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    Progress on the mobs

    Nether blocks ( the netherrack is the black cobbleish looking blocks, soulsand being the segemented rock, and netherbrick structure is shown) (still trying on finding a good design for the glowstone, since I want to make a crystal) Pigmen (aka goblins) Wither Skeleton (which I call Cave Dwellers) Ghast (Beholder)

    I think the soulsand looks a little too much like the netherrack...
    Maybe you could change its color a little?
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    Quote from rarekwiebus

    I support! Squids should say stuff! If you ask me then I'd say squids should be much awesomer in many more ways. They should spew ink, they should have a better moving animation, there should be giant squids.

    Er... I think you may have the wrong thread...

    Anyhoo, onto the OP:
    I think this is a really great idea (I'm an ameteur linguist myself :D) but I was wondering how it would actually be implemented. Would trades be in the new language? Would you find villagers randomly speaking? Could the player talk to villagers? Don't get me wrong- I think this is a great idea, but how would it work?
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    Related to pixel art, but unrelated to MC:
    Any opinions on my new avatar?
    *Inspired by Deyoni!*
    Haha! GIFFED!
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    It looks overly noisy to me, but it's still really neat
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    The new "Redstone Update" seems to have a lot of devices that do different things depending on the strength of the redstone signal, but the problem with that is that it would make redstone designs MUCH less compact. I propose a new device, an "anti-repeater" so to speak. I propose the DEPEATER!

    IN SHORT (For those that don't want to read the entire post)

    The depeater is a new redstone device that can make signals less strong. It has notches similar to a repeater that allow you to say exactly how much to dampen the signal.


    Depeaters' main function is decreasing signal strength. This is achieved in a similar way to repeaters. If you place a depeater in line with redstone, it will detect the incoming signal strength and decrease it a certain amount.

    The amount that the signal is decreased corresponds to the "notch" it's on, also similar to repeaters. you can click it to change the amount to decrease by (one, two, three, or four)

    Depeaters have other useful abilities, too! They can shorten signal length. Just as repeater lengthen the signal by the amount delayed, depeaters will shorten it! Soon, your redstone will be much more compact, as you don't need those sloppy pulse-formers anymore!

    The recipe I've thought up is basically an inverted repeater (didn't see that coming, did you?) Its recipe would be:

    It could be a little confusing, so I'm open to ideas...

    Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and PLEASE post opinions and ideas on what you could make with it!
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    posted a message on Experiment based off of data from the suggestions forum (Joke post)
    Hello, Ryanninjasheep here with some data. I have been observing the suggestion forum's reaction to different stimuli from Jeb/Notch and descovered something simply astonising!

    If the data is confusing, it basically shows the bump in Wither, Creeper, and Ender-related posts, and amazingly, the huge jumps happen when they're released! You may be confused as to why this matters, but I really don't care.

    You may also wonder why the jumps only happen with the Wither, Creeper, and Ender, but have no fear, DATA IS HERE!

    I have found out through extensive research that the suffix "er" has mind-controlling properties. If Jeb were to release a new mob called the Erererer RIGHT NOW, the suggestions forum would EXPLODE with posts!

    You might argue the amount of posts is related to the interesting-ness of the mobs, but then why didn't people care about chickens? Anyway, to prove you wrong, I will make a new post in the suggestions forum. I propose the:

    Teh endwithcreep iz a new guy that haz a bazillion Hearts and can pick up entire chunks and throw them at you] and if you look at it youll get wither and all of your armr will go away and it cAN SPAWN CREEPers and endrmen and wither skeletors and if you die from it it will destroy yr save]
    thx by1

    If this post recieves negative responses, I will know for sure that the addition of ER will make anyone love it...

    Thank you for reading this, bye!
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] modPLC or "Wireless Redstone on Crack" [new crafting!]
    Wow! seems really cool!
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    posted a message on Cogs of the machine v0.1.4pre1: Back in action !
    Wow... surprised nobody posted on this. Seems like a cool mod to use!
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    posted a message on Revolution in Piston Mechanics: Cars, Infinite memory, Piston Robots and More!
    you could do an improved piston tape with levers on top of blocks instead of glass
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    The multi-block storage is a really good idea!
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