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    Quote from namAehT

    i love how everyone thinks Eloraam is a Goddess. any comment on this Elo?

    If she's not a goddess, what kind of celestial creature could she possibly be?
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    Quote from Nikran

    Hey Robinton, what do you think the chances are that one day in the future CC will be optifine compatible?

    When it came to your error log you posted on previous page, what version of forge were you running? I thought IC2 ver 1.43 was restricted to forge 1.2.2. Ended up having to pass up some of the mods I wanted to play with because of sticking to forge 1.2.2 =/

    I'm running forge 1.2.4 with way too many mods(RP2PR4b, BC(latest v2, but tested working with v3), IC2 1.43, EqEx 5.7.3, Thaumcraft, ID Resolver, Optifine, Timber!, Zeppelin, Craftguide, NEI and more) working just fine with nearly all blocks and items crafted from each mod. These are all in their latest versions. You shouldn't have any problems unless you're using some other mod, like Dwarvencraft or Forestry, which I haven't tried yet.

    I don't have the 4096 mod installed because I still have 32 block ids remaining. I just come around here to check on CC progress. :biggrin.gif:
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    For the "Slot xxx is occupied by null" people out there, I have definitively found the cause of your grief.

    When IDResolver makes its list of IDs, the list remains the same no matter which mods you have at the time.

    For instance, I installed BTW and had IDResolver assign it IDs, and it did. BTW worked wonderfully.

    I uninstalled BTW and installed Zeppelin. I now had the "Slot is occupied" error. The "null" part of the error came from BTW blocks being assigned the same ID as the Zeppelin blocks. IDResolver did not see BTW, so it thought that IDs were open, but the IDResolverKnownIDs config file still had the BTW blocks as listed. I deleted the BTW entries from the config file, and the error vanished.

    In fact, upon starting MC after the removal of the BTW entries, IDResolver did not ask to assign Zeppelin IDs. Zeppelin mod was already configured according to in-game options menu.

    Your solution is such: Delete the KnownIDs config file and let IDResolver reassign all of your IDs. This is not recommended since it will most likely corrupt your current saves. You may also do a CTRL+F search of the KnownIDs config file for the mods that conflict. This is more recommended since you keep all non-offending IDs.

    For those of you who will protest that this cannot possibly what is wrong with your installation, I can reproduce and fix this error at will. It is highly unlikely that several problems can cause the exact same error under the exact same circumstances every time, especially since the cause and solution are so simple. Comb through your mods and find out which ones have added or removed IDs over the course of their updates. Find those IDs in your IDResolverKnownIDs config file and remove the conflicts. This will be your only option until ShaRose can fix this through coding(if that is even possible).
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    Quote from ilovekintoki

    Fish fingers and custard?

    Only if you're wearing a bowtie. Bowties are cool.
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    posted a message on No more animals spawning?
    Why is everyone freaking out? Make a chicken farm. It took me a couple hours of collecting eggs from the chickens around my fortress until I got one that hatched, but I now have a running chicken farm that gives me all the eggs, meat and feathers I want. It isn't entirely automated, but it works well.

    In fact, a chicken farm is not only the most efficient food source, but it is impossible to use a bow without one. (Unless you plan on bum-rushing skeletons for their arrows whenever you run out.)
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    posted a message on A Possible Consequence of the New Lighting
    Under the current lighting system, light levels for day and night are handled on the chunk level. You can see this if you have a slow computer or stand(or fly) high enough when day changes to night and vice versa. Each chunk will turn from day to night in a specific progression. Map editors spend a significant portion of their processing on relighting the chunks that have been changed. Simply, the current lighting system is crap which is why Notch is changing it in 1.7.

    The new system uses texture-based lighting with different kinds of light for the sky and for blocks. Skylight changes based on time of day and is handled on the block level. Block lights come from fire, lava, torches and whatever he adds such as the ever mythical lanterns. Each source can have different color lights which provides for some amazing new looks as Notch showed in screenshots recently.

    Now, the possible consequence of this is that the height limit may been removed by this change. The main obstacle for modders when comes to extending the height limit is that nothing outside of the chunks is lit. They would have to change the current lighting engine or the way chunks operate in order to do so. Under the new lighting engine, the light no longer needs to update the 16x16x128 block per chunk to turn from night to day. Blocks receive skylight if they are above ground and don't if they are not. With the chunk no longer a factor, I think the height limit may be removed by this change.
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