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    I will message those that receive the postions shortly

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    Hi everyone

    I am looking for staff for my server. The server will be an RPG style factions server with a strong economy server. I am looking for the following:

    1 admin

    # builders (better if you are a team)

    4 Moderators


    Staff spot:


    Time Zone:

    Resident city (optional):

    Years playing Minecraft:

    Years managing Minecraft server (personal or someone else's):

    Previous positions held:

    Link to portfolio (builders only):

    First Language:

    Other languages spoken:

    Weeks/Months/Years of commitment available:

    Edit: For the most part the server is set plugins wise. the center spawn has been started working on. I just need to finalize the server and get it going. I will also be running this for at least 6 months and if it takes off I will continue it for however long it lasts.

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