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    Hey There Minecrafters
    Welcome To |EPiC| Minecraft

    This Is Our New Minecraft Server Its Up 24-7
    |EPiC| Is A Pretty Awesome Team

    Server Has Shops, PLugins, Jails, Arenas, Chest Lock Just to Name A Couple Cool Little Things :) And If You Need AnyHelp Just Ask One Of Our |EPiC| Admins

    Server Is Up 24-7 So Feel Free To Join Anytime We Would Love To See Ya There
    Server Ip Is

    See You Soon :)
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    Hey Guys,
    This Is my minecraft server, Its Fun, nice admins, free range building, protection mod, many other helpful plugins, and lots of nice members on server, server is up 24\7 , Australian server,
    hope you join and if you do bet you will love it :)


    server I.p - sorry about I.p Change

    Youtube video -

    new youtube video will be released soon as this one is a few weeks old and lots more has been built :)
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