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    In the Java Edition of the game, you can minimize the application or go to another virtual desktop without the app getting suspended.
    However, in the Bedrock Edition, there's the problem that the UWP gets suspended. The problem is that you will get kicked from servers after a very short amount of time.

    My idea is that you have the setting "Suspend after" with a dropdown menu:
    - no delay
    - 5 seconds


    - 10 minutes

    - never

    - custom amount of seconds

    Another option would be to set it to seconds/ticks (unsigned short):
    0 - 65535 s (= ~18.2 days)
    0 - 65535 ticks (= ~21.8 hours)

    I think this would be a great update and I would appreciate it!

    Greetings, RD4.

    I think the dropdown menu is the best.
    Everyone who reads this: Please comment on what you suggest!

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