About Me

Hi, hola, こにちは, Salut! (I don't know much spanish, japanese, or French. Do not be fooled.)

My name is Robyn!

I would like to learn how to make mods, as I have a lot of ideas and an itch for creation.


I like the colors green and pink. These two colors are the most prevalent ones to appear in any of my casual builds.

I am not religious, but I really like the Bible and Jesus Christ. I'm sad to see that many people don't read it and, therefore, aren't edified.

Because I like the Bible and Jesus Christ, and also I really love creation, I also love Our Creator because He created us and is loving enough to not smite us all right at this moment.

I also enjoy Strawberry cheesecakes and good morals. Please don't be rude.

Location Somewhere in the U.S