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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi

    yes i'm sorry ... last 2 years were crazy and i didn't really play minecraft in the last year...

    If anyone is interested in taking over ...

    someone really interested in taking over i might give my old code and full acces to git-repo where i startet to recode (not much) ...

    I'd like to have an eye over it and the option to have an influence ... but i can't promise any big help...

    AND i want the mod in good hands so please have good references

    at the moment best way to contact me is via reddit: http://www.reddit.com/user/romibi/

    (Because for some reason the E-Mail notifications here don't always work for me...)

    If nobody contacts me I might perhaps try to update it in about 2 months (but its unlikely)

    but if there aren't any news consider this mod dead ... :(

    It's sad but there are more important things than modding and minecraft

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Just noticed that there is now a 1.7.10 forge version...
    In about 4-6 weeks (after the more important exams) i'll try to find time to update it...

    Perhaps i'll do a 1.6.4 but 1.7.10 has priority (and the exams even more)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Quote from Thunder_Nova
    seems the German sites are having troubles, can't see the pic nor I can download. Would you like to use alternative websites as well (us, canadian, or/and other alternative)?

    The image-hosting-site closed. I'll have to re-upload the image.
    About the downloads: I'll have to check what's up with my File-Server..
    At least the Dropbox-Mirror should work...
    Quote from bearbear12345
    [...]To those others who need a link to the listings: >>CLICK HERE<<
    Please do not use Ad-Fly on others work! (Edit: Thanks for removing the Adfly-Part from the link)
    Can you please update it to 1.6.4 soon? Thanks.
    I won't make a 1.6.4 Version. (Doesn't the 1.6.2 Version work on 1.6.4?)
    Quote from Red_Ozone
    This mod was amazing when I used it before. Will it be coming back for 1.7.4 and future versions?

    Yes. I'm waiting for Forge 1.7.4 (Not making a 1.7.2 Version. Mojang used a OpenGL feature for the streaming which I used for the cam.)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Dude!!! Can you update to 1.6.4? It released 3 days before this!

    Dude!!! Not 3 days before your post. About 8 Days...
    I'll update it someday ... but:
    a) I also have to learn stuff for school (college/university, don't know the right word...)
    b ) I didn't expect another 1.6 update
    c) This Minecraft update isn't that important except near to the official 1.7 update ...
    (you just have to visit each structure like netherfortress/witchhut once in 1.6.4 before 1.7)
    d) Did you accidental update? No problem: downgrade is simple since the new launcher...
    e) Do you wan't to play on a 1.6.4 server with my mod... ...sorry you'll have to wait...
    ...but i'm in the same position! So as soon as i have time i'll update it)
    f) There are a lot of Modders who don't like to get asked about updates...

    Quote from finalshadw
    does buddycam 1.5.2c work wit forge? just wondering cause last time I went a week trying to figure out why it wasn't working for me lol

    Yes it should work...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Try to find out if you did something wrong with this video:
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Quote from kingofants

    I cant download it , your server is down or something , I click the link , google chrome starts the page loading thing and then never finishes, other browsers don't work either and your mirror isnt updated to 1.6.2

    Yea Server was down... Had to reboot it. Thanks for the hint.
    But in the mirror the mod is available. I changed the name-layout so it's at the top...
    But I'll reorganize the mirror so it's more likely to find...
    Quote from MineHippie

    I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. I only read the OP page and this page (8).

    Have you considered adding a placeable entity to view from? You know like a camera system? Cause that would be sweet.

    Again, sorry if this has been asked already.

    No it wasn't asked yet. Yes I considered it but NO i won't do it. At least not in this mod.

    Nortrix0 is trying to remake the CCTV-Mod which would do that and as long as he hasn't given up I don't think about doing the same...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Any Chat-Mod installed?
    Tabby-Chat for example isn't compatible at the moment...
    I'll make an up to date tutorial-video soon...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    The Pet-Cams are only temporarily (at the moment)... ...so if you made a Pet-Cam and restart minecraft it will be gone...
    ...Player-Cam's shouldn't delete itself...
    If you tried to make a Player-Cam and the edit and remove screens buttons are greyed out you did something wrong...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Not really. Not as an official feature. At least not yet.
    It's not possible to detect clientside if you are admin without communication with the server, which means i'll have to make a server-mod...
    ...I've never made a server-mod so this will take some time.

    If you really need this and you are an admin you could try to analyze the way buddycam detects if there is a confirmation...
    ...there are two ways (which are quite similar to each other) to trick the mod into thinking you received a confirmation.
    One of them I'll fix with the next version (because of privacy reasons) and the other one is only available to OP's...
    But if I talk about it before I fix the other one... ...anyone would have an easy guess for the not-limited-to-op's one...

    But I would recommend to use the Bukkit plugin "VanishNoPacket" to spy as an admin on players...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    On the first post:
    Quote from romibi
    Licence & Credits
    Feel free to use this mod in your mod-pack and/or youtube-video, but please link to this Thread. (For Modpacks: The Link which should appear in the modlist in the forge-menu is enough but an additional link on the modpack-page would be nice...)
    A message in this Thread would be nice but not necessary.

    So: Yes...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    Quote from varleyja

    From what I've found, this is triggered by optifine. I'm not sure if this is a know issue or not.
    Thanks for that tipp... ...if i find time i'll test for a difference in frequency with and without optifine...

    [...]I wonder if it will work with LiteLoader though ... :mellow:

    LiteLoader and Forge are compatible with each other so I guess yes...

    Quote from Nerdboy040
    Quote from hjaj
    does your friend have to download it too?


    Quote from Hunter_K13

    No, they don't. Did you even read the main post?

    Nerdboy040 why do you even reply to such an old post ... with an assumption.

    Quote from MasTer_BlasT3rz

    I'm on 1.5.2 and i cant see the screen, it doesn't even appear, i tried it on a creeper aswell and still nothing...

    Am i doing something wrong or is this normal?

    Generally (e.g. Creeper-Screen but also for every other Mob/Player-Screen):
    • Did you try to press the key you defined to toggle the visibility of the screen? (If defined...)
    • Did you successfully create the screen? Did the message "Added new Screen for: Creeper" appear?
      • If not you probably forgot to define the screen-region for it... and pressed "Back" instead of "Save"...
      • If you saw that message you did perhaps select "No" at "Visible per Default" and forgot to set/press the Keybinding-Key...
    • Is the Creeper (or the Player) in range (ca 140 blocks)? If not the screen won't appear...
    About Player-Screens:
    The other Player has send you (in chat, normal or with /tell) "!bca" for the screen to appear...
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    posted a message on TabbyChat v1.10.00 - SMP Chat Overhaul
    At the moment it's without the surrounding brackets ... but I tried both ...
    As I said: at the moment all works fine if I don't select "All Tabs" under the "Send matches to tab" setting...
    But as soon as i select that and there is a match everything (Mobs, Chat, Sound, etc) freezes and with the next click into the Minecraft-Window a message like "Java™ Platform SE binary doesn't respond anymore" shows up...

    About the whitespace: no ingame it's not there...
    I forgot about the code-tabs here in the forum and without them and without the whitespace it would look like this:
    romibi(?!(:|2))|romibi2(?! :)

    My current Filter: (Name: "Getting Mentioned")
    "Hilight matches" checked, Color "Gold", Format "Bold",
    "Audio notification" checked, Sound "Pling"
    (rest empty/unchekced)

    When I check "Send matches to tab" and enter a Tab Name, everything still works...
    But as soon as I check "All tabs" the problem occurs... (With and without a name in the Tab-Name...)

    I don't think it has anything to do with the Expression. I think it's a bug or just incompatible with the Forge-Version or the Servers i'm using...
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    posted a message on TabbyChat v1.10.00 - SMP Chat Overhaul
    Quote from BAI1

    Does it work normally if you send it to it's own named tab? And also, what expression are you using? If I can try recreate it here then I'll have a better understanding on whether it's a bug or not.

    Also, I don't think any other mods would have caused the behaviour you described.

    First I tried simple plain "romibi" as Expression.. ..at that point as soon as I wrote something Minecraft didn't react anymore (note: romibi is my nick)...
    At that point I assumed that i did something wrong with the Expression so experimented with it...
    E.g. to "romibi(?!(:|2))|romibi2(?!: )" ...
    Only two behaviours i got were: no hilighting or non reacting Minecraft...
    At the same time my Friends-Filter ("(Swissforce1|shaninchen)") worked fine (which doesn't send to all tab but to the "Friends"-Tab) so i experimented with the other settings and as soon as I deactivated "All Tabs" it worked...
    Quote from Colinowww

    It all works perfectly fine, thank you so much dude.
    One more thing but you probably won't be able to help, so this is aimed at mainly The Developer of this mod: Sometimes when I type the 'o' the menu pops up (the one where you can set all your filters, etc), and I basicly cannot say any word with the 'o' in it. Really annoying, and I don't know how to fix it. Sometimes it just goes away and comes back later.

    Especially on Mac Minecraft has at the moment a bug where the cmd and/or alt and/or ctrl (and i think sometimes even shift) keys get "sticky" ... noticable for example when using some Inventory shortcuts ...
    I don't know if it's a Minecraft, a LWJGL or a Java-Bug but if something like this happens I just press all (cmd, alt, ctrl & shift) each after the other once and the problem is gone... ...at least for a while...
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    posted a message on TabbyChat v1.10.00 - SMP Chat Overhaul
    Minecraft doesn't react anymore if i use "Send matches to tab" with "All tabs" and it finds a match...
    I'm using Forge 819 ... uninstalled all other mods and still same behaviour...
    Tested on cube-nation.de and on a private bukkit-server with only World-Edit installed...
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BuddyCam Minecraft-Mod by romibi
    After the problems I had with modloader for 1.6
    and considering the programming advantages I have with forge
    and also considering that nearly every modloader-mod should work with forge:

    No I won't support modloader anymore...

    The 1.5 and earlier Versions are compatible with modloader and forge... (except the few versions with a forge crash-bug)
    From 1.6 upwards i'll work with Forge.

    It's easier for me and if you want to install a Modloader-Mod together with Buddycam: just use forge instead of modloader. That should normally work without problems.

    (And personally: Since Inventory Tweaks needs Forge, I have to install Forge in my own MC-Installation anyways...)
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