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    posted a message on [ADV] Fall of Kingdoms (12w05a and up) 1 to 3 players

    first map by rrgg

    no specific texture pack needed

    More Dispensers,
    No endlessly respawning monsters

    Two years after finding himself alone and in the middle of nowhere, Minecraft Man has successfully survived and made his way back to civilization. Unfortunately, with no friends, no family, and still no memory of his past, times have been tough. He now works as a merchant, peddling the many exotic resources he has picked up on his travels.

    While visiting the peaceful kingdom of Narwick, he spends a night at the inn at the tiny hamlet of Deep Creek. Little does Minecraft Man know that he is closing his eyes on the eve of a great conflict.

    -No breaking or placing blocks unless told
    -No crafting unless told
    -No Looting dispensers
    -You must play on Easy, normal, or hard

    1-3 players (probably, I never tested it on multiplayer, if you get lost look for the pillar of sand.)

    Complete map without cheating = 1 point

    This is my very first adventure map. I didn't have any help and used no mods other than a gametype changer.

    Please report any problems you experience.

    DOWNLOAD v1.1


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    posted a message on My Experience with Enchanting
    This is information that might have already been posted and or eventually turn into a rambling rant about how enchanting is currently broken but I'm gonna go ahead.

    (me with a full set of enchanted everything a little under an hour after starting a new map,)

    In order to enchant most effectively I've come up with a couple of simple rules:
    1. Try not to hoard too much XP, spend often
    2. Never spend more than 1 point on each enchantment (all that time growing reeds and making bookselves? yeah you probably won't need them)
    3. If you decide to break rules 1 and 2 then go big or go home, spend everything you have on one enchantment. If you can only do this on diamond things that won't break quickly.

    The first thing you need to know about experience is that each level you get above number zero becomes exponentially more valuable, but at the enchanting table they are each worth the same. Having lots of experience is like flashing your cash to a really slimy salesman. "That's a lot of cash you have there little Timmy, you say you want to buy 10 candy bars? Well too bad, because they cost $10 each now."
    According to the wiki moving from level 0 to level 1 costs 7 experience orbs, meanwhile moving from level 20 to level 21 costs 77! You don't want to go there only to be randomly given some lame enchantments for something that will break soon anyways.

    However, on the other end of the equation 7 experience orbs is practically nothing (2 monsters?) and even the weakest enchantments in the game will improve anything you have by 15-20% which is what you really want in a game where everything is temporary.
    See that iron sword I have? That has a "sharpness I" enchantment (the one you almost always get from enchanting weapons) meaning it does 3.5-4.5 hearts of base damage. For comparison that diamond sword I could have made instead of an enchantment table would only do 3.5 hearts. So yes, my iron is now equal to or better than diamonds. Especially important is the bow, spending 1 experience point will most likely get you the "Power I enchantment," this means that your bow will only take 2 hits to kill rather than three and you won't believe how much of a difference this makes.

    "But spending more points on an enchantment means I'll get something better right?"
    Ha ha, not really at all.

    One of the big reasons enchantments are so random is this: Item enchantability
    (Check the minecraft wiki)
    Material Armor enchantability Sword/Tool enchantability
    Wood N/A 15
    Leather 15 N/A
    Stone N/A 5
    Iron 9 14
    Chain 12 N/A
    Diamond 10 10
    Gold 25 22

    Hrmm, hitting space just now posted everything early

    What it means is that you get to add a random number to how many XP levels you spend depending on the material of what you're enchanting.

    So for instance, spending 1 point to enchant a wooden sword will produce an enchantment worth anything from 2-16 points.
    This means that gold, wood, leather, and even iron have a pretty good chance of getting tier II or even multiple enchantments!

    Here's a bit of fun math, you could spend 10 xp levels on one wooden sword for an equivalent cost of 225 orbs, or you could enchant 20 different wooden swords one at a time for an equivalent cost of 140 orbs. And there's still a very high chance that at least one of them will have a much better enchantment then what you got spending many orbs at once.

    In conclusion, having experience become more expensive exponentially is lame and its currently much better to enchant everything you have for cheap than one item at a massive cost.
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    posted a message on Zombies smashing doors

    Solution: Don't make ever so stupid looking dirt block entryways.

    That's not a solution, that's just you completely ignoring the point.

    From a practicality standpoint it doesn't take that much more effort to use a block of dirt, wool, or other material as a makeshift door, the only reason players spend 6 blocks of wood to make a proper door is for aesthetic reasons.

    Making it so zombies can break down wooden doors would be like making it so creepers randomly explode near your house if you put up any paintings.
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    posted a message on Does Anyone Else Think Villagers Opening Iron Doors was a Little Shortsighted?
    Recently I was working on an adventure map and decided to plop down some villagers to liven up the town I'd created. A half hour later I came back to discover they were opening iron doors which couldn't be opened, closing iron doors which needed to stay open, and one of them had chosen the building full of explosives as his new home.
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    posted a message on Gold Ingots/Pieces
    I think it should probably be 4 gold nuggets make an ingot rather than 9
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    posted a message on 1.8 Made Minecraft too Easy
    Unfortunately no, it didn't. Minecraft has always been easy to play, even on hard. The game doesn't even have a goal.

    Making minecraft more difficult has always been about simply finding better challenges for yourself.
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