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    Quote from Captain_Juan

    C'mon Mr. Ty can't you be a little bit more original?
    Uhm excuse me I have been original. No more of this mainstream bumping. Smashing from Roll from now on.
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    Ingame name: rollener

    Do you use Skype? (If you're accepted, private message us your name): Yes

    Age: 14, turning 15 in 2 months.

    Country: Australia

    What do you like most about minecraft and multiplayer: I love the creativity you can just loose yourself in, and in multiplayer you can loose yourself with others, so that just adds to the fun.

    What is your favorite block: Any type of log - it looks cool and your whole minecraft adventure starts with it.

    Have you been in any other servers? If so, why did you leave: Yeah, I've been in plenty of other servers. I've left for a few reasons - the community wasn't the best or the server shut down.

    What kind of minecrafter are you: I love to play through the game at my own pace, enjoying the little things and the company of others.

    What kind of builds do you make: I mainly just build houses, towers, fireplaces, docks and walls.

    How long have you been playing minecraft: I have been playing Minecraft for around 2 years now.

    How active will you be (approx): Right now it's my school holidays, so for the next few weeks, maybe 3-5 hours a day. During school days around 1-2 hours.

    How do you deal with social conflict: I try to reason with whoever has started the conflict, and if that doesn't work I try to stop the conflict by appealing to a higher power.

    Why do you want to join this server in particular: I like the sound of it, and the massive application shows me that only the people that REALLY want to be here will be here.

    Do you watch any minecraft channels? If so, who is your favorite: I watch a fair few - The Yogscast, JeromeASF, TheSyndicateProject. My favourite would have to be BlueXephos (Lewis and Simon of the Yogscast). They really got me hooked on minecraft and their channel with their survival and Shadow of Israphel series, as well as their mod reviews and modded survival series.

    Tell me about yourself: I'm friendly, witty and generally a nice person to be around. I like all sorts of minecraft gametypes, as well as all sorts of different people and buildings in minecraft.

    Tell me a funny joke: Justin Bieber.
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    Some suggestions for the obscene block -
    There is a distinct lack of food in this block, maybe have brown mushrooms in the farm as well?
    Storage? Maybe enderchests or a bank mod?
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