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    Just played _Krose_'es map, excellent job. Was really well balanced and, although it felt a bit easy, I did find it really fun. Excited to start three_two's map shortly.

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    The Adventures of Walter Williams
    Level Selection / Shopping / Quests / Mini-Games
    Created by rolocarn...
    Basic Synopsis:
    You will play as Walter Williams through seven
    levels, a bonus stage, several interesting shops,
    side-quests and more! Test your skill at the
    Coffee House Mini-games, or try to conquer all
    by collecting all of the trophies in the trophy room!
    The Adventures of Walter Williams | Created by rolocarn
    Level Selection | Shopping | Quests | Mini-Games
    Beginning Story Line:
    Year 1596, The English Renaissance.
    Walter Williams, popular author and scientist of his time, wakes up,
    with little to no memories of what happened the night before, in a jail cell.
    Perhaps, in his drunken state, he had committed a crime. (Or perhaps not...)
    Confused and infuriated, as he is, he attempts his escape... Perhaps the Queen will
    see clear logic declare Walters innocence. Perhaps not...
    But when Walter finds the king, through his own interesting ways,
    an odd and horrifying scene awaits him.
    The Queen is dead.
    This is a zipped file, use your preferred unzipper to
    unzip it and place it in your saves folder. This folder
    is located inside the .minecraft folder, which can be
    accessed by going to Resource Packs and clicking
    "Open Resource Pack Folder". I use OneDrive so
    you can download, just click the file and download it.
    Screen Shots:
    Screen Shots Coming Soon
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