVE FILE*
    Quote from rshuttle1337 »
    Seriously guys! I've explored my world a little bit more, just check out this amazing album!

    Seriously you wont want to miss it: http://imgur.com/a/8SyjA

    GIMME THAT SAVE [email protected]#!

    Pwease ;3

    I've been looking for a world like that for ages.
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    posted a message on Will this stop spiders climbing up my walls?
    Quote from duartel »
    Quote from WitchHunter »

    Oh god this made me lol..
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    posted a message on Impossible Triangle
    Quote from harutsedo »
    Quote from asferot »
    I know how you did that!!!
    Still... it`s pretty neat!

    I really want to see it from a different angle. :Notch:

    it would just be 3 large piles of dirt.
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    posted a message on New look on Water mob?
    Yeah its probably going to be a 2d little 4x4 pixel fish.
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    posted a message on Please recommend a trance techno radio station...
    filth.fm :biggrin.gif:

    Yes.. Finally un-banned >:biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Wait... Beta?
    Quote from Rockss5000 »
    Quote from PhoenixBrave »
    No seriously...

    Explain to me what the **** your saying in clear English.

    Alpha and beta are states of development, not scams to put a hole in your wallet.

    Go to the wiki and search up Alpha and beta.

    I wont explain myself again, you are getting played into these "Development stages"

    + No need to swear.

    Plus when did I ever say it was a scam?

    I'd like to say. You are very stupid indeed...

    Mod edit: warned for insulting others
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    posted a message on Home Furniture:Minecraft edition!
    Quote from BanoffiBrown »
    A house is not furniture.

    Hes talking if you don't care about cosmetics whats the point of a house? Just live in a 3x3 dirt hut since you don't care about cosmetics, plus what was the point of looking at this thread, reading the thread and posting a flaming stupid comment. Whatever.. You should know by now that the stairs with signs on the sides make for nifty chairs/couches. You can make stovetops, atleast thats what it looks like to me, by placing smooth stone or obsidian and placing pressure plates on top of it. Makes a Counter/stove top look.
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