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    posted a message on Making Obsidian Decoratable.
    What do the bricks look like? Do they have purple borders? Are the stairs made of bricks?
    Quote from Tintedwreck

    Well, i made it simple so the creative minds of other people could wander and extend the thread. Seeing you dont want to go into creative detail on your own and help extend it here you go:

    Crafting recipes could be

    - 4 obsidian in a square to create obsidian brick, just as you would with stone to turn it into stone brick.
    - Obsidian slabs would be 3 obsidian blocks in a row in the crafting table like any other slabs(That one should be common sense)
    - Obsidian stairs made the same way as stairs with any other block
    You could list more possibilities if you can think of any more.

    And, as for people who ALWAYS say in suggestion posts, "DO we need it"? NO... the point is to add to the game and give suggestions, i gave a suggestion where if it was added to the game it would add ONLY decorative value nothing more nothing less!

    In the forums, the OP is supposed to write out all the details and leave nothing to the reader.
    Anyway, this would be quite nice. +1
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    posted a message on How do you kill all mobs in your map?
    If you're building on superflat, make it peaceful; and desert, redstone ready, or any setting that doesn't have grass.
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    posted a message on Complete the Stone family !
    I support this, but only for the newest stones (granite, andesite, etc.).
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    posted a message on Half Slabs, Sideways!
    Quote from ChadGarion25
    They are functionally the same. The 1/8ths block mod existed so you could make upside down slabs, right side up slabs, sideways slabs, corner stairs, furniture, etc. It's not all the same blocks, but the reason Notch and Jeb are against the 1/8th blocks mod apply to sideways slabs. They want to keep most of Minecraft in a block world. Sideways slabs deviates from that objective.

    These are NOT QUARTER BLOCKS! These are slabs, oriented differently.
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    posted a message on FidVille [CREATIVE] [FREEBUILD] [NO PLOTS] [ANTI-LAG] [ANTI-GRIEF]
    The_Fulgurator. You know the drill.
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    posted a message on New Varients of Stone Bricks
    This would be amazing. I like how Mojang added new blocks, but the polished versions don't tile well, and this would resolve that issue. Now, we can have a castl-ey material without always being gray. Full Support!
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    posted a message on Can someone explain to me why people don't like 1.7?
    I personally thought it was one of the best updates in history. I must not be seeing something.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED]
    Age: 12

    Skype(Required): round.ninja

    Timezone/Country: Pacific Standard Time

    Position You Are Applying For: Builder

    Hunger Games Knowledge: All 3 books, both movies, saw Catching Fire twice

    Where would you prefer to work?: Wherever you need it

    Minecraft Experience: 1.4 Alpha

    Example of Building Work: Can't find it (awesome cabin, Thai church)

    Your Skills and Strengths\ Why should we accept you?:
    I have a good architectural sense for medium-sized buildings and a good knowledge of palettes, contrast, and texture
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    posted a message on Why I think River Biomes need to be Removed
    Quote from EnderCreeper168

    And what would happen when such a river crosses from one biome to another? It would suddenly change color and vegetation!
    No support.
    Theriver biome stands out since it IS different from its surroundings. It's suppossed to look different.

    So you want a boring eyesore instead of interesting and unique rivers?
    Also, yes, it would change. I don't see the issue.
    Quote from Retic

    By any chance do you have screenshots? I do support all except for the Desert, Jungles sound super weird near a Desert.

    It wouldn't really be a jungle, just a small ring of grass and bushes. I just think this could be a bit of a remedy to the issue of rare jungles, and this is probably fairly accurate.
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    posted a message on Why I think River Biomes need to be Removed
    Sometimes, in the middle of some biomes, there will be a river. I like the idea of rivers with the sugarcane, and an easy access to water. But my problem with rivers is the ugly ring of bluish grass around them. I think that river biomes should be removed.

    Instead, each biome should have its own type of river. A plains river would be similar to our current rivers. A Jungle or Desert river is surrounded by bright green grass and bushes. A Snow Plains river is frozen. A mountain river is littered with blocks of stone and gravel. The point is that every biome would have its own river, instead of our ugly one-size-fits-all.

    In the case of a river dividing multiple biomes, each side would have its respective river. Here's a list of river types:

    Snowy Biomes: Top layer frozen, blueish-green grass
    Extreme Hills (+, m, m+): Littered with stones and ice above y95, blueish-green grass
    Taiga: Occasional ice blocks, blueish-green grass
    Mega Taiga: Edge and bottom have occasional mossy cobblestone, blueish-green grass
    Plains and Savannah: Double-Tall grass and plains-colored grass
    Forest: Smaller, bushes and flowers at edge with forest grass
    Swamp: Lily pads and trees in the river, high concentration of flowers at edge, dark green grass.
    Jungle and Desert: Jungle bushes and small trees at edge, jungle grass
    Birch Forest: Tall grass and birch grass
    Roofed Forest: Dark water, higher concentration of flowers and grass at edge. Roofed forest grass
    Mesa: Turquoise water, red sand

    I feel that these changes would make exploring much more unique and interesting. :steve_wink:
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    posted a message on Amazing Forest Seed
    I don't know how, but if someone could use the seed and get some I would be very pleased.
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    posted a message on Amazing Forest Seed
    This is a seed I discovered when messing around. It has taiga, mega taiga, ice spikes, and some forests near spawn. Make sure to make the world Amplified for full effect.

    Seed: thepicardsongjean-lucpica
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: The_Fulgurator

    Where did you hear about the server: Minecraft Forum news

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging:
    Shut up and deal with it (not you).
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    posted a message on VERY long bridge - does it need supporting?
    I'm glad you asked this before freaking out about it collapsing and using more resources than you need.
    But people generally like to put supports because it irks people if the bridge seems to stand up without help
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    posted a message on What makes a bad minecraft server: Your thoughts
    64 DIAMONDS!
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