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Hi! I'm roxieraven327 ! You might see me around the forum poking my nose into the mod section as I LOVE lots of different mods! I tend to run shy or friendly on the forums sometimes as I'm either posting on a thread the first time (shy) or expressing my love of a mod (friendly) or asking something (varies)....a lot of times tho when im shy and typing up some kind of question i will end up deleting it as I dont want to upset the Modder. Yes I care about people who I will probably most likely never meet ^.^ something wrong with trying to lift their moods if they are upset or down or something like that? :P

I'm not good with redstone.....I can work it somewhat but doing crazy awesome things is no :(

I have a private mod pack but eventually I'll have a public mod list (no money making links on my end tho the modder's are a different story with some) seeing as with a mod pack you get the mod of a certain update whereas if i do a list you can get the mod at it's most updated version at that time therefore to me a list is better :P hey maybe I'll start a trend with it XD yeah I dont think that will happen

I like to do textures. I'm not all that good but I'm learning to get better :P eventually I want to be able to submit textures to mods and texture pack people XD I just got to learn how to do mod textures :/ Have you ever used a texture pack and like 50 different mods with different textures? Talk about not okay in my book XD


Mods, Textures that arent all over the place, My baby girl <3, BABY ANIMALS :D

Location America

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Skype you only get this in a pm after a few talks :P