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    posted a message on [1.4.4/1.4.5] Stevebirds v2.0: Now with Creeperbirds, Zombiebirds, Enderbirds, and more! Check it out!
    You probably clicked on this thread thinking what the hell is a Stevebird? You'd be right to have this thought, too, because it doesn't make much sense. But hey, welcome to the thread.

    **As of v2, a command has been added for spawning the mobs. Look in the Q and A below for more about it, but please stop asking for spawn eggs!**

    If a bird dies when you're nearby, it will be a troll and drop some items you can't pick up. If it dies nowhere near you, you will be able to pick up all of the items.

    What's new in version two?
    *Added new way to kill Stevebirds (Sneak, then right click to mount them for an easy vantage point)
    *Added Enderbird
    *Added Creeperbird
    *Added Zombiebird
    *Added Skelebird
    *Added Spiderbird
    *Added Squidbird
    *Added Pigbird
    *Increased performance
    *Balanced spawn rates
    *Made blood more plentiful >:]
    *Made particles prettier
    *Added a command for spawning the mobs (E.g /birdspawn steve)
    *Mobs sometimes take damage when they crash into blocks.
    *Skelebirds can ride Spiderbirds
    *Mob combat implemented

    RUNS FINE WITH FORGE (Pointed out by Naao. Thanks man!)

    Q. These mobs are hard to kill! Is there an easier way?!
    A. Why, yes, there is! If you right click on a stevebird while sneaking, you will jump onto its back, and you'll be able to kill is easily.

    Q. How do I spawn the mobs?
    A. Well, there's a command as of v2 that allows you to do just that! Type /birdspawn ingame, and it will give you instructions to spawn the mobs, as well as a list of them.

    Q. What does this mod do?
    A. It adds lots of new mobs that have special abilities, but in essence, they're derped out flying versions of vanilla mobs. There are some pictures below, and some mob bios just here:

    Explodes on impact with target (instant explosion, slightly smaller than normal creeper). Drops gunpowder and tnt.

    Fires arrows, slightly faster than a normal skeleton. Drops bones and skulls.

    Allows nearby skelebirds to mount it. Drops string and spider eyes.

    Turns into a pigzombiebird upon entering the nether. Drops rotten flesh and skulls.

    Teleports around. Drops ender pearls and ender eyes.

    The original mob! Is targeted by all flying mobs. Drops potatoes and baked potatoes.

    It's a goddamn freakin' flyin' flailin' pig. Drops porkchops and cooked porkchops.

    I went a little overboard. Drops ink sacs and bones.

    This mod adds one new mob: The Stevebird. He flies around and flaps his limbs about, breaking blocks he smacks into with incredible avian force. The mob does one heart of damage when it touches you, but doesn't actually track you down. He flies about aimlessly. If he happens to go inside a block of water, he'll explode. If you kill one of these majestic beasts, it will fly around, bleeding, in a panic state. It will throw potatoes at you while in this state, and rarely, some useful materials such as diamonds, emeralds, or gold. He may also throw baked potatoes.

    Each mob has its own drops now, but they all have the chance to do the following rare drops.
    Diamond (<1%)
    Gold ingot (<1%)
    Emerald (<1%)

    !Note! Most of the videos show the old version, the one that included ONLY Stevebirds!

    ALTERNATE LANGUAGE: (Don't ask me what it is... Sounds European though.)

    Others will be added soon.


    Some Stevebirds flying
    Some more stevebirds flying about majestically

    A stevebird dying

    A stevebird after death

    PigZombie bird



    Creeperbird and Zombiebird







    *Added Enderbird
    *Added Creeperbird
    *Added Zombiebird
    *Added Skelebird
    *Added Spiderbird
    *Added Squidbird
    *Added Pigbird
    *Increased performance
    *Balanced spawn rates
    *Made blood more plentiful >:]
    *Made particles prettier
    *Added a command for spawning the mobs (E.g /birdspawn steve)
    *Mobs sometimes take damage when they crash into blocks.
    *Skelebirds can ride Spiderbirds
    *Mob combat implemented

    *Initial release

    1. Download and install ModLoader as Risugami directs
    2. Drop this mod into your mods folder
    3. Enjoy!

    Why you should get this:
    *You will be able to witness the gracious creatures in their natural environment/s.
    *Um potatoes.
    *It's hilarious to see them fly around.

    *It helps me!
    *You can save the Stevebirds from evil bird mobs.

    Whether you love this, or you hate it, I would really, really love for you to leave a comment. It really is an incredibly helping hand.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4/1.4.5] Stevebirds v2.0: Now with Creeperbirds, Zombiebirds, Enderbirds, and more! Check it out!
    Update coming soon. Will include more mobs such as zombie birds, homing creeper birds, endercopters, and more.

    The update will also increase performance, and give you a better way to kill the mobs. If I end up doing it, then at night the evil birds will land on the ground and appear to be ordinary mobs. Also, as a final thing, mob birds will attack stevebirds, and actually track them. They will also tea k and attack you.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4/1.4.5] Stevebirds v2.0: Now with Creeperbirds, Zombiebirds, Enderbirds, and more! Check it out!
    I'm about to go to sleep, but have fun everyone! I'll reply to everything in the morning, and thanks to anyone who downloads my mod!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] Minesiri: Have fun with your chatbox. (Commands, and fun stuff!)
    Minesiri for Minecraft 1.4.2!

    Hello! Greetings!

    Welcome to this thread. Enjoy your stay, and thanks for clicking with us.

    This mod lets you execute many new commands to Minecraft, and adds some new achievements to go with them. Upon executing commands, the console will respond with a quirky message as if replying to your chat message.

    If you want to make a video, PLEASE, by all means, do it. I love videos.

    All suggestions/criticisms are welcome, too!

    The only commands you'll need to know is:


    If you use the /helpme command, it lists all of the working commands. (There are some others implemented, but they don't work as intended, and don't get listed. They are displayed at the bottom of this thread).

    Just to give you a rough idea, here are what some of the commands do:

    Party: Throws you a surprise party!
    AOE: Applies the specified effect to the specified mobs in the specified radius. (E.g. /aoe mountup all 100)
    Boom: Creates an explosion at your position, harming everything but you. (E.g. /boom 10)
    Share: Shares your server to LAN.
    Spawn: Returns you to your spawn point.
    Setspawn: Sets your spawn point.

    Here are a couple of pictures (There aren't many, because it's hard to take pictures of commands :3):


    How to install:
    1. Download modloader.
    2. Install modloader like it tells you to.
    3. Put my mod's .zip file inside the mods folder in your .minecraft directory.
    4. You're done!

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    posted a message on [v0.2] Elementicraft- Elementals, quests, new biomes, weapons, hours of content, and MUCH more!
    Quote from junweizhu

    There are enough elementals I think. Also, since you're using the communication block to talk to gods(do you? I can only make this up from the posts), wouldn't it be more logical for it to shape it like some kind of altar? Also, do the different elementals attack their opposite kind? I haven't tried the mod yet so I don't know how it all works.(waiting for your 1.3.2 release)

    It might look nicer if you can make the fire elemental biome look more volcanic(if you know what I mean) with their blocks randomly setting themselves on fire. I don't know how long this will take, but it'll make the mod look a lot more nicer

    In case of water biome, I think it would look better if water(ocean, river, lakes etc) plays a bigger role in it. Maybe have their houses surrounded with water? And make the water elementals able to walk on top of water?

    I'm probably giving you ideas you've already thought of, so I'll just wait until version 0.3 is coming out.
    You can take these ideas or ignore them if you want, I merely provide you ideas on how to make it look a lot better.

    It looks quite good though, I can't wait to see your update.

    I didn't know anyone still cared about this :P

    I wasn't going to update it, but i will.

    Thanks for the kickstart :)

    Your ideas have been processed, and I like them! A few of them will definitely be implemented.
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    posted a message on [v0.2] Elementicraft- Elementals, quests, new biomes, weapons, hours of content, and MUCH more!

    Quick download [See more downloads below]
    Automatic Mod Installer [Made by Skydaz (Thanks!)]

    *This mod works great with the 'Wedge world generator'. You can make the cool biome generation even cooler!*

    What is Elementicraft, and what does it do?
    Elementicraft is a mod that adds house-building, war-waging elementals, quests, small pet dragons, weapons, biomes, and loads more elemental-style fantasy aspects to the game. Read on to discover more!

    Leaving a reply really does make a difference. I don't want this mod to die quickly, I feel like it has the capability to go on for a while longer, so please, leave a reply!

    v0.2- Fixed the bug where some mobs could kill you in creative.
    Also fixed a bug where the Soul Warden wouldn't ambush you properly. (Oh and, if you're sneaking, he won't ambush you)

    v0.1- Initial release


    Videos would be greatly appreciated, no need to ask!


    None so far.

    Upcoming features:
    1. Dragons functioning as controllable mounts.
    2. More structures.
    3. More quests.
    4. More blocks and items in general.
    5. Whatever you guys suggest me! LEAVE A SUGGESTION FOR AN UPDATE! [As long as it's sensible]

    Quick FAQ

    Why won't my elemental dragon follow me?
    He's probably in stay mode. Right click him. OR you could be on a different account. Dragons only know you by name.

    What happens when my dragon dies?
    You can ressurect it by blocking for a while with any sword.

    How do I start the quest chain?
    You have to make a Communication Channel. See the 'Guide to quests' below.

    How do I get elemental souls?
    Use an 'Elemental soul chamber' on the elemental whose soul you wish to steal . Crafting recipes are below.

    Item and block list with stats

    Misc. Blocks and Items

    *Note* Whirling zephyr, Eternal ember, Enchanted droplet, and Earthen chunk (The name has glitched, it's calling itself 'Elemental soul chamber'. It looks like an earthen chunk, though) are the elemental souls you get from using the soul chamber on an elemental *Note*.

    [Item]Sentry core fragment- Obtained when you beat a sentry to the point where its core smashes.

    [Item]Soul chamber- Used to obtain an elemental's soul, allowing you to move it elsewhere, or even use it in a crafting recipe.

    [Item]Occult insignia- Functions as a measurement of how many cultists you've killed for the first quest.

    [Item]Occult veteran insignia-The same as an ordinary insignia, but harder to obtain, and are more valuable.

    [Item]War banner- Places a war banner that begins the fourth quest.

    [Item]Hero's emblem- Signifies that you're a hero!

    [Item]Vial of rot- A vial of toxic, poisonous rot. Obtained by right clicking Curserot with a glass bottle.

    [Block]Infernal stone- When mobs walk over this block, they have a chance to catch fire. Must be mined with a wooden pickaxe or higher.

    [Block]Communication channel (Quest block)- Used to communicate with the elemental gods, and get tasks from them.

    [Block]Coralsand- When mobs walk over this block, they have a chance to be extinguished.

    [Block]Reefstone- Mainly used as a building material. Must be mined with a wooden pickaxe or higher.

    [Block]Cloud- An extremely soft block that breaks in less than a second. Has a small chance to launch mobs into the air.

    [Block]Cloudbrick- Slightly harder to break than cloud. Mainly used as a building material.

    [Block]Suspicious egg- Can be ******* into a ****** ;D.


    [Mushroom]Curserot- When a mob falls onto the mushroom, it gets poisoned. When walking through them, it wont.

    [Flower]Cinderbloom- When a mob falls onto the flower, it's set alight. When walking through them, it wont.

    [Biological]Darkfathom tendril- The tentacle can grasp mobs that walk on them.

    [Adv. Flower]Stormglow- When a mob falls onto the flower, it's struck with lightning. When walking through them, it wont.


    Molten battleaxe- Sets mobs that you hit alight, and if they're immune to fire, they will no longer be. When you right click with it, it creates an explosion.

    Coral saber- Extinguishes mobs that you hit, and when you right click, you extinguish yourself.

    Toxic spear- Poisons mobs you hit, and has an extremely high attack rate. Great for killing mobs quickly.

    Stormhammer- Launches any mobs you hit into the air. If you right click, you are launched into the air, but if you're sneaking, you eject from battle also.

    Guide to mobs


    Fire elemental-
    If a fire elemental is burning, it will leave a trail of fire on the ground. It will also set you alight if you collide with it. Upon getting wet, either from rain or water, the fire elemental will die. When they die, a fire elemental will drop a fire resistance potion, allowing the slayer to combat other fire elementals more easily. Occasionally plant Cinderbloom. Builds houses from netherbrick and glowstone. Build watchtowers from netherfence and netherbrick.

    Water elemental-
    A water elemental will die instantly if set alight. Usually opens combat with the throwing of a damage-dealing white cube. If you're touched by a water elemental, it will distort your vision and render you almost useless in combat for a short period of time - keep your distance. They build houses from reefstone and coralsand, and build watchtowers from fenceposts and reefstone. Occasionally place tendrils.

    Air elemental-
    An air elemental will sit upon a small cloud at all times, allowing it to fall slowly, and without pain. The air elemental will also spend most of its time in the air, because it bounces into the air about two meters when it touches the ground. They build houses from cloudbrick, and build watchtowers from cloud AND cloudbrick. Occasionally plant Stormglow. Drops weakness on death.

    Earth elemental-
    An earth elemental will trap the player in webs and poison them. They also have extra health, and are quite a dangerous foe. They build houses from wood, and from planks. They build watchtowers from fenceposts and wood.


    Dragon overview-
    A dragon can be obtained by completing the quest chain, but you can only get one. You can ressurect them by blocking with a sword until the particle effect stops, if they die. They have a stay mode and a follow/attack mode, you can toggle this by right clicking them. At night time, they shrink down to a much smaller size than they are at day time. And they're so cute!

    Air drake/dragon-
    A white dragon that grants speed and jump-height for a short amount of time when touched.[Great for travel]

    Earth drake/dragon-
    A green dragon that heals you when touched. Does less damage. On right clicking this drake, it can turn dirt into grass, turn tallgrass into TWO seeds with no chance of failure, turn sugarcane into TWO pieces of sugar, and turn ONE seed into TWO wheat instantly! [Great for increasing your farming output and efficiency]

    Fire drake/dragon-
    A red dragon that can cook your food (Right click it with raw meat), and does extra damage. [Great for hunting and cooking food]

    Water drake/dragon-
    A blue dragon that can stop you from drowning when touched. Can also freeze water from a bucket, and give you an endless supply of water when you right click it with an empty bucket. [Great for creating water in the Nether, and having a portable infinite water source]


    Cultist- Dressed in black robes, wearing the face of a blood-weeping creeper. Cultists will avoid TNT that's about to explode, and will also avoid arrows. They can be smart, but they can also be dumb. Their speed varies. Cultists have sought to vanquish the elementals for thousands of years... Can you stop them? Drops Occult insignia.

    Cult sentry- Like a cultist, only much larger, and not biological. Drops Occult veteran insignia.

    Guide to crafting

    Molten battleaxe [The grey square is cinderbloom]

    Coral saber [The grey square is a Darkfathom tendril]

    Stormhammer [The grey squares are Stormglow]

    Toxic spear

    Sentry core fragments [Alternative method]

    Soul chamber

    Cloud brick

    Communication channel I

    Guide to biomes

    Water biome-
    Made up of coralsand, inhabited by water elementals, and invaded at night by fire elementals.

    Fire biome-
    Made up of infernal stone, inhabited by fire elementals, and invaded at night by water elementals.

    Earth biome-
    Made up of grass and dirt, filled with giant birch trees, poison mushrooms, and hundreds of flowers. Inhabited by earth elementals, and invaded at night by air elementals.

    Air biome-
    Made up of cloud, inhabited by air elementals, and invaded at night by earth elementals.

    Forlorn wastes-
    Made up of clay, inhabited by cultists (And their sentries). You will also find ordinary sentries here, from which you can get core fragments. A very dangerous place.

    Guide to quests

    Create the first Communication Channel (Quest block), and interact with it. It will give you a task. When you complete that, you'll get the next communication channel, and so on. When you complete the quest chain, you will get a Suspicious egg...


    *These pictures have been edited with Paint.net to make them look a little nicer*

    Download and installation

    1. Download ModLoader
    2. Download Elementicraft
    3. Drag the files from both mods into your minecraft.jar
    4. Delete META-INF
    5. Run Minecraft and enjoy! (Make a new world if possible, you won't have to look as far for the biomes.)

    Elementicraft (Preferred)
    Elementicraft (Alternate/direct)

    Modloader: http://www.minecraft...ything-updated/

    Extra info

    This mod took me like two weeks to finish, and it was my first time using ModLoader. I think it turned out quite well!

    It means so much to me that you're looking into this mod, and it'd make me even happier if you downloaded it.

    I love when people take interest in my stuff, so if you have any questions or anything, leave a reply!

    Thanks everyone! <3

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    posted a message on [v0.2] Elementicraft- Elementals, quests, new biomes, weapons, hours of content, and MUCH more!
    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to let you know that leaving a reply here means the world to me. It helps keep the mod alive, and makes me want to continue development :)
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    posted a message on [v0.2] Elementicraft- Elementals, quests, new biomes, weapons, hours of content, and MUCH more!

    I would highly advise using Minecraft Forge for any future updates...

    Noted. I'll look into it.
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    posted a message on [v0.2] Elementicraft- Elementals, quests, new biomes, weapons, hours of content, and MUCH more!
    Quote from piplupalx

    Add a Cat Dragon that transforms as a cat and lets you ride it, going faster than a normal dragon just on land

    Looks awesome

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Minejockey- More types of jockeys, new jockey logic, ability to ride ANY mob.

    Minejockey adds new types of jockeys to the game, and they're much more frequent. It also lets you ride any mob that you please.

    You can mount creatures by holding shift and right clicking them. You dismount the same way.

    Here's the jockey logic:

    In vanilla, a spider jockey is created when a skeleton and a spider collide.

    With this mod, jockeys will occur randomly throughout your world - and quite often, too!
    You can get jockeys with up to 5 participants.

    Creatures can only spawn a mount/jockey every login session.

    Here's the logic on random jockey creation:

    Skeleton- May spawn a creeper as a mount.

    Creeper- May spawn a enderman or spider as a mount. (If a creeper spawns a spider, it will also spawn a blaze underneath the spider)

    Enderman- May spawn an enderbeast (new mob) as a mount.

    Pigzombie- May spawn a magmacube or a slime to replace its head. Also spawns a cavespider as a mount.

    Zombie- May spawn a cavespider as a mount.

    Sheep, cow, mooshroom, pig- May spawn Steve as a rider.

    Chicken- May spawn baby Steve as a rider.

    Ocelot- May spawn a jungle pygmy as a rider.

    Wolf- May spawn a snowman as a rider.

    Cavespider- May spawn a pigzombie as a rider.

    Ghast- May spawn a giant as a mount.

    Villager- Spawns a pig mount.

    Squid- Spawns a villager rider.

    (There may be a few more, I can't really remember :P )

    Note- You can use skeletons as a gunpowder/string/blazerod/enderpearl farm. Be clever. You can make other types of farms, too.

    Pictures (They do a great job of explaining)


    Latest Download

    1.0- Initial release.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the mod!

    -AdamSorry for the crappy-looking post. I had to do it quickly.
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