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    posted a message on New MindCrack/HermitCraft style Vanilla Minecraft Server, NEW MAP and recruiting new members
    Age: 15
    In game name: rustydawgt
    Do you use Skype?: yes, it is !rustydogt _ or rustydogt
    Rate your building skill (1-10): 6 But I can live under ground, Im good at the inside stuff :)
    How many hours can you play per week?: depends on school load, but I have no life sooooo 20 hours if I really enjoy it :)
    Do you work well with other players?: yes firebrand
    Why do you want to join?: My freind dubz told me about it and I have been looking for an SMP to join.
    Do you want to record the server for your own you tube channel?: Yes I would love to record on it for youtube.
    The link to my youtube channel is www.youtube.com/user/rustydawgt
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