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    New thread- http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/814675-wip-doctor-who-client-mod-full-minecraft-retrofit-new-post-over-300-features-and-counting-ikingssgc™/

    LOOKING FOR NEW CODERS follow the link for a form

    This has Not been released yet! don't ask for downloads, its only WIP



    Once you attract the Tardis to your location using Huon Energy,

    We figure it will have a regenerating bar, and would be useless if you drain it completely. Otherwise it SHOULD be fully functional.

    • Powers redstone
    • Opens doors
    • May be required to damage new mobs(daleks)- more likely just to push mobs backwards aka snowball. Effects on Mechanical and electronic Mobs are Only possible at VERY close range (1-3 blocks) (Playtest first)
    • Activates any redstone powered device without redstone (aka pistons dispensors etc.)
    • Range of basic effects (powering redstone/devices normally powered by said dust) 10 Meters.
    • Disable power on redstone
    • If applying sonic stimulation to redstone for to long of time with out proper technique (pressing control?) the redstone will will "pop off" do to sonic vibrations slowly dislodging the redstone by keeping a constant frequency
    • It can activate creeper timers and can detonate Tnt by using the right combo of buttons (ctrl, alt, or e)
    The Tenth Doctor's Screwdriver:

    The Eleventh Doctor's Screwdriver:
    Lime dye over already constructured sonic. Also extends the range by 2 or 3 blocks.
    (crafting picture)

    (sprite picture)

    Smelting glowdust and adding the result to water creates Huon Particles. Drinking it will cause some flucuations in the time space continuum and the tardis will spawn near by. Now if only you had a key...

    Huon Particles: Place Glowdust in furnace
    huon Energy: (crafting picture)

    Huon Particles
    Huon Energy

    Always in the player's inventory until it opens and cannot be lost. It will spawn with player if they die, and will return to inventory if lost. A bar at bottom will slowly fill up. If you die, the bar will reset. When it is full, it can be opened to unlock a memory of who you really are with the key to your tardis.

    Dalekanium can be used to make armor that allows limited flight/hovering.

    • Skaro
    • Mondas
    • Galifrey wait how would you get there?um pretend in the minecraft dimmension it was never time locked?
    • (Silurian-same planet different eons)
    • Please give us more ideas for this!

    Daleks would run around saying exterminate.They travel on the ground normally but will fly if they can't reach you (I.e You are on a mountain)
    Weapon: Laser (faster version of ghast fireballs) (Might Break all but Obsidian, Diamond Blocks, and Iron Blocks (And of course Adminium))
    Drops: dalekanium

    Metal Men who can shoot lasers at you from a distance and attack you physically at close range. It is possible to wear their armor if collected.

    Cat People
    Friendly creatures that will heal you a couple of hearts (One minute delay between heals).

    Ganger 'Flesh' pools in nether. They are friendly until you attack them. They either carry a Sword or a bow, and if you fall into the flesh it will spawn gangers of you. Susceptible to being Sonic'd

    Weeping Angels (we are using a_dizzle's Weeping Angels)
    The creatures that cannot move when you look at them. They either kill you or telepport you far away from the spot of death. They Drop weeping stone which you can craft a weeping pickaxe with, the only way to kill them. Also they Drop weeping stone when sonic'd.

    We are looking into using Matmos as a base for situation(ish) aware dr who soundtrack for the mod and better sound effects. Also one or two music disks :smile.gif:

    Occurs on death allowing the player to continue their life in a different form after near death experiences.

    On death, orange particles will emit from you at a low amount, and you will find 4 orange hearts in your heart bar. Slowly more particles will emit from you until your screen is obscured and with a flash they are gone, your hearts are healed. and you have a new skin. Welcome to your second regeneration. you only have 12 regenerations, after which you die, or in hardcore mode, you lose your world. There will be a way to gain more regenerations. There is a chance that damageable items in your inv will lose some durability and some items might scatter, launched out of your inv on regeneration.



    The Team
    SageofShadow- Leader; Ideas
    Kolipoki- Coder
    alpha112358- Coder
    Suskeyhose- Coder
    Scizor- Ideas
    Sade1212- Texture Artist
    LstClockMaker- Ideas
    minecraft_snuffysam- sprites
    Avalanchetter- ideas
    Doctor_Mothoid - ideas
    Roxas nightwing- Modeler



    or this one

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    Quote from bioni5

    When it 'takes off' will it make the noise?

    Of course it will make the noise.

    *woosh* *woosh*
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    I'll just leave this here.

    *Note this is very pre release and does not reflect the final product.
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    Members of the team PLEASE go to the master document on google docs asap. If you don't have a link, please pm me.

    Quote from Doctor_Mothoid

    I'd like to suggest space dangers.

    Basically, you're flying through space in the TARDIS, and you have a certain percentage chance of encountering a supernova or a black hole. You must then hit the correct button/lever to avoid the danger, or else you crash on a random planet, the TARDIS rebuilds herself, and you regenerate.

    I'd also like to suggest a planet with underwater villages and airborne villages. Kind of like the Skyhold in Yogscast, except smaller. They could be refugee Time Lords.

    Also, maybe on your 13th regeneration you could recieve a summons from the Council of Time Lords to go fight the Daleks in the Last Great Time War. Doing this, and surviving, would give you another 13 regenerations.

    THat is a very interesting idea... It aligns with my idea of piloting the tardis, although would be very difficult to make :smile.gif:
    The whole timewar thing seems more of a good adventure map idea then actual gameplay, but I understand what you mean, maybe a way to get more regens has something to do with npc council of time lords?

    Quote from XDrakkonX

    Well the tenth doctor's screwdriver has settings, which you can make into keyboard settings, but the eleventh doctor's screwdriver is physic and can read your mind to what you want it to do, so you can make it whatever it can do to the target. You can have a white point star a really rare kind of diamond that when you put it inside a analyzer thingy in the tardis, it allows you to go to gallifrey.

    That is an interesting idea to have the two sonics have different features, I kind of like it... also I beliebe we are having gallifrey exist in this time line, although we could use the white point star for something.... hmm....

    Quote from Megafig

    Would it be possible to add in Silurians spawning underground in their own strong hold like things, some could be hostile, some could be friendly, but it could be the only way to get special plants or somthing cool for farms like that (super wheat that needs lava instad of water anybody). We don't need to stay exactly true to the TV series, just capture the essence while enhancing the minecraft game, besides they have already destoyed earth twice.

    Im loving the idea of unlocking planets, it will be more progressive that way, you will have somthing to play for, perhaps the tardis could run or 'be powered' by this item so you need to collect them to continue your travels. A bit like coal in a funace realy. Like i said close but not 100% accurate to the TV but more fun, call it artisitc licence...

    Yes I do want to add SIilurians, underground, I do like your idea and yes while being close to cannon is great, making the mod fun is our first priority.

    I like that idea of unlocking planets as well, I'll have to think about that.... Also I do believe at one point there will be some sort of 'fuel' or charge or something for the tardis.

    Quote from Doctor_Mothoid

    Thanks to the both of you. Now, someone mentioned unlocking Gallifrey by sticking a white point star into an analyzer, I'm all for this as long as this mod is TMI compatible. :wink.gif:

    Someone ELSE mentioned using fuel in the TARDIS, I don't like this as much. What you SHOULD do is have Nether Portals be 'Rifts in Time', so if the TARDIS is within say, 10 blocks of a Portal it'll recharge itself. If it runs low it'll give you a warning, and if it empties while travelling, you crash on a planet, the TARDIS takes damage, you have a small chance of regenerating because of poisonous gas (Let's Kill Hitler). If it empties while on a planet, then you just build a nether portal near it to refill it. Also, changing the desktop theme or the TARDIS rebuilding itself should use a ton of fuel.

    Interesting idea as Nether portals as rift in times... And I like the whole crah on planet and tardis damage. And the whole generation of rooms and rebuilding thing takes 'fuel' is a very gameplay balancing act which I think could work.

    Oh wow.
    I don't know why I didn't think of the Nether Portals as rifts in time.
    So let me go into a more organized fashion what this should entail.
    1. The TARDIS will have both fuel and damage.
    2. Fuel is recharged by going near (10 blocks) to a Nether Portal. If fuel goes to zero, your TARDIS will be dead in the water. There will be some sort of warning for this, perhaps an accessible fuel gauge?
    3. Damage is taken whenever something hits your TARDIS, if the TARDIS runs out of fuel in mid-flight, or sometimes when you regenerate. When the TARDIS has 100% damage, it automatically changes it's desktop theme, which uses up a lot of fuel (theme can also be changed manually). It's at this point that you want to get the hell out, or you'll probably end up inside a block. You could survive something like this if you dodged the new structures, but it is unlikely.
    If your TARDIS is at 100% damage but has 0% fuel, you pretty much screwed yourself. You better hope you have some obsidian, or you're never getting it working again.

    Intriguing ideas.

    Quote from XDrakkonX

    you can make it that when you regenerate you get a regeneration energy particle every few seconds that drop near you that can power things like your furnace for a REALLY long time, and monsters are attracted like in 1.9 sheep are attracted to wheat.

    Maybe not every time, but maybe a peaceful death like falling could do this, but if its a violent death aka skele killed you or something, when you regen you will already be in trouble.

    Quote from Argussangra

    So drinking Huon particles makes the TARDIS appear, does that mean if you lose track of yours you can drink particles to get it back or will you end up with a new one?

    You will end up with the same one.

    Quote from Dj_Meeplord

    I say ol chap jolly good idea! I am a giant fan of the Doctor Who series and I support this mod fully!

    Thanks, Hopefully we will have some progress to show soon
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    Quote from larryman8731

    I think the sonic screwdriver is a good idea but I think it should be able to open metal doors as if they were wooden ones

    Very good idea! I hadn't thought specificity about that but it could go under what I wrote about it being able to activate any redstone powered device without redstone.
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    Quote from LcLc19

    Well the idea is good in theory but actually making the tardis like that would be hard to do but not imnpossible just take a very good modder but i would have it when u enter the door u get teleported to a room somewhere in the world u made hte tardis or found it cause if u understand wat i mean it would be possible.

    also the regeneration thing is possible as well cause there is a mod i have that lets u change ur ingame skin and u would just have to connect it the the health bar and make it automatic whish wouldnt be easy.

    also like said earlier it would be a good idea having dalek and all those things and i suggest for flying ones just have them different from normal ones like their just rare and the screwdriver actually does damage to it

    This is what I saw a good theory, but in actual coding, it might be Impossible. I know it is possible, although the minecraft engine might not be up to it , but in portal 2 they created these 'world portals' to allow them to connect to different levels so thy didn't have to worry about one hallway running into another hallway etc. Here is a video of a mapper messing around with world portals.

    Which of course in a game about portals so the coding was already baked in, but even though this is named the tardis mod idea, it would be cool to make a doctor who themed mod with the things that are possible to create.

    Quote from grn_dog_72

    How's this:
    :Glass: :Diamond: :Glass:
    :Iron: :Red: :Iron:
    :Iron: :--+: :Iron:

    :--+: = redstone torch
    :Red: = redstone dust

    And it could power things like redstone does to make it more like the actual sonic screwdriver.

    If you closely read the first post I already mentioned that it should do that lol. Unless you did read it and are agreeing, but it seems you are just stating it as an idea.

    QUESTION: Do you guys think if a sonic screwdriver should be made of current ores and items, or should it add its own ores required to build it?
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    Quote from Loki0790

    I love Doctor Who, I even had a 11th Doctor skin. You could have Daleks. They could be flying around (but very rare to be seen). They would only be killed if you trap and smother them. They could drop Dalekanium. Which is the ultimate fuel source. And the TARDIS should just teleport you to random locations on your map. You could make a Sonic Screwdriver like this:

    Yeah I thought of Daleks too, and their AI would be simple lol, but I figured just start with this, but if somehow this was made, i could see an entire Dr. Who mod adding items and enemies.
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