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    I am creating a map for Minecraft 1.14.4 and I am currently looking for ideas to make my map longer. What I mean with this is challenges the player must complete in order to complete the map.

    My map is called "[SIM]" and it is about test subject 1783 (you). The player is told that the world is in misery and pain because a evil demon has taken over the world. He has killed and enslaved many villagers. Professor Marie Curie has created [SIM] to test people if they have potential to kill the demon. So [SIM] takes you into a simulation in which you are tested. When the player has completed all the test they will be told they have potential to kill the demon and they will go to the Nether and kill the demon in an epic final boss battle.

    I need ideas to "test" the player. So I need ideas for challenges. I am capable of doing very much so come at me with those ideas!

    The world is a super-flat world but I can make an normal looking forest or desert or pretty much any biome, so that is not a problem.

    Please help me by posting your ideas below. Thanks!

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