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    posted a message on Why is everyone beginning to move to NeoForge and how do you even make your own mod compiler?

    Oh. Well, it makes partial sense that someone would fork an entire mod loader/compiler over a rude, incompetent and hateful person who just so happens to own the company in the first place. My question is: Why are they so childish?

    It is simply a miracle that this hasn't happened sooner, now that I have seen the reasoning behind this huge change.

    The confusion still lingers, however. How did Forge even get to this point if the owner was such a childish jerk this entire time? How come they can't just replace the owner with a more suitable and more sensible one? I might go and ask them these questions just out of curiosity.

    Thanks for answering my question, by the way.

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    posted a message on No More Magic! - An alternative ending without the use of magic.

    Hey you guys! I was just wondering if there was a way to remove magic completely from the main gaming path of Minecraft, and instead make it almost like a progressive 'primitive-to-futuristic' type of game where you can evolve and have an opportunity to *learn* about magic as an *option* and not required to complete the game.

    For example:

    - Instead of the usual mobs being Creepers, Skeletons, Endermen, and these other fantasy creatures, let's replace them with more realistic dangers like Bears, Tigers, Lions, Bulls, and possibly some alien-species to make it more exciting *without the use of Magic.* And instead of knowing what mob they are, how about the user goes in with little-to-no knowledge of the creatures at first? Then, as they play, and possibly die multiple times, they will progressively know each mob as they 'evolve'.

    - Instead of having to go to 'the End' to finish the game, how about this alternative?:

    - Once the player gets technologically advanced enough and has enough resources, they can fly to a rogue planet named 'Endyragon' and

    conquer the planet in an epic fight with an alien overlord named 'Lufitch' who has been sending the alien species down to earth as the player has been playing all along (PLOT TWIST :OO). Upon defeating 'Lufitch', you are immediately given a Bible, which unlocks another ending to the game. This isn't 'magic', per se, it is simply Spiritual.

    I know that the entire 'Lufitch has been sending the aliens down all along' shtick would mean that some of the mobs would have to be imposter mobs, meaning that these mobs would basically be like the normal Minecraft mobs but very flawed. The examples are given below. (Yes, sometimes I customize minecraft mobs, but I do not have the space on my device to really do much with it, like make this mod on my own or really get into Java. They were made in Tynker by the way since I would like to post this quickly.)

    What I'm basically saying is: Could there be an alternative ending to Minecraft? Perhaps like the things mentioned in this post? And is it possible?

    If anyone would like to make this vision possible with me or any thoughts on this, please let me know. Thanks!


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    posted a message on Why is everyone beginning to move to NeoForge and how do you even make your own mod compiler?

    Hello! I am a new user of the Minecraft Forum, who has been playing Minecraft ever since the PS3 Edition. Ever since then, I've evolved to PC Java edition and know almost everything to know about Minecraft. However, I don't know much about the newer versions of Minecraft. Especially this new variant of Forge.

    Forge has been around for an understandably long time, as it's one of the most well-known mod loaders known to the PC side of Minecraft, aside from Fabric. Recently, there has been something else called 'NeoForge', and all of my favorite mods are moving to NeoForge instead of the usual Forge loader. This change, although seemingly good, is not on my part.

    Why? Well, to be frank, I don't understand why everyone is moving to 'NeoForge' when there's already Fabric and probably other lesser-known mod loaders which might be easier and simpler to use. Yes, I have read on a preview of a Reddit post since I cannot access the website directly through the device I'm using due to pre-added regulators, that Forge is probably going to be discontinued soon because they are moving to a different platform. I have no idea what else they may be doing, but what I do know is that people are moving to NeoForge.

    Another reason why I don't understand why people are migrating to NeoForge is because most of the mods that I use with NeoForge don't even register as valid .jar files. Maybe this is because I'm using TLauncher to play Minecraft. This is only because when I had migrated to my Microsoft account, I was hit with a paywall to re-buy Minecraft entirely. And because when I had looked for help on the Minecraft FAQ, I found no help. I also like using TLauncher because TLauncher shows Real-Time Debug information and also has a one-click install system for various mods, which most of them are my favorite.

    So, again, I don't understand why modders are even moving to NeoForge, and why Forge is even moving to a different platform in the first place. I also don't understand why people won't move to Fabric, and I really wonder what the future will hold for modded Minecraft. Someone please tell me what's goin' on...

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