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    posted a message on Pretty New Minecraft Server Looking for Applications [Vanilla | Whitelist | 1.14.1]
    • MC username - rotarycorpse
    • Age - 26
    • Location - UK / GMT
    • How active you'll be - As active as I can be.
    • Why you would like to join - playing minecraft by yourself is pretty boring tbh.
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    posted a message on Adventure Craft! A vanilla server with a few tweaks. No mods.

    1. IGN (must be exact) - rotarycorpse

    2. Age - 26

    3. Location or Time Zone - UK / GMT

    4. Time of day you are most likely to be playing - Mostly evenings, sometimes during the day.

    5. Discord name and 4 digit # - rotaryorphan #5293

    6. What is your favorite block to use in building? Probs stone and redstone, even though I've forgotten how to use it.

    7. What are your hopes for future Minecraft releases? I have no idea, honestly.

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    posted a message on Corpus Craft - [ 1.14.3 ] [ Vanilla+ Survival & Community ] Mature 18+

    Applied on discord server & here.

    Age: 26

    In-game Name: rotarycorpse
    Preferred Name: Ruby
    Location and Timezone: GMT / UK
    What are some of your goals for this server: to basically have fun, make new friends and be able to learn new skills in the process.
    Tell us a little about yourself: oh gosh, I hate this part. Even when interviews happen, it's still the worst. But I'll try. So, so I've been playing this since 2015, I've watched and helped tons of different servers in my past and after taking a massive break (my degree got in the way), I've decided to come back and playing alone is boring when your boyfriend chooses destiny over mine craft.

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    posted a message on 1.14.1 Mature Vanilla Community Server *NEW* (Whitelisted | Discord | SMP)
    IGN: rotarycorpse
    Age: 26
    Discord: rotaryorphan #5293
    Country/Timezone: UK / GMT
    Name(optional): UK
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I'm honestly the worst about this, I'm still crap at it when I get this question in interviews. I've been playing since 2015.
    I've joined countless of servers through out my years on here and watched them grow into beautiful things and then watched them crash down because people had to move on with their life. I enjoy playing survival but playing it alone can be quite boring, especially when my partner plays more destiny that he does with anything else. I enjoy playing and bulding, I'm pretty bad at pvp, I'm 100% sure I'll fall into a hole or down a cavern at one point in game, or maybe a few times, who knows. I enjoy having fun, and being friendly with other people. I try and help as much as I can.
    Why do you want to join IvicarusMC SMP?:
    Since coming back to MC, I've been looking for more to people with, you can only play so much MC by yourself as I said as my partner enjoys to be destiny, I might aswell start enjoying something again.
    I do prefer playing with adults on a vanilla server, and I enjoy being a relaxed environment where I'm able to feel comfortable but know that there a few rules for me to feel safe enough to play.
    Have you ever been banned before? If so, Why?: No
    What do you think will be the best part about joining our community?:
    As it'll be a massive fresh start for me, but like, being able to play with other people would be the best part.
    What will you bring to our community?:
    A friendly, outgoing person. I try and make friends with anyone, I also try and make other people laugh.
    I'm really relaxed when it comes to playing minecraft.
    What is your favourite thing about Minecraft?:
    Being able to have freedom when building, it doesn't have to always be the same thing over and over again.
    Every day I like to practice my builds and learn new techniques from other players.
    Do you have any suggestions in regards to the server?:
    Not yet.
    How much time do you expect to spend playing on the server?
    As much time as I can. I work 25 hours a week, but because of summer, my hours are going down as I work in a college.
    Anything else you want to tell us?:
    Thank you.
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    posted a message on 🔥1.14.1 - Vanilla - SMP - Whitelisted - Discord

    Applied :)

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    posted a message on SERVER START UP | 1.14 | White listed | Vanilla | SMP

    IGN: rotarycorpse

    How old are you?: 26 years old.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Since I was 16, I've been and off for a while but after talking to my current partner and how he has a destiny obsession, I should get back into something I've missed playing. Plus, if I enjoy the server, my partner may apply to join.

    Do you think you'll be active in the server?: I used to be very active in past servers, so I know I'll be active in this.

    Discord?: I've used discord in the past but I'll have to make a new account for it.

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