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    posted a message on SOS mine-craft veteran in need of help!
    Help guys, I signed up for a mojang account and made a few typos in the email section, I've tried hundreds of different possible flaws to try and log in but none work, of course given that i'm budgeting money I can afford a new account can anbody help? gift code, tips on finding the emai, ANYTHING!? please help!
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    posted a message on Removed thread.
    *Minecraft Name:s79
    Country:United States
    *Do you agree to the rules?:Indeed I do.
    *What attracts you to joining our server?:The fun almost vanilla survival is appealing, single-player is just a bit bland, I hope this is a better experience than my brothers grief-festival of a server.
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    posted a message on 1.2.4 Minecraft Survival Server No Whitelist
    Whitelist me

    IGN: s79
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    posted a message on How do I craft the new items?
    The second one is made with two sandstone slabs on top of each other in a workbench, like making sticks with sandstone slabs instead of wood planks
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    posted a message on Cat don't have falling damage
    It's quite normal for a cat IRL and in minecraft to not get killed from falling, my cat (IRL) fell off of the roof and was fine!
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    posted a message on hi
    you know i doubt anyone experienced in foruming or minecraft would look at a post called hi.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Loading Bar v0.5
    Why sir, do you have the insanity to create loading bar for adventure maps after people download, set up the mad, and oad it up in the first place!
    ಠ_ಠ I disaprove.
    But I must say it is quite cool, and could be used as a timer for challenges or something.
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    posted a message on Mod Code Error Please Help :P
    Its a shame, I wish you didnt have an error and i could mine with raw fishes.
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    posted a message on Half decent minecraft clone discovered!
    So I logged on today and BAM! an advertisement for some game called brick force, it's like Modern warfare 3 and minecraft had a baby, You build a battlefield with blocks and then you battle it out with guns grenades and vehicles, it looks pretty cool and I cant wait for the beta! http://www.brick-force.com/
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    posted a message on birds and bird feeders and fountains and fish and way more.
    Have you ever tried to stop playing minecraft and go outside? God made the mod for you... Science helped him.
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    posted a message on WHY DOESN'T AUDIOMOD WORK FOR ME?!
    Well did you read the complete installation tutorial for mo' creatures, because you have to put the sound files in the resources folder, you should be able to figure this out from a mo' creatures installation tutorial.
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    posted a message on Trapped! Adventure Map
    WOAHHH!!! add pictures.
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    posted a message on price of the tour in Cyprus
    2 things, one you are the worst advertising robot and two, reported.
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    posted a message on Quite an interesting 1.1 discovery and challenge
    So while I was playing around on a super-flat creative world (with structures on) I dicovered that 1, Villages spawn in superflat worlds and 2, There are items in the chests of a blacksmith forge at most villages, thus i have created a challenge concept, Survive (and thrive) off of only resources gained from ransacking villages on a super-flat world, Think it's a good challenge?
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    posted a message on What keeps you interested in minecraft?
    Then don"t play minecraft, spend a week away from video games, go outside, do something fun, after a while you may think of cool things to add to your minecraft world, and then suddenly you have a drive to play minecraft. It works fr me, it may work on you too.
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