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    posted a message on Looking for 5-10 players/actors for my new concept server
    I'm a dude, 19 years old, matt.sage333 skype name.
    timezone gmt -4

    I love this idea. I feel the nether should be limited as well to the same or at least similar size.
    Off land events should be more game styled things such as spleef tournies, or the cops and robbers, or anything else that is popular.
    And about building into the void, i'm not sure, its an interesting concept to let them but at the same time it makes less of a restriction on size, so it could work either way.
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    hi, I saw the other thread and posted in it, but I'll post here as well.

    IGN- sageofshadow

    Age- 19

    Job- voice actor/ editor(if you need help) / special effects (I would like to know what type you are talking about)

    Experience- experirience editing and a little voiceover. I have a yeti pro mic, adobe audition, premiere pro, and after effects if any of them would come in use.

    Skype- matt.sage333
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    posted a message on Don't readd
    IGN: sageofshadow
    Skype: matt.sage333
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    posted a message on [outdated thread!][1.1] ComputerCraft server! No whitelist!
    Its down.... socket time out error
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    posted a message on RedWorks Add-On Package For ComputerCraft - Beta 1.20
    Is the redworks server running? I'm trying to connect but it isn't working.
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    posted a message on Doctor Who Client Mod - Open Alpha Now Available to play NOW! (Bigger on the Inside, TARDIS Flight, Planets, Sonics & way MORE!)
    Quote from kualajimbo

    So is it only going to be the 9th/ 10th doctors screwdriver? Not the 11th?

    It will have his.

    Quote from Boiledgoose221

    this is a cool idea. have a release date in mind for this?

    WHen we get it done. lol Seriously though, we don't even know. We won't release it until it works.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    Hello everyone, I am back. I had some personal reasons that I have been unbable to be active but on this wonderful thanksgiving day I am happy to say I will be active once again. I don't know if I can catch up on the week Iv've been mia but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for all the support everyone has shown us and I can't wait to release this to you guys, but we want it to be the best before releasing it!

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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    Quote from enderoflife

    imo, it's more annoying when mines are tangled with strongholds, but ravines are annoying too, although they do look badass, especially underground ones.

    anyway, i take it that there won't be skaro? or is it just that daleks tend to try and invade and murder things? (they're a bit late on the humans, unless they created the zombie infection. although i support them wanting to wipe out the squidwards. not the squids though, they're baller.)

    This doen't mean no skaro, it just means that some are invading minecraftia.
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    Quote from enderoflife

    when was the post last updated? because i still think that there shouldn't be cat people unless they're added as normal npcs in new earth. they shouldn't heal you, the hospital ones were all in jail, and they aren't the only ones. and where would they spawn? does that mean you are adding new earth?

    EDIT:: and can you craft dalekanium with skaro ores and redstone?

    I am sorry , My Life has been a mess and so has iking, both of us who were supposed to update it, so it hasn't been done, but it desperatly needs it, and yes the cats were cut. WE haven't discused planets too much yet.
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    Quote from Roxas nightwing

    ok i fixed it here i want to be a moddler for this mod for more detail see my last post here and heres my model

    I really like what you have done to it since last time, although the texture could still use some work. let me talk the team but, I think you have shown competence in what you are doing :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    Quote from St4rkiller2000

    Really?!?!?! Does that mean you guys are somewhat close to a release?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Quote from UrLogicFails

    Hey guys, I can see by the post date that I am a little late to the party. I just wanted to say that I am a huge Doctor Who fan, and I love the idea of a Doctor Who mod. Having said that, I would like to make a few suggestion/ask a few questions.

    1) How would the TARDIS look on the inside?
    -Would it be based off of which doctor you choose to play as?
    -If so, how would you choose?
    -Also, when you regenerate, would you become the next doctor in line?
    -If not, would there even be multiple TARDIS designs?
    -If so, would you get to choose which one you get?
    -If so, how?
    2) Could the TARDIS time travel? (ie: you blow something up with TNT, and go back in time to find it intact)
    3) It seems that the TARDIS grows sonic screwdrivers, so would the TARDIS grow sonics for you, or is crafting the only method for obtaining one?
    4) Would/could the sonic turn lights (torches) on/off?
    5) Similar to question one, but with companions instead of the inside of the TARDIS

    These are just some questions that I had while reading this post.

    1)WE are 'minecrafting' basicly all known console rooms and making our own.
    Still discussing control wise how stuff will go.
    2)Eh that would be harder than its worth, but you never know. But for now, that is not happening.
    3) unknown as for know, we haven't discussed the limits of the tardis yet.
    )I do not know what the insides of the companions will be like yet. Sorry. ANyways, we haven't started them yet so it is still undecided.

    Quote from theiking1

    As part of the collaboration between my server organizaition (iKingsSGC™) and SageShadow concerning this mod. The iKingsSGC™ Website will be extended and branching off into a whole new form, (subdomain) with a Main CMS site and Forums dedicated to the awesome community of this client modification.

    The forums and website for the Doctor Who mod are nearly complete, I am estimating a launch of both sites for user registration beginning on Friday October 28th 2011.

    We hope that you see these sites as a way to better organize ideas for this mod and a overall better way to communicate to each other.

    If you have any questions or would like to suggest ideas for forum topics before the sites launch please either post a reply to this or send me a personal message on minecraft forums or, you can send me an email at [email protected]

    Thank You
    Head of Operations- iKings Stargate Coalition™
    Head Administrator- iSGC™ Minecraft Department
    Head Administrator- iSGC™ Source Department (Early 2012)
    Head Administrator- iSGC™ Civilization Department (Early 2012)
    Head of Graphic Design-

    Can you pm me? we still haven't compared our tardis shaped journals yet. heh.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    We need Experienced coders!
    Check out this form!

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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More

    The Sonic Screwdriver powers redstone and any redstone powerable devices (pistons, iron doors, etc)
    If you craft the 11th screwdriver, you can use it for that other weird stuff he uses it for, like a medical scanner.

    They all had that feature actually. or at least the recent ones have.

    Quote from godzilla200000

    i got an idea for the mod well 2 things if you find a dalek alone some where you can try to somehow get in to it and control inside the dalek and other daleks wont attack you unless you dont take orders or attack them and the testlica where if you attack and kill some one it will attack you looking like you,weepingangel,cow,pig,alienperson,etc then when you get to close to it or attack it it will turn to look like you and bring you in to an alternate dimension which would be inside it then you can escape it or die

    Eh, that doesn't seem like a very good idea to implement.

    Quote from Demontranoth

    Wouldn't making your own content stop it from being the doctor who mod? If you want to add own content, make a separate mod. In my opinion, it would only be logical for a doctor who mod to include things that are canon, and nothing else.

    Quote from theiking1

    Canon is nice but it doesnt make a fully functional mod. There are so few canonical things that would make sense to be added. And out of those few things a minecraft adaptation would be incredibly hard. You have to think outside the box and create things because well....nothing in doctor who is explained very well.

    I feel our number one goal is to make a good mod that plays well, and because of that we can get away from canon, however there is a difference from doctor who themed and random scifi stuff. So you both are right, and its finding the balance in whatever item you are trying to make.

    Quote from theiking1

    Ok and Im pretty sure that I said that and you only read half of my post.

    slightly spoilerish for those few episodes the cloister bell sounds. Its a list of all times its chimed. And yes it has for the Doctor's regeneration. However I don't think it should every time you regenerate, which basicly boils down to it won't when you regenerate.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    Quote from ArcticWolf556

    All this talk of monsters that will kill you without a second thought! How about something that will help you, like, say, an Ood? What my idea is is that you would meet an ambassador on one of the planets waiting beside your Tardis. If you give him something valuable, he would "unlock" the ability to go to the Ood Sphere, and there you could trade with them. But why should I cough up my hard-earned valuables to some tentacle face, you ask? The Ood would offer very advanced items, maybe something like tools twice the strength of diamonds, or something else along those lines.

    I also have a suggestion for another hostile mob: The Vashta Nerada. They'd be a nightly danger on all of the planets, and how they would work is that if a mob was unfortunate enough to come across a bit of darkness affected by them, they would lose health VERY quickly, and this includes you. However, they could only affect you if the light level is less than 5. You could use the cactus coding for this. I really like the ideas in this mod so far, and I'm hoping it eventually gets made. If done right, it would be fantastic.

    yes we are thinking of adding ood.

    Quote from Idiotproductions

    About the vortex manipulator, a good idea is when you use it, the block you where on it set up on fire and a lightning when you teleport,

    Here to help!


    ooh interesting idea.

    Quote from enderoflife

    ok, really, what the hell is dalekanium? what episode? or was it just made up?

    it is in the cannon, although I am drawing a blank on which ones its mentioned.

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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who mod: Tardis and More
    Explained like that yeah it would make a brilliant expansion on the mod. But the way it was described originally sounded like randomly spawning of Silurian mobs

    ]that's actually how I planned to have them, in underground villages.
    Also you an I need to meet up. Since it seems you can't meet at my time, can you pm me with a time you can meet up?
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