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    The Nether.
    A blazing desolate area.
    Once inhabited with the Pigmen, now only their rotten corpses walk the lands, tormented by the tortured souls of the damned, the Ghasts.
    Surrounded by fiery seas and blood stained rocks, there was nothing.
    A vast empty space.
    This was only the Nether while it was young.
    Just as on the Overworld, creatures evolved. The world had changed.
    New terrors now roam the vast open space. Each specie killing the other simply to assert it's right to survive.
    And today, one new animal has unwittingly wandered into this realm so rife with death.

    Welcome to the New Nether...
    Survive this.



      The Blight -
      We now introduce you to the Nether's new highly corrosive atmosphere. It is not enough to damage flesh, but minerals stand no chance. Not only that, but nothing will grow as you would expect it.
      All standard Overworld tools, except Gold, take double durability damage when used in the Nether.
      So Diamond Tools will have 781 uses, Iron will have 126, Stone will have 66, and Wood will only have 30.
      Saplings and Flowers that are placed in the nether will break and drop a stick in their place. Rapidly planting a Sapling and then immediately using Bonemeal on it can force a Tree to grow before the Sapling breaks into a Stick.
      Leaf Blocks will turn brown, and wither without a chance to drop saplings even if connected to a log block (If Topiary Blocks are implemented, they will turn brown, but not wither)
      Reeds and Cactus can be placed, provided the proper blocks are present to allow them to be placed, (the lack of water will generally prohibit reeds from being planted) but will not grow.
      Any hacked in grass blocks will revert to dirt blocks. Grass Seeds will not grow into Wheat, and will break and drop 0-1 seeds when placed. Even if Bonemeal is used to force the grass seed to grow before it breaks, the Wheat that it grows into will give 0-1 Grass Seed unless mined with a Blood Hoe to force it to drop Wheat.
      Jackolanterns (and variants) can be placed and will survive in the Nether, but regular pumpkins will break, dropping a pumpkin, when placed or if reverted from a Jackolantern by Gloomwood.
      Any Ice blocks that are broken in the Nether will simply break without leaving water behind, and with this, Nether will also check for and prevent water blocks even when they are placed directly.

      Bone Tools -
      Heavy/Big Bones can be used in place of sticks for all recipes,(except the bow and fishing rod) and will result in the exact same tool that the stick version of the recipe makes. There are no bonuses to durability, speed, or strength, nor does this circumvent the double durability damage that tools take in the Nether. Bows and Fishing Rods are not included in this as they need the flexibility that the wood provides to function properly.

      Dungeons -
      Dungeons can be found rarely along the top and bottom 16-32 layers of the Nether. These dungeons are filled with dangerous enemies and all the walls, ceilings, and floors are lined with Obsidian and Bedrock (any gaps in bedrock will be too small for players to get through, unless specifically mapped out as a room or hallway of the dungeon, ensuring the player cannot circumvent the dungeon aspect) as well as troublesome lava traps, sticky soul sand pitfalls, and arrow dispenser traps, ensuring a grueling trial to make it to the treasures they hold. Mushraves will commonly act as the primary source of light within the dungeons.
      Rewards will likely be Gas Bladders, Saddles, Blood Gems, Netherraze, Netherafts and Diamonds. Sometimes the player will even come across Chests that are visible to the player, but completely inaccessible due to how the bedrock is generated around the chest (player is kept more than 3 blocks away), the player might be able to use lava or TNT to break the chest, but often these chests will typically be above Netherrack that is above lava, so items that the chest is holding will be easily lost even if the chest is broken.

      Biomes -
        Volcanoes - Mountains with a tube down their center consisting entirely of lava that extends all the way to bedrock, with lava flowing down the sides from the peak of the mountain. With the updates to Lava's features, these volcanoes will be complete with eruptions.

        Fissures - Cracks that go all the way down to the bottom bedrock layer, with the bottom layer flooded with lava. The cracks range from 16-32 blocks wide, and from 80-144 blocks wide.

        Midnight Copse - Large Cluster of densely packed Gloomwood, making it all but impossible to see.

        Funeral Forest - Similar to Midnight Forest, but also has Fright Bulbs growing amidst the shadows of the Gloomwood trees.

        Glowstone Grotto - Small cavern with walls, floors, and ceilings covered in Glowstone

        Mushrave Grove - Mushraves often grow in a circle pattern of various sizes.(when not in dungeons) These have no apparent significance.

        POSSIBLE BIOME; The Hive - GreyAcumen and I would actually prefer the Hive to be an Overworld Biome that spawns like Dungeons, but always connected to the surface, but it wouldn't be a bad addition to the Nether either.


      Zombie Pigmen -

        Zombie Pigmen may now spawn with other Gold Tools instead of just Gold Swords.
        Possible to drop the tools they spawn with upon death (10% chance)
        New weapon that Zombie Pigmen can spawn with; (Golden) Lasso. Works like fishing rod, but holds onto and drags mobs from farther and can't gather fish. Players and mobs can break the lasso's hold on them by hitting the lasso for more than 2.5 damage. Mobs who are caught in a lasso will have the damage they do to other mobs reduced by 3.5HP.(the damage the mobs do to the lasso is unaffected by this) No more than 2 Zombie Pigmen in any specific cluster will have Lassos.(Usually either 1 or none will be present in a cluster)
        Super Rare Spawn - Zombie Pigmen Chieftain; Same chances to spawn in a cluster of Zombie Pigmen as Spider Jockey. Spawns with Blood Gem or Netherraze Tools. 25% chance to drop tool on death.
        Zombie Pigmen attack Ghasts if they are injured by Ghast Bomb. Lasso Zombie Pigmen will use lasso to drag Ghasts closer to allow other Zombie Pigmen to attack it.

      Ghast -

        Ghast have their health increased to 10, but will take 2HP of damage when hit by their own bombs
        Deflecting a Ghast Bomb from one Ghast to a different Ghast will only do .5 - 1 HP of damage, but has a chance that the injured Ghast will attack the Ghast who initially fired the projectile.(perhaps provided the injured Ghast hadn't fired its own bomb between the time the first Ghast fired and the second Ghast was injured)
        On Death, will drop a Gas Bladder instead of Gunpowder. (used for turning Boats into Airships)
        Will attack anything that attacks them, but will only be directly offensive towards the player.
        Ghast Bombs will no longer target the camera. In Easy difficulty, they will instead target the player or mob's current location directly. In Normal difficulty they will specifically target the area immediately above where the mob/player they are aiming at is expected to be, and in Hard difficulty, they will aim at a random point immediately next to where the player/mob is expected to be.
        Ghast Bombs will no longer activate inactive portals, a Ghast Bomb exploding near a portal can only DEactivate it.


      Obsidian -

        Molten -
        If Obsidian is touching at least 4 Lava Blocks, and not touching any water, it will melt back into a Lava Blocks. This will deactivate a Portal the same way it would if the player broke the obsidian block directly.
        Portals -
        Obsidian can now also create portals when arranged in a 3 wide x 4 tall border, allowing the player to create a 1 wide x 2 tall portal. However this portal does not stay lit on its own and will go out after the amount of time it would take to get through the portal and IMMEDIATELY back, so any wasted time can leave the player stranded.
        a 5x6 tall border of obsidian can also be built, and cannot be disabled by the explosions from Ghast Bombs, but has a higher chance of allowing Nether Mobs to spawn in the Overworld near that portal.(and likewise, a chance for Overworld mobs to spawn in the nether near that portal)

      Netherrack -

        Flammable -
        Lava can catch Netherrack on fire if the embers from the lava touch any of its faces. Fire can also spread to other flammable blocks if they are directly adjacent or diagonally adjacent in any direction, including other Netherrack blocks, but the fire on a Netherrack block will be put out if it spreads to another Netherrack block. All sides of Netherrack can now also catch on fire, but only from the player, lava embers, or another Netherrack block that has the same side on fire. (Nether fire will move, but not multiply)
        Inert -
        Netherrack that has had its fire move to a different Netherrack block will turn "inert" on all sides until it is not subjected to fire or heat sources for several seconds, with Easy difficulty having a much longer inert time period, and hard difficulty having a relatively brief inert period. (this keeps fire from spreading back the way it came from, and helps keep Netherfire from getting too prolific) If Netherrack has a Mushroom/Mushrave on it, it will be treated as "inert" and neither the Netherrack, nor the Mushroom/Mushrave, will catch on fire. A Netherrack block will immediately lose its inert status if the player hits the block in any manner, unless there is a Mushroom/Mushrave growing on the block.
        Corruption -
        When in the Nether, Netherrack will corrupt any cobblestone or smooth stone directly adjacent to it and turn it into Netherrack, similar to how Grass can convert nearby Dirt Blocks into Grass Blocks. This process takes roughly a full game day to occur, but will happen regardless of the player's presence in the Nether.(the time will be calculated when the player returns to the area and blocks will be updated all at once) In the Overworld, Mossy Cobblestone can "corrupt" Netherrack placed next to it to turn the Netherrack into more Mossy Cobblestone in the same manner, provided the Netherrack is not actively burning. A radius around an active portal equal to the twice the number of blocks it is tall will be immune to Corruption. This effect extends in a capsule shape around the Portal, both in the Nether and the Overworld.
        Fuel -
        Netherrack can be used as fuel in a furnace to smelt blocks at twice the standard speed, but requires 32 Netherrack blocks to complete a single smelting process.

      Glowstone -

        Drops 1-3 Glowstone Dust on breaking. Can be turned off using levers, buttons, pressure plates and redstone. (default state is on, turns off when supplied power) Supplemented by Glowstone Sand.

      "Sticky" Soul Sand -

        Mobs -
        "Sticky" Soul Sand replaces the current Soul Sand, being generated in the same places, and building on its features. Players and Mobs will still have their movement speed reduced while walking on it by the same amount, but the player and other mobs will also no longer be able to Jump while on top of a Soul Sand block. The player may be able to climb up the sides of Soul Sand like ladder blocks, but at half the speed of ladders, and if so, mobs will also be able to climb up these blocks the way spiders can for any block.
        Liquids -
        Liquids will flow one less block as far when flowing over a Soul Sand block. This effect is cumulative for each block of Soul Sand the liquid flows over.
        Sand/Gravel -
        Furthermore when a sand or gravel block is placed against a Soul Sand block, the sand or gravel will act as if supported, even if above empty air. If the Soul Sand is removed afterward, the sand and gravel that were placed next to it will not fall unless they, or the block they are on top of, are broken. This will allow the player to build cascading sand/gravel traps more easily.
        Tools -
        Gold, Iron, and Diamond Shovels can mine Soul Sand and the same rate as regular sand. Wood and Stone Shovels mine Soul Sand at the same rate as Diamond Picks do Obsidian. Fists and other tools can break, but cannot mine.
        Soul Sand can be tilled, and is the only way to grow new Gloomwood, but only by a Netherraze Hoe.
        Corruption -
        In the Nether, Sand or Dirt can be corrupted by Soul Sand the same way Cobblestone and Smooth stone can be corrupted by Netherrack. Likewise in the Overworld, Grass blocks can "corrupt" Soul Sand to become a regular Dirt Block (with grass) A radius around an active portal equal to the twice the number of blocks it is tall will be immune to Corruption. This effect extends in a capsule shape around the Portal, both in the Nether and the Overworld.
        Tilling -
        Soul Sand can now be tilled with a Netherraze Hoe.

        Gloom Shards can be planted on the top and bottom of Tilled Soul Sand, and grown into a whole Gloom Tree with the use of bonemeal.
        Tilled Soul Sand will stay Tilled for as long as a planted Gloomwood shard is on top or underneath of it.

      Lava -

        Eruption -
        If lava has an unobstructed path all the way down to bedrock,(only lava, or lava blocks between it and bedrock) and does not have another lava block above it, that lava block will have the ability to destroy any block immediately above it (including obsidian, but not bedrock) and will generate temporary lava blocks directly above it to height equal to 30% of the height of the layer it is on, with a cap preventing it from generating above the ceiling limit. (lava at a height of 9 above bedrock can generate up to 3 temporary lava blocks above it, at height of 90 can generate up to 27 blocks above it, at height of 100, not all 30 temporary blocks will have room to generate and will stop at ceiling level, lava at a height of 3 or lower will not be able to erupt)
        These eruptions occur roughly 0-2 times each day, with the chunk itself determining if, and at what time that, the eruption occurs (so all lava blocks on the same chunk will always erupt at the same time)
        Combustion -
        In the Nether, a lava block is able to set the block above it on fire randomly, provided that block is either empty, Netherrack, or some other flammable block. Embers that Lava produces are no longer purely aesthetic in the Nether, and will actively catch flammable blocks on fire and injure the player. Lava will also give off embers with greater frequency at higher difficulties in the Nether.

      Furnace(Freezer) -

        Fuel -
        If Gloomwood/Gloomshards are used in the fuel slot of a Furnace, the Furnace will Freeze select blocks instead of Smelting. A Gloomwood Log will Freeze as much as 2 Gloomshards (Shards do more per resource, but a stack of 64 Logs will Freeze twice as much as a stack of 64 Shards) However it will generally take 16-32 Gloomshards to Freeze one block.
        Recipes -
        A bucket of Lava can be Frozen into a block of Obsidian (leaving the Empty Bucket in the Input slot of the Furnace), a bucket of Water can be Frozen into an Ice Block(leaving the Empty Bucket in the input slot of the Furnace). This is also a potential method for Ice Cream, if Milk were crafted with several sugar, an egg, and wooden bowls (Resulting in bowls of "cream" and the empty bucket left in the crafting grid) and then the results Frozen. Slime Balls might be frozen to create Small Slimes, and even have the size of the slime based on the number of Slimeballs Frozen at in the same session (will spawn above the Furnace, and the output slot of the Furnace will remain empty)
        Other uses may be added over time.

      Gravel -

        Gravel no longer generates in the Nether.

      Mushrooms -

        Can generate on the side of blocks now, and be placed there, much like torches. This applies to mushrooms growing in the Overworld as well.


      Snowballs -

        Snowfall -
        Throwing a snowball at the top of solid block will place a snow covering on that block, if hitting the side of a non-burning block, the snowball will fall to the block it is above and act as if thrown at that block instead. Throwing snowball at water block will convert just that water block to Ice.
        Crafting -
        Placing a single Ice Block in the crafting grid will generate a single Snow Block.
        Snow Blocks can not be crafted or frozen back into Ice blocks.
        Extinguish -
        Throwing snowball at mob will knockback mob. If the mob is on fire, the Snowball will have 50% chance of putting out fire. If a block is burning, the snowball will have 100% chance to put out fire on the side it hits, and 50% chance to put out fire on all sides of that block.
        If the player is on fire, instead of throwing the snowball, right clicking with the snowball (in hand or sling) will automatically use the snowball on the player directly, with 50% chance of successfully putting out fire.
        Nether -
        In the Nether, snowballs will not place snow coverings or snow blocks or create ice. Anything that the snowball had 100% chance of doing(putting out fire on the same side of a block that the snowball hits) is cut to only 50%, and anything that was 50% chance(putting out fire on mobs and the player, and putting out fire on all sides of blocks) is cut to only 10% chance.

      Minecarts -

        Boating -
        Can be placed in lava to function like a boat. Will eventually burn and be destroyed, much slower speed than boat in water. Minecart will not float back to the surface of water if it goes under, and player will burn if this happens in Lava. When in Lava, the Minecart will slowly start to lose durability for each block of lava it travels over. Once the Minecart's durability runs out, flame animations will appear on the Minecart. (much like when arrows are fired through lava)
        Durability -
        On Easy, if the Minecart loses all of its durability, then the Minecart will not drop a Minecart when broken by the player. On Normal difficulty, the Minecart will break as soon as the player exits the Minecart, and on Hard difficulty, the Minecart will break as soon as its durability runs out. Asbestoskin from the Salamander can be crafted with a Minecart to prevent it from losing durability in lava and injuring the player via heat, but it will no longer be usable as a Minecart on tracks, will not drop a normal Minecart when broken, and still has a chance of burning when broken to an item while still in lava.


      Tunnel Mite - (Credited to Rhinoceroscity) [MODEL NEEDS REVISED TO BE BLOCKIER(fewer limb joints)]

        Tunnel Mites have the same texture as Netherrack. They can be found near clusters of Gloomwood hiding in low light levels. They constantly seek the shadows and have the ability to climb both walls and ceilings. (when climbing walls or ceiling, they wont leave the wall unless attacking) They make no noise except when attacking. They have the same hitbox size as a chicken, but move faster. They can fit through 1x1x1 tunnels and are one of the few Nether Mobs without any resistance to fire. Tunnel Mites will naturally avoid stepping on Fright Bulbs unless the player is standing nearby, in which case they may deliberately walk on a Fright Bulb in order to set it off.
        Spawn: 4-12, Darker areas = more likely to spawn.
        Size: 1hx1lx1w
        Speed: 100% Player speed
        Health: 3
        Damage: 0(only knockback) / .5 / 1 (dropping from the ceiling adds .5 and then doubles the damage they do)
        Drops: Coal/Gloomshards?
        Aggrieves: Anything that is in minimum nether light level (sealed room 2x2 room in nether and no lighting) and that it can reach without exposing itself to a lighting level of 12 or higher. Otherwise will run and try to find shadows to hide in and only attack incidentally, or climb up walls to get to the ceiling, trying to drop on their target from above. If one Tunnel Mite attacks a Mob successfully, other nearby Mites will join in the assault.

      Brand - (Credited to MrTorb) [MODEL NEEDS REVISED TO LOOK BLOCKIER(fewer limb joints)]

        Brands are incredibly fast, and highly mobile, able to climb walls and leap great distances to attack their target. When they choose a target, they will announce it with a loud howl before charging towards their target in random leaps (Brands will not always charge directly at their target, but choose oblique angles until the actual attempt to strike, making them hard to target)
        The most dangerous part of a Brand is that if it moves through fire or lava, it can be set on fire without taking any damage from it, and a Brand that is on fire has a chance of catching its targets on fire as well (if flammable) Rarely, a Brand will even be able to spontaneously catch itself on fire even without the aid of Lava or Fire, but these cases will always have a chance to drop Netherraze instead of their usual drop of Netherrack.
        Spawn: 1
        Size: 2hx1lx1w - 1hx2lx1w
        Speed: 150-200% Player speed (250-300 speed during lunges; 5-10 block long, 1-2 block high jumps)
        Health: 5
        Damage: 3 / 6 / 8
        Drops: Chance to drop Netherraze if it can set itself on Fire. If it can't set itself on fire using lava or existing fire, then it only has a chance to drop Netherrack.
        Aggrieves: Will never attack another Brand. Attacks anything else. Attacks Ghasts only if within range.

      Troll - (Credited to FireHazurd)

        Trolls will attack the player, Salamanders, Zombie Pigmen, and other Trolls on sight, attempting to move in to deliver strong melee attacks. If the player it is attacking receives a direct melee strike from a troll while standing on Netherrack, then that block will be broken (no drop) and the player will be lowered by one block. The same thing will happen to other mobs(except Trolls) attacked directly by a Troll.
        As long as the mob the Troll is targeting is out of range, the Troll will rip Netherrack blocks out of its immediate surroundings and throw them at the player with the same flight speed and trajectory as an arrow. (blocks that miss will drop Netherrack as an item the player can pick up where they hit) It can do this without even needing to pause, and the same motion of hurling the block also counts as a melee attack. The Troll will prioritize blocks that are impeding its ability to move up and forward when deciding which Netherrack blocks to throw, and pull them out of the ground if it's path isn't impeded. If the Troll has no Netherrack within reach, it will not be able to throw projectiles.
        Trolls will take minimal damage from fire and lava, but will never catch on fire. Trolls are immune to knockback(but still take damage) from anything that does less than 3/4/5 points of damage on easy/normal/hard difficulties respectively. What makes a Troll most dangerous is that it can regenerate HP when it is not actively attacking so breaking off an attack to run will allow it to recover as well.
        Spawn: 1
        Size: 2hx2lx3w
        Speed: 110% Player speed.
        Health: 20
        Damage: 4 / 8 /12. Netherrack projectile does 2.5 damage on all difficulties with double standard knockback range.
        Drops: 0-2 Demon Bones, Rare Chance to drop single Iron Ore or Blood Gem instead of Bones.
        Aggrieves: Actively attack Salamanders, Pigmen, and other Trolls. Will knock back Ghast Bombs, but can direct the Ghast bombs at whatever their active target is, even the player. Will throw Netherrack at a Ghast if they manage to be injured by that Ghast's bombs, but will stop if the Ghast moves too far out of range.

      Salamander - (Credited to Firehazurd)

        The Salamander is a large lizard that is immune to fire damage and lava. It uses it's tongue (similarly to the Zombie Pigman's lasso) to pull its targeted mobs towards it, generally trying to drag that mob into lava to kill it. The Salamander can still kill mobs that are immune to burning or lava by dragging them under and drowning them, though this obviously doesn't work on single height blocks. Even then, the Salamander will be biting them once they are within range. Like a Lasso, the Salamander's hold can be broken by doing 2.5 damage to its tongue, which will also deal .5 damage to the salamander. Salamanders will always try to retreat into lava if attacked.
        Salamanders will also attack Netherafts, due to the Salamander's Asbestoskin that it uses. While they wont break it or damage the player, they will latch onto the Netheraft with their tongue and pull it in random directions until the player managed to break their hold on the Netheraft.
        Spawn: 1-3 if in lava, 2-3 if on land (Salamanders never come out of lava unless another Salamander is nearby) Will only Spawn near or in Lava.
        Size: 1hx4lx2w
        Speed: 75% Player Speed on Land, 125% Player Speed in Lava
        Health: 15
        Damage: 2.5 (difficulty level determines range, speed, and pulling power of tongue attack)
        Drops: 25% chance for Blood Gem. 75% chance of dropping Asbestoskin
        Aggrieves: If within Lava, will attack anything within range, trying to drag it into the lava. Otherwise it will only try to attack Gluttons and Zombie Pigmen.

      Spiked Grem - (Credited to Futil)

        A large sheep-like animal that is covered in sharp spikes. It will damage any mob it bumps into (except other Grems) often instigating other non-Grem mobs to attack them. If injured, they will run from whatever last attacked them (which may change as they bump into other mobs which in turn attack them). Due to their immunity to damage from fellow Spiked Grems, they are also completely immune to damage and knockback from arrows (arrows will bounce off, but can be reclaimed)
        Spiked Grems have a unique diet; flames. They will eat any torches, Jackolanterns, and even open flames(extinguishing them in the process) that their path takes them across. A Spiked Grem can extinguish a burning Brand if it comes into contact with it. Logically Grems take no damage from flame blocks or mobs that are on fire, but they can still be injured and set on fire by lava.
        Spawn: 2-5, Higher spawn rate in areas with high concentrations of fire or flames.
        Size: 1.5hx2lx1w
        Speed: Same as Cow or Pig when not running. 100% Player Speed when running.
        Health: 12
        Damage: 1 / 2 / 4
        Drops: 0-2 Flint (only on death)
        Aggrieves: Spiked Grems do not deliberately attack anything, but only damage other Mobs by incidentally bumping into them. Will run from the last mob that injures them.

      Glutton - (Credited to FireHazurd)

        The Glutton is perfectly designed for finding food, and eating it. Though it moves and attacks almost exactly the same as a Zombie, if it attacks the player, it will also use the chance to steal a health recovery item from the player. The item is random, but things like Mushrooms, Eggs, and Buckets of Milk will also have a chance of being taken instead of actual recovery items. Sugar is particularly useful, as a stack of 64 will be treated as separate choices, and will be 64x more likely to be taken as a single sugar. Food and Recovery items in the quickslot will always have a higher chance of being stolen, non-recovery food items in the quickslot do no have a greater chance of being stolen than those in the inventory)
        What makes the glutton most annoying is that it can also steal health recovery items that have been dropped on the ground, as well as cake that has been placed, and all of the items it steals can be used to recover its health. The glutton can store up to 9 items, but will only store recovery items (non-healing items like eggs and sugar are immediately digested and lost). When a Glutton uses a recovery item, the item will appear on its tongue for a moment before it closes its mouth and uses the item to recover. (the Glutton can eat cake directly from item form, without needing to place it) Even if the player has no recovery items to steal, the Glutton will still recover .5 HP each time it injures the player or a mob.
        Gluttons can take damage from fire and lava, but will generally try to stay at least 3 blocks away from them at all times.
        Spawn: 1 - 4
        Size: Same as Cow
        Speed: 100% of player's speed.
        Health: 8
        Damage: 1 / 2 / 3
        Drops: Last item taken from the player that hasn't yet been used by the Glutton to recover health. Otherwise drops 1-2 Bones or Feathers, or sometimes 1 of each.
        Aggrieves: Will attack Tunnel Mites and Spiked Grems. Each attack it makes on a Spiked Grem will also result in the Grem injuring it at the same time, Gluttons will generally kill themselves attempting to take down a Grem on Normal and Hard difficulties, provided they can manage to catch the Grem after its initial attack.

      Netherwurm - (Credited to MrTorb)

        The Netherwurm is a large Maggot-like segmented worm that can move through Lava, Netherrack, Netherraze, and Soul Sand. It does not break these blocks as it moves through them, but when it is moving through solid blocks, the blocks will develop cracks as if being broken. It cannot move through any other types of blocks. It will only attack Gluttons and the Player, prioritizing whichever is closer. If a Netherwurm kills a Glutton (or the player) then it will grow an additional body segment. If a Netherwurm bumps into another Netherwurm, then they will merge into a single Netherwurm of a length equal to both of their lengths combined.
        Each segment of the Netherwurm takes damage separately, and when broken, the segments to either side will become their own Netherwurms of the same length. If a Netherwurm is reduced to a single segment, it will die. A Netherwurm does have one major weakness; if its head runs into one of its own body segments, then all segments of its body will die as a single group. On Normal difficulty, this will only happen if the player can get on the exact opposite side of a body segment from the head of the Netherwurm, and on Hard difficulty, the player would also need to place non-nether blocks to either side of the body segment so that the Netherwurm could not easily find a path around its own body segment to get to the player (the player may also be able to create tunnel traps that would force the Netherwurm to loop back on itself, and then bait the Netherwurm into entering the trap)
        The Netherwurm can raise any of its body segments into the air, as long as at least one of its body segments are either on top of or moving through a solid block. If all segments of the Netherwurm are unsupported, all segments of the Netherwurm will fall and damage from the fall will be applied to the frontmost body segments, until all damage has been distributed.
        Spawn: 1 - 3
        Size: min= 1hx5lx1w, max= 1hx10lx1w, can merge to become even larger.
        Speed: 10% Player Speed per each segment (10 segments = 100%, 20 segments = 200%, etc) when unobstructed by blocks. Moving through a Netherrack or Netherraze block takes the Netherwurm 4x as long as for it to move through empty blocks. Soul Sand takes 8x as long as moving through empty air.
        Health: 2HP for each segment the Netherwurm has.
        Damage: .5 per 5 segments / .5 per 3 segments / .5 per 2 segments (all rounded up)
        Drops: 45% Soul Sand 45% Netherrack, 1% Blood Gem, 9% Netherraze.
        Aggrieves: Will attack Gluttons, or the player on sight, and can grow an extra segment if it successfully kills either. Generally ignores all other mobs and runs from any other mob that injures it, moving underground to get to safety. Will attack Tunnel Mites if attacked by them first, but will not grow from killing them.


      Soul Glass:

        Smelting -

        Soul Glass can be made by Smelting Soul Sand. This process uses twice as much fuel per block, and smelting a single block of Soul Sand takes four times as long as a normal block.
        Features -
        Soul Glass possesses a Blast resistance of 60, making it useful for building structures to withstand explosions while still being able to see the explosion through them. Soul Glass also has the ability to turn Opaque when a redstone current is run through it, though it is transparent by default. Soul Glass can also be crafted with Heavy Bones to make Soul Tools.

      Glowstone Sand:

        Features -

        Glowstone Sand is about half as bright as a full Glowstone block (light level of about 9-12) but has the advantage of dropping a Glowstone sand when broken, allowing the player to place or move it without restrictions. If unsupported, it will fall like sand (its light will go out during the fall and relight on landing, unless moving light is implemented) allowing the player to drop lights into deep caverns to see what is in the bottom.
        Smelting -
        However the most important feature of Glowstone sand is its ability to be smelted into a Glowstone block, allowing players to get a 4:1 return ratio instead of a restrictive 9:1 return ratio when mining Glowstone, but at the cost of extra time and resources spent on the smelting process.

      Netherraze -

        Ore -
        Requires Iron shovel or better to mine, which will return a single Netherraze Ore. Netherraze Ore can be found in any height level of the Nether. On a "per chunk" basis, Netherraze is more common than diamond, but each layer within a chunk of the nether has the same chance of generating Netherraze as the 0-16 layers of the Overworld have to generate Diamond. Netherraze Ore can be Frozen, not Smelted, to convert it into a Netherraze Ingot.

        Burning -
        Netherraze Ore will damage the player as if standing on fire when walked on or hit by hand, with same chances of catching player on fire. Striking it with wooden tools/items will burn those items.
        Netherraze Ore can be used as fuel in a furnace to smelt 16 items at double standard smelting rate, while a Netherraze Ingot can smelt 8 items at double standard smelting rate. Both Ore and Ingot are only stackable to 8.

      Midas Tears - (Credited to jvoorII)

        Flow -
        A Gold Colored liquid that flows farther than water, but will still disappear like water when cut off from its source. The flow from Midas Tears will destroy any substantial (solid) blocks in the path of it's flow, but it will not flow over edges. Midas Tear flow can also be ignited and burn away, but a Midas Tear Source will not ignite.
        Quickslot -
        Midas Tears will change any ore based items that the player has in their quickslot to gold versions of the items if the player touches the block: Diamond and Iron Blocks are changed to Gold Blocks. Diamonds and Iron Ingots are changed to Gold Ingots. Compasses are changed to Watches. Buckets are changed to Gold Buckets, which can carry Midas Tears, but not Lava. Iron and Diamond tools will be replaced with Gold Tools. Any Iron Ore and regenerative items are replaced with Gold Ore, except for Apples, which are replaced with Golden Apples. Minecarts are replaced with 5 Gold Ingots. Iron and Diamond Armor that the player is wearing or has in their quickslots are replaced with Gold versions of those armor. Netherraze and Blood Gem tools will also be converted to Gold versions.
        Non-Inventory -
        Dropping any of these items into Midas Tears will have the same effect as if they were in the player's quickslots, dropping other items into Midas Tears will destroy those items as if in Lava.
        Midas Tears will also damage the player similar to being in Lava, but will not catch the player on fire nor does it count as fire damage. If the player dies while in Midas Tears, then all items will be dropped into the Midas Tears block, and items that can't be converted to gold will be destroyed as if in lava.
        Placed Iron and Diamond Blocks will also be replaced with Gold if they are adjacent to Midas Tears. Minecarts that touch Midas Tears will break, dropping 5 Gold Ingots instead of a Minecart.
        (Stone tools will be replaced with gold tools, and leather armor will be replaced with gold armor ONLY if the Magic Furnace is not implemented. If the Magic Furnace is implemented, then regular furnaces will convert into Magic Furnaces the same way Iron/Diamond blocks convert to Gold Blocks)


      Gloomwood -

        Shadow -
        A Nether Tree which has "leaves" of shadow and requires an Iron Axe or better to mine blocks from. All Gloomwood trees will be generated by the map on top of or on the bottom of a Soul Sand block, though Gloomwood blocks may be placed anywhere once gathered. A Gloomwood block will reduce the light level around it by 9, with the effect weakening the further away from the block it is and stackable with other nearby Gloomwood blocks. Gloomwood that is directly above or below a Soul Sand block, or directly above another Gloomwood that has a Soul Sand directly below it, or directly below another Gloomwood that has Soul Sand directly above it, will not produce Shadows, but will still freeze blocks based on distance.
        Freezing -
        Any water block that has its light level dropped below 10 by Gloomwood, or is within 3 blocks of Gloomwood, will freeze, and will not melt unless the Gloomwood block is removed or its light level is raised above 12.
        Flowers and Saplings will not stay planted if a Gloomwood block is within 4 blocks, or if Gloomwood lowers their light level to less than 8, even if they are outside.
        Fire will be extinguished and Jackolanterns will be reverted to regular Carved Pumpkins if either is subjected to 15 cumulative "negative light" levels, or is directly adjacent to a Gloomwood block.
        Lava will turn to cobblestone if it touches a Gloomwood block in the Overworld, much like touching water. In the Nether, it will convert to Netherrack. A Lava BLOCK will convert to obsidian if it touches a Gloomwood block, but will destroy the Gloomwood block in the process.
        Torches are either extinguished or broken if they are subjected to 14 cumulative "negative light" levels or are within 2 blocks of a Gloomwood block. Glowstone and Glowstone Sand are unaffected other than having their light levels reduced.
        Gloomshards -
        Gloomwood can be crafted into 3 Gloomshards.

        Gloomshards provide the same amount of "shade" as a Gloomwood log, but can only be planted in Tilled Soul Sand, placed anywhere in Soul Sand, and can be activated and deactivated via Buttons, Levers, Pressure Plates and Redstone. Gloomshards are required to craft Netherraze tools. Gloomshards can be crafted in place of torches with Pumpkins to create Gloom Lanterns (which are of course immune to being broken by darkness from other Gloomwood) Gloomshards can grow into a Gloomwood tree only if Bonemeal is used on the planted Gloomshard.
        Gloomshards on Tilled Soul Sand are active by default and can be deactivated by redstone.
        Gloomshards on untilled Soul Sand are inactive by default and can be activated by redstone.

      Deadbrush- (Credit to Zurich Antiock) [Temporary Placeholder Name]
      [Temporary Placeholder Image]
        Features -
        Deadbrush grows wildly near Gloomwood, and randomly around barren patches of Netherrack. Deadbrush will extinguish fire in a 3x3x3 area around it, and also remove any flowing liquids in the area immediately around it. It is the best way to protect a base from the randomly traveling fire or any flowing Midas Tears.
        However, Deadbrush itself can be ignited and burn away without dousing the fire.

      Fright Bulbs - (Credit to Zurich Antiock)

        Features -
        Fright Bulbs are essentially naturally harvested, onion-shaped Grenades. They primarily are found growing like Carrots or turnips in Soul Sand,(does not need to be tilled) with their main body hidden, but their leaves showing on top of the block they're buried in.(custom appearance pressure plate) They are often scattered around Gloomwood Trees, making their telltale leaf pattern difficult to spot. Stepping on the leaves of a Fright Bulb will set it off the same as stepping on a pressure plate placed on top of TNT, but with an explosive radius of 2.
        Gathering -
        Gathering Fright Bulbs requires the Hoe to be used on the leaves, or a Shovel to be used on the block they are on top of. Trying to break either by hand will drop a leafless Fright Bulb, which will blow up(Explosive Power = 2) after only a second. The higher the tier of the Hoe or Shovel used, the higher the chance of getting a placeable Fright Bulb, but just as importantly; the longer the Fright Bulb will take to explode if it drops a leafless bulb. (Diamond has 95% success rate and 5 seconds if failed. Blood Gem has 100% success rate. Gold has only about 25% chance of success, but a leafless bulb will take 10 seconds before it will explode) A Netherraze Hoe or Shovel will instantly detonate the block as if the leaves had been stepped on.
        Using -
        Fright Bulbs cannot be stacked. While holding a Fright Bulb, if the player is targeting a block when they press right click, the Fright Bulb will check if the player is targeting the top of a shovel mineable block. If so, the Fright Bulb will be "planted" placing the leaf "pressure plate" on top of that block. If not, nothing will happen. If the player isn't targeting any blocks at all, then the player will tear off the leaves of the Fright Bulb, activating it, at which point throwing the Fright Bulb roughly 15-25 blocks.
        Notes -
          Fright bulbs may be planted in Grass, but will remove the revert the block to dirt.
          The Fright bulb pressure plate is affected by gravity, and will thus fall with gravel and sand. If the Gravel or Sand block is converted to an item by falling onto a torch or pressure plate, then the Fright Bulb will drop a leafless fright bulb(which will explode) the same way as if it were mined by hand.
          Fight bulbs can be planted in Netherraze Ore BUT pretty much always result in an immediate explosion.
          Fright bulbs that are planted in Soul Sand (in which they are generated naturally by the map) actually take 2 seconds for the explosion to occur instead of exploding immediately. (useful for creating traps that you can run through and have set off on pursuing enemies)

      Mushraves - (Credit to Zurich Antiock)

        Features -
        Mushraves can generate the same way regular Mushrooms do, though only in the Nether. They come in Red, Green, and Blue colors. They produce a light level of 7, of the appropriate hue.
        Crafting -
        Mushraves can be crafted into Rave Gel, similar to mixing dyes, but using the Light color wheel instead of the Pigment color wheel. It uses the same recipe for making Mushroom soup:

        Rave Gel is not stackable, and can be placed directly, and provides Light Level of 11, but can also be used in place of Torches when Crafting Jackolanterns to provide a colored light level of 15. (Colored "Raveolanterns" will still be reverted to Pumpkins by Gloomwood the same way Jackolanterns are)


      Glowstone Lamp -

      A Glowstone Lamp is actually 2 blocks tall, similar to Fences or Doors. Also like Doors, Glowstone Lamps cannot be stacked, but the advantage they have over stand-alone Glowstone Blocks is that they may be picked back up by breaking the "post" section of the block. Breaking the "glowstone" section of the Lamp will drop a single Glowstone dust and a Demon Bone so caution must still be used when breaking them down.
      Glowstone Lamps may only be placed on the floor or ceiling, not on any walls.

      Gold Bucket -

      Can be crafted from gold by replacing the iron ingots recipe for a regular bucket with gold ingots. Cannot pick up Lava, can carry Midas Tears. If an Iron bucket attempts to carry Midas Tears, it will be replaced with a Gold Bucket carrying Midas Tears.

      Netheraft -

      Minecart crafted with Asbestoskin, can survive lava without losing durability.

      Heavy(or Big) Bone -

      Heavy Bones are dropped by some of the larger mobs, like Salamanders and Trolls, while regular bones may be dropped by Gluttons, Brands, Grimhounds, and even Spiked Grems.
      Heavy Bones are the only method of taming a Neutral Grimhound. You can use regular bones on a Grimhound, but it will never tame it, and may even make it hostile towards you if you pester it too often. Heavy bones have nearly 100% success rate when used on regular Wolves. Heavy Bones can be smelted to make Demon(or Blackened) Bones.

      Demon(or Blackened) Bone -

      Heavy Bones are dropped by some of the larger mobs, like Salamanders and Trolls, while regular bones may be dropped by Gluttons, Brands, Grimhounds, and even Spiked Grems.
      Demon Bones cannot be reverted to bones or bonemeal, nor can they be used to tame any wolves or grimhounds. These bones can only be used, and are the only material that can be used, with Blood Gems to create Blood Tools. Demon Bones can be thrown by hand, will travel roughly 10-15 blocks, and will do roughly 2 HP of damage. It has roughly a 25% chance of breaking if it hits a mob, and will otherwise drop to the ground where it can be picked back up. This can be used with Wolves to play fetch. Grimhounds don't do "fetch".

      Portal Compass -

      The Portal Compass points to the location of the last Portal that the Player ARRIVED through, even if it has since been destroyed. This is specific to the player who is holding the compass at the time, so players who came through different portals will see a different direction displayed while holding the same compass.
      The compass is specifically updated when the player has used a Portal to move between the Nether and Overworld, so using an Emergency Port can allow the player to keep from resetting which Portal the compass is pointing to. If the player has not arrived in their current realm through an actual Portal, then a Portal Compass will only spin randomly as if in the Nether.
      Though designed for use in the Nether, it is not entirely immune to the distortion of time and space that causes Compasses and Watches to malfunction in the Nether. The Portal Compass will only point to the Portal in the Nether for one second at a time, with 1-15 seconds of random spinning between. (Alternately, the Portal Compass could be made to only point to the Portal in the Nether if the player is standing on a Non-Nether block)

      Emergency Port -

      The Emergency Port allows the player to have an immediate route to escape from Overworld to Nether, or Nether to Overworld, however no Portal is actually generated at either location. This means that the trip will always be one way and that the player can even wind up trapped in solid rock. Using this method will also keep the Portal Compass from updating the last portal you came through, so this is a must-have item for creating waypoints through the nether to specific locations.
      The item is consumed upon use.

      Blood Gem Tools -

      Blood Gems cannot be found by mining. They can only be obtained as rare drops from specific hard to kill Mobs like Salamanders, Trolls, and Netherwurms, and found in Treasure Chests. Blood Gems cannot be stacked.
      Blood Gem Tools takes normal damage while in the Nether, unlike Overworld tools, which take double, but Blood Gem tool will take double durability damage when used in the Overworld.
      All Blood Gem Tools have Diamond durability when used in the Nether, and count as a standard use when used as weapons.
        Blood Sword -

        Nether Damage = 1.5xDiamond (7.5HP), Overworld/Aether Damage = Diamond (5HP)
        Nether Durability = Diamond in Overworld, Overworld/Aether Durability = Diamond in Nether
        Right click to sacrifice HP to charge next attack (-1HP = +.5 Damage, capped at 12 in Nether and 9.5 in Overworld)
        If player switches to another quickslot or opens inventory, then charge will be lost, BUT bonus damage will only be used on a targeted mob if the standard amount of damage does not kill them, and only leftover damage from the charge can be applied to the next attack. (attacking a glutton only takes 6 damage, which doesn't go over 7.5, so charge remains intact.
        (the "charged damage" is applied in rapid .5 increments, that do no knockback and ignore damage immunity, AFTER the initial attack. As soon as the target mob dies, the charged damage that remains is left for the next attack to use so, provided the player doesn't switch off of the sword or open their inventory)
        Players CAN kill themselves by being greedy and sacrificing all 10HP.

        Blood Axe -

        Nether Damage = 1.5xDiamond (4.5HP), Overworld/Aether Damage = Diamond (3HP)
        Nether Durability = Diamond in Overworld, Overworld/Aether Durability = Diamond in Nether
        Mines all Nether "wood" blocks instantly. Mines other blocks at same speed as Diamond.

        Blood Pickaxe -

        Nether Damage = 1.5xDiamond (rounded to 4HP), Overworld/Aether Damage = Diamond (2.5HP)
        Nether Durability = Diamond in Overworld, Overworld/Aether Durability = Diamond in Nether
        Mines all Nether "stone" blocks instantly and Obsidian in 5 seconds instead of 15. Mines other blocks at same speed as Diamond.

        Blood Shovel -

        Nether Damage = 1.5xDiamond (3HP), Overworld/Aether Damage = Diamond (2HP)
        Nether Durability = Diamond in Overworld, Overworld/Aether Durability = Diamond in Nether
        Breaks all Nether "dirt" blocks instantly. 100% success rate at Mining Fright Bulbs without activating them. Mines other blocks at same speed as Diamond.

        Blood Hoe -

        Nether Damage = 1.5xDiamond (IF hoes do more damage than fists), Overworld/Aether Damage = Diamond
        Nether Durability = Diamond in Overworld, Overworld/Aether Durability = Diamond in Nether
        Returns no seeds if used on grass, but will instantly grow and harvest wheat at any stage beyond the initial grass seed. 100% success rate at Mining Fright Bulbs without activating them.

      Netherraze Tools -
        Raze Sword -

        Damage = Diamond w/ 25% chance to set mob on fire(if flammable)
        Durability in Nether= 2xIron, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Iron.
        Ignites any block or mob when right clicked, returns Cooked Porkchop if used to kill a Pig, and Cactus Green if used on a Cactus.

        Raze Axe -

        Damage = Diamond w/ 20% chance to set mob on fire(if flammable)
        Durability in Nether= 2xIron, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Iron.
        Breaks all wooden blocks instantly, but gets no drops from wood planks. Log blocks and Workbench drop Charcoal, Chest drops 2 Charcoal. Gloomwood drops 3 Gloomshards.

        Raze Pickaxe -

        Damage = Diamond w/ 20% chance to set mob on fire(if flammable)
        Durability in Nether= 2xIron, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Iron.
        Speed = Iron on Overworld Blocks, Diamond on Nether Blocks. (regardless of location)
        Smooth Stone is returned upon mining Stone/Cobblestone/Mossy Cobble. Ingots are returned when mining Iron/Gold Ore. Mining Coal Ore has 50% chance of failing to mine. Cannot mine Obsidian.

        Raze Shovel -

        Damage = Diamond w/ 20% chance to set mob on fire(if flammable)
        Durability in Nether= 2xIron, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Iron.
        Speed = Iron on Overworld Blocks, Diamond on Nether Blocks. (regardless of location)
        Glass is returned when used on Sand, 4 Brick when used on Clay blocks, and Flint when used on Gravel.
        Snow Blocks turn into Water Source blocks when mined, and Snow (Layer) returns nothing.

        Raze Hoe -

        Damage = Diamond w/ 20% chance to set mob on fire(if flammable)
        Only tool capable of tilling Soulsand for Grimwood shard to be planted in. Grass and Wheat that are tilled gives no seeds, dirt that is tilled will take much longer to turn damp from being next to water.

      Soul Glass Tools -
        Soul Sword -

        Damage = Iron, and will cause all mobs hit to move as if walking on slowsand, and if they have any attacks, the interval between attacks will be lengthened by a similar proportion
        Durability in Nether= 2xStone, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Stone.
        Speed = Wood or Gold (whichever is slower) on all blocks regardless of location. When the player clicks to swing, there will be a delay of one second after each click before the tool will be swung.
        Anything that the block or mob drops on breaking or death will automatically be sucked into the player's inventory (and dropped only if the player's inventory is full)

        Soul Axe -

        Damage = Iron, and will cause all mobs hit to move as if walking on slowsand, and if they have any attacks, the interval between attacks will be lengthened by a similar proportion
        Durability in Nether= 2xStone, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Stone.
        Speed = Wood or Gold (whichever is slower) on all blocks regardless of location. When the player clicks to swing, there will be a delay of one second after each click before the tool will be swung.
        Anything that the block or mob drops on breaking or death will automatically be sucked into the player's inventory (and dropped only if the player's inventory is full)

        Soul Pickaxe -

        Damage = Iron, and will cause all mobs hit to move as if walking on slowsand, and if they have any attacks, the interval between attacks will be lengthened by a similar proportion
        Durability in Nether= 2xStone, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Stone.
        Speed = Wood or Gold (whichever is slower) on all blocks regardless of location. When the player clicks to swing, there will be a delay of one second after each click before the tool will be swung.
        Anything that the block or mob drops on breaking or death will automatically be sucked into the player's inventory (and dropped only if the player's inventory is full)

        Soul Shovel -

        Damage = Iron, and will cause all mobs hit to move as if walking on slowsand, and if they have any attacks, the interval between attacks will be lengthened by a similar proportion
        Durability in Nether= 2xStone, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Stone.
        Speed = Wood or Gold (whichever is slower) on all blocks regardless of location. When the player clicks to swing, there will be a delay of one second after each click before the tool will be swung.
        Anything that the block or mob drops on breaking or death will automatically be sucked into the player's inventory (and dropped only if the player's inventory is full)

        Soul Hoe -

        Damage = Iron, and will cause all mobs hit to move as if walking on slowsand, and if they have any attacks, the interval between attacks will be lengthened by a similar proportion
        Durability in Nether= 2xStone, Durability in Overworld/Aether = Stone.
        Speed = Wood or Gold (whichever is slower) on all blocks regardless of location. When the player clicks to swing, there will be a delay of one second after each click before the tool will be swung.
        Anything that the block or mob drops on breaking or death will automatically be sucked into the player's inventory (and dropped only if the player's inventory is full)

    Current Debated Topic -
    What type of Weather, or Natural Disasters should be in the Nether? A fair amount of these suggestions will probably be kicked off if they're too complicated to code, so the simpler the suggestion the more likely it would survive.

    Old topic:
    [size=xx-large][color=#FF0000]These ideas are not yet part of the full proposal. They need to be discussed, tweaked, and balanced, SO ADD YOUR TAKE ON THE SUBJECT[/color][/size]
    [quote=GreyAcumen][quote=sabata2]It was probably next on the list of mobs to make it, but we were already past the agreed upon quota for monsters.
    Plus, it wouldn't have been tameable. Every mob in the Nether is either neutral or out to get you.[/quote]
    Hey, Sabata, I just realized that we have been overlooking a very important "threat" angle here:
    Go ahead, add in the Hellhounds. They always spawn in a pack minimum of 2. Hellhounds are actually Neutral by default, however if a PACK LEADER(slightly larger variant, minimum 1 per pack; more mane? bigger fire? darker color?) targets something, they will also turn hostile towards that target until the pack leader is killed. Once a pack leader dies, they'll turn Neutral,(not friendly) and if you have Demon Bones, you can feed them to the remaining Hell hounds in order to take them on as allies.
    Unlike Wolves, Hellhounds are fickle Allies. the more enemies that a particular Hellhound takes down gives it more experience, and if a Hellhound gets enough Experience, it can grow into a Pack Leader, and can lead the other Hellhounds to rebel and turn hostile towards you again (the chance of a hellhound turning on you when a Pack leader is present is 100% by default. If they are completely happy then that chance can be reduced by up to 25%, and if they are badly injured, then the chance can be reduced by up to a further 25% The best chance they have of not turning is 50%)[/quote]
    [quote=GreyAcumen]I think Hellhounds should need a "fear" meter rather than a happiness meter. Basically if you have personally killed more mobs (hostile mobs worth more) than they have while they are in the party, then they will "fear" you by an appropriate amount, but if they have close to the same kill level as you, or more, then their fear level will decrease. If their fear level gets too low, they will start to occasionally attack you without going hostile. Once they attack, you have a limited amount of time in which to retaliate in order to raise their "fear" level back up. The more damage you do, the more it will fear you, but if you kill it (BEFORE the retaliation period ends) then the other Hellhounds will have their fear levels raised.
    Hellhounds require grilled pork to eat in order to recover health, but if this is given during the retaliation period, then it will lower their fear of you, so you have to weigh carefully if it's more important to have their fear up, or if you need their health up so they don't die if a skirmish starts.[/quote]
    [quote=GreyAcumen][quote=sabata2]Another quesion, if YOUR pack happens by another pack that has a Cerboss, should you lose your pack to the Cerboss' leadership qualities? (To try to handle 2 Cerboss trying to spawn in your group at once)[/quote]Basically, yes. Cerbros don't love you, they fear you. If they think they can get away with it, they'll turn on you. If there are 2 Cerboss, then they should actually start competing with each other, and the Cerbros should remain neutral until they sort out differences.[/quote]

    I would give you guys a Sig image, but I do not have one. Make one for us, and you'll have your image.

    Modding Path - (For those daring enough to try)
    Quote from GreyAcumen

    one thing to keep in mind is that not everything needs to be implemented at once.

    Start out just by updating the Zombie Pigmen and Ghasts, Mushrooms growing on walls, and update Soul Sand to Sticky Soul sand here (then at least it would have SOME sort of useful purpose) Glowstone Sand should also be introduce towards the beginning.

    Then update to let the player use different sized portals, and throw in Portal Compass and Emergency Port, and the ability to melt Obsidian with Lava, and bone tools. This is probably a good place to add in the Gluttons.

    Then update minecarts working in Lava, and updating lava so it can form volcanoes, and update the level generation process to occasionally generate natural volcanoes. Add in the Salamanders and Netherafts shortly after.

    After that, you can throw in the Netherrack that can have its flames move from block to block, along with this, update the snowballs, see about adding in the corruption of blocks, and add in Spiked Grems.

    From here you move onto adding in Gloomwood and Fright Bulbs, along with Tunnel Mites, and the ability to use Gloomwood in furnaces for freezers.

    then you have the stage set to start adding in Netherraze Ore, Demon Bones, Blood Gems, Raze and Blood tools, add in the blight effect on regular tools and also regular plants, throw in the Netherwurm, and possibly the Troll or Brand.

    Then add in Mushraves, Dungeons, and Grimhounds, Midas Tears, Golden Buckets, Deadbrush (or whatever it will be called) and the Troll or Brand if they didn't make the previous update.

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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Okay guys... bad news.

    When Notch went the direction he did, it sapped all interest from Grey.
    Leaving me and yofreke to handle the official mod.

    I haven't seen hide nor hair of yofreke online, and I'm not going to dive into code unless there's an official mod API.

    As such...


    yofreke will likely still update his older mods, and may eventually pick this one back up, but Grey and I have both lost a lot of interest in Minecraft after Notch morphed it.

    I will be closing the poll and editing the OP.

    I thank our supporters who stuck by us, and am sorry I have to let you guys down.
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    posted a message on Nether update: What do YOU think it should include?

    Admittedly this thread was thought up before 1.8 and even 1.7 so a lot is now outdated.

    But of the 2 massive suggestions it's the one that ISN'T a flat out overworld reskin.
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Quote from Phantom129

    Here is an idea get the modders who did the aether mod to make this, and balance it a bit and change,remove,and add things. You hear me kingbodz? DO IT! for the sake of Notch! Do it!

    Honestly, I'd rather not.
    They are talented modders, but their Aether is FAR different from the envisioned Aether.
    And I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to the New Nether.

    Granted such a change would be vastly easier than the Aether since they aren't creating a full fledged terrain generator, but unless they "stuck to the script" I wouldn't want them to work on it.
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Quote from fozzywozzybear
    especially the idea of the troll, a surface creature, in the Nether.

    Because Trolls are obviously real creatures, not mythical in the least, and have a founded history one can look on to prove they live on land with humans.

    All of this content was thought of for both Multi and Solo play.
    You can't make content specifically for Multi because then you either make it too hard, or you're screwing over someone who likes to play Solo only, but wants the full experience.

    That's why Notch hasn't put in any Multi only stuff. (Not counting having people show up on a shared map)

    And when did the forums get Reputation?
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    Quote from Cobalt32

    This is the Aether collaboration. This is one of the most highly praised threads on the forums.

    It still surprises me that there's still people out there that think the Suggestion thread ripped off the Mod thread.
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    posted a message on Improving The Nether
    Quote from Korthos
    but I do not like the New Nether that much because of all the new ores I think we don't need.

    And I LOVE the Nether update suggestion!

    Umm... dude?

    I think you have your threads mixed up. The New Nether only implements ONE Ore (that's mine-able). The Nether Update adds like five...
    Not to mention the Nether Update died a few months back. People just like jumping on it because it's Overworld 2.0
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    I'm glad the High Overlord, and King of the Nether approves.
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Quote from Arkisys »
    Amazing idea! Best nether thread ever. Except the troll. I love that mob and I'd be mad if it was added to the nether, and not the main world.

    You should read it's description again :tongue.gif:

    It acts like The Tank from L4D. I'm pretty sure you WOULDN'T want that in your Overworld.

    Oh right.
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    posted a message on Expanded Inventory - 5 New Equipment Slots
    I... didn't really like anything that was suggested here...

    The only things I did like were those already suggested in the 2x2 thread.

    I don't really want to go into WHY because I've had a long day.
    But I also don't really WANT to have to go into why I don't like them.

    A "Back slot" as a purely accessory based slot, sure, but not like this.
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