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    Hello, i want to show my mod "TwitchPlay" when you use this mod, your twitch viewers can select troll actions or help you! (Note: Do backup of your world, this mod can grief)

    Download: https://github.com/rodel77/MinecraftTwitchPlays/releases/latest

    How to use it:

    Open TwitchPlays connect menu with P (You can change it in controls) > Then just write your twitch channel name and click in connect button > Now in chat you will see "Connected to {channel} channel!" (Congrats you connect to your channel)

    Then wait to the next vote round

    And here is the vote overlay, your followers go to get 3 random options (!1, !2, !3) just wait the timer, and the option with more votes go to be executed!

    Current Actions:

    • Poison: Get poison effect for 10 seconds
    • Wither: Spawn a "Twitchither" (Despawn on next vote round)
    • Thunder: Start the rain (Ends on next vote round)
    • Diamond: Get a diamond
    • Invert Mouse: Invert the mouse axis
    • Get upside down: Active "flip" shader
    • Firework Powered: Get get powered up

    Planed things:

    • More actions (You can suggest more actions!)
    • Better overlay
    • Messages on twitch
    • Change RodelBot to MinecraftTwitchPlays

    Please report any error/suggestion there or https://github.com/rodel77/MinecraftTwitchPlays/issues

    Cheers rodel77!

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