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    posted a message on 🍻🔥RonaCraft 🔥🍻 - ⚔️1.16.1 JAVA SMP⚔️ ⛏️Cave Update⛏️

    IP: ronacraft.us.to

    Discord: https://discord.gg/au4QDhq

    Version: Java 1.16.1

    The server is hosted in Chicago. (Average ping is 15-25ms for central USA players)

    TPS is at a consistently at 19.96-20

    Why join?

    • Hard difficulty
    • A custom cave update
    • Pets
    • Timber! Which has a custom realistic animation
    • Unique mobs
    • Factions
    • Unique Skyblock
    • Playtime & Vote Rewards
    • Chest & inventory sorting
    • Resource world (/rw tp)
    • Custom Achievements
    • 300 Quests
    • GUI for all features/commands
    • Silk touch spawners
    • No 1.9 Item cooldown(1.8 style combat)
    • No OP items and no OP enchantments
    • No world border
    • Periodic events (Weekdays & Weekends)
    • Custom Unique Skyblock!


    Caves are no longer boring, they have unique structures, generation, and mobs that generate within.

    Strange ambient sounds and music will play at certain depths when mining

    Caves will age over time (Growing Vines, mushrooms, other small features, and collapsing)

    Exclusive mobs that spawn at only certain depths

    Dust clouds can hurt you if you are too close

    ** There might be some jumpscares **


    Do not be a bent knob - Use common sense

    Do not grief senselessly - griefing/raiding is allowed just not to an anarchal degree. Have fun pls

    Do not ask/beg for a rank, staff, op or anything else in that nature

    Do not use any hacks, cheats, scripts, or resource packs that give an unfair advantage

    Do not abuse any exploits or glitches

    IP: ronacraft.us.to

    Discord: https://discord.gg/au4QDhq

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