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    So I've been wondering this for a long time, and I think it has been long overlooked. The topic of the map in minecraft. Now I know what you're all saying, maps work perfectly fine. Well the fact is, they don't, at all. So lets look at issue one, related to this post on Notch's tumblr blog, the word of notch.
    Now, keep in mind, this was back in the beta 1.6 days, but keep with me now.
    Maps have been long overlooked and left to die in minecraft.
    They were supposed to, and actually do, have multiple zoom levels. The zoom levels, however, can not be edited without directly editing the source code of minecraft. This action was not intended at all, as seen from that word of notch article. Maps were indeed supposed to be zoomable, but the question is, why, after all of this time that has passed, are they not?
    The answer is that maps have, as said before, been long overlooked and forgotten as one of those dead features.

    Now lets look at another issue with maps.
    This next issue I'm going to talk about with maps is a even buggier behavior that was most definitely not intended.
    So lets say you wanna make a few maps so you can make a couple copies of a map for your buddies and such. What would you want to do to accomplish this? Some people might just manually craft all of them, but you don't have time for that! You're going to shift-click craft them of course! Well guess what happens when you do this? BAM! A bunch of maps stuck on map_0! Hurray! Now really, this is just another example of the buggy behavior of the long forgotton maps.

    Now this issue reminds me of another problem maps have. The fact you are unable to clone them. Lets look again at notch's tumblr post on maps. As you can see, maps were indeed going to be made cloneable at one time, but once again, that feature of maps was neglected, like the many other features maps were going to have at one point in time.

    As you can see, maps have many more issues and many less features than they even closely intended to have in them, and I don't even think anyone noticed. So I'm just putting this out there for all who did not notice all of these issues with maps, and missing features.
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    Err, here's the problem here. Clouds do not cast faint shadows onto the terrain currently. Now this is easiest to see if you turn down the brightness and switch off smooth lighting. When you get close to a current shadow on the terrain, and only when you get close, the shadows start to spread across your world like a virus 1 block at a time. You can be flying directly under a cloud, it won't make a single shadow on your world.
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    posted a message on [1.1]Easy Bridge / Block Flight

    Now ModLoader Compatable!

    Hello, this is the first mod I've decided to release to the public. It's what I believe is a original idea. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this has been done before.
    I present you with Easy Bridge / Block Flight (Couldn't decide between the 2 names I brainstormed)
    What does this mod do?
    It allows you to make easy 1 thick bridges, or even fly using blocks!
    I haven't tested this against bukkit plugins, but Minecraft vanilla SMP does not catch you for flying when using this mod to fly.
    So technically, you can fly.
    Say your in the nether and you don't want to fall in lava while making a bridge to another area or a chunk of glowstone.
    Just turn this on, and voila, you are instantly making a bridge, unable to fall.
    The keybinds for this currently are:
    B to turn on the bridge and
    F to switch between up and down mode.
    Up mode requires you to jump since people normally don't have stairs in their inventory.
    Down mode automatically drops you down a block each step from block to block, effectively making a stairway.
    Just to let you know, you need a block your hand for this to work, I did this so it's not completely obvious that
    you have a mod for building bridges.
    It will use the block stack in your hand to build a bridge with, so don't let it run out, or your gonna fall a bit.
    If a admin catches you using this mod, and bans you, it is not my responcibility.
    This mod currently only works for clients in SMP. I didn't really see the use of it in SSP since flymods are free to be used with no restrictions in SSP.
    Here are some pics:
    This one is a picture of a bridge made across the water.

    This next one is a example of when you would need to use the down function. You can avoid fall damage from high places by using the down function.

    This last one is a example of its flight ability. You can use this to literally fly to the highest possible place on the map.

    Warning, the ModLoader version of this mod over-writes the base class afr.class

    -Fixed a bug where keys work in main menu
    +Added a config file, find it in .minecraft/config, use it to change key bindings
    *Changed name of the mods main class file from mod_Controller to mod_Bridge
    Current Version:

    ModLoader Version (This Requires Modloader): Mod.zip
    Old Versions (1.1)
    Works currently in survival and creative mode.
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    The XBox 360 still has no means of wifi? Man, I didn't think things were so junky they still needed ethernet cords. Glad I stuck to PC gaming. I only use a ethernet cord nowadays for my gaming computer, which is right next to my router and modem. I mean really, even a Wii has a wifi card in it, how are XBoxs still this junky and ancient?
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    For nvidia:

    Things you can try;

    Go to your nvidia control panel. Access this by either right clicking on your desktop, and selecting Nvidia control panel in the drop-down menu, or googling another way to access it.
    Once your in, find the list to the left, and click Adjust image settings with preview.
    You'll hopefully see a rotating Nvidia logo, if not, I don't even know..
    Anyhow, select the bubble that says let the 3D application decide.
    Click apply, and your done. X out and try out minecraft.
    If that didn't work..
    (Some of this other information may be inaccurate since I'm getting this piece from a notebook Nvidia Gpu, don't know though)
    Click manage 3D settings and go to global settings, once your here, set Anisotropic and Antialiasing to application controlled.
    For ATI:
    I have no idea since I have something against ATI and never used one of their graphics adapters / graphics cards, whatever you fancy to call them.
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    Silent aid..?
    What if another person had this problem and went to this thread, just to find that you got personal silent aid?
    *Frowny face*
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    posted a message on Decoding the impossible-World Seeds
    I have had a busy week this week, and no time to work on this, sorry :sad.gif:. I'm going to organize this data so it's usable and less confusing.

    Proven equations

    The equation for uppercase is
    X being the charactor code
    y being the string length starting at 0 from the end to the start
    the string length of A in AB would be 1 and B would be 0
    for string AB I would do
    The equation for lowercase is
    X being the charactor code
    y being the string length starting at 0 from the end to the start
    for string ab I would do

    To decode world seeds
    Basically, you keep trying letters until the combo equals that of the seed.
    for lowercase letters, you would add 32.


    The time has come to finally pick apart the world seeds, and create a decoding algorithm. In this thread, I will be listing my finds, my research, everything I can figure out about seeds, and how to reverse engineer them into words if I can figure that out. Eventually, if the time ever comes, I will release a program in the 3rd party minecraft programs section for the purpose of decoding seeds. Leave comments on help with this project!
    Please, tell me if this has already been discovered.

    What I figured out so far:
    To predict 3 letter seeds
    Take the keyboard press codes and add 32 to them
    After doing this, multiply those codes by 31 to a decreasing exponent of the seeds length.
    Add the results to reach the seed for a 3 letter biome.
    1 letter seeds are the original keyboard code added by 32.

    Minecraft uses the string length of the entered seed as a exponent for the multiplication!
    This can be used to predict ANY lowercase seed, before even starting the map.
    Now to figure out how to reverse engineer a seed...

    Edit: Heres a equation for those who want to try this: (x+32)*31^y
    x is the letter character code
    y is the string length of the seed, ending at 0
    Note! The string length ends at 0. So for string ab, the total length would be 1
    To solve this equation, the y gradually receedes from the maximum length as you add more x's
    for example, if I wanted to solve a ab seed, I would do
    Use addition to add additional letters to this

    Edit2: Uppercase letters have been solved!
    The equation for uppercase is
    so for the seed AB, I would do

    The final thing now is reverse engineering...

    Edit: I'm opening up C# to see if I can figure out any reverse math method using programming.

    Edit2: I decided to use a brute method. I'm going to have the program create bigger and bigger possible strings, while guessing the letters of the alphabet in the max amount of orders. I might not be able to finish up till tomorrow though since I need sleep.
    This program will take quite a bit.

    I'm turning in for the night, I'll work on creating a decoding program for 1-2 hours a day.
    I will also continue my research on minecraft seeds, and try to create a hand-written method.

    I was unable to stay away from figuring this out. I'm in one of those moods where I just need to solve it. I always get in these moods every once in a while.

    I've been thinking and paceing about my house, and I've come up with several theorys.
    A minecraft seed can not be solved by a handwritted equation.
    A minecraft seed must be solved with a program.

    Therefore, by these theorys I discovered, I created some ideas as to what programming is required.
    The program must be a brute force program

    Since my head currently feels full, I'm just going to dump all of what I'm thinking as to this project.
    The program will need to have 2 arrays of both uppercase and lowercase letters.
    The program will need to start at a length of 0, and slowly rise. It will need to check every arithmatic combination between the letters all of the letters. So for example,

    This theory of brute forcing the world seed means that the program will indeed take a long time depending on the size of the seed.

    Notice: I just noticed that I will probably also have to incorperate numbers, which as a seed end up exactly the same. I may just ignore numbers and generate a string of letters regardless of if the original seed had numbers in it.

    I came up with some hand math.
    It's very complicated and time consuming without a program, but totally possible.
    You basically take the numeric seed you have, and compair it by combinations of numbers.
    Heres a example
    Say we have this
    basically, we will manually test each string of numbers corrosponding with letters.
    This manual hand process is massive time consuming, but until I get a working build of the program out, it's it.
    Note: Your free to use any of my work so long as you give me credit for the ideas and plans.
    So. For the sake of this example, we are only going to test A and B, you would really have to test the whole alphabet including uppercase and lowercase letters, and even numbers!
    That is the reason I'm creating a brute forcer for this.
    Without one, testing every single combination would take you AGES.
    Wow, this thread has more information about seeds by now then the minecraft wiki!
    EDIT: Even WITH a bruteforcer, it will be next impossible to get the letters in the correct order. The result with probably favor the A and above range, and require you to re-arrange it.
    I just finished updating my build of C#, I'm gonna get back to the programming. Wish me luck :wink.gif:.
    It's really amazing how the brain works. By now I have completely new programaaming theorys then what I had at 10:00pm. It is now 12:53 AM :tongue.gif:.
    Program is looking okay so far, I have single letters down. Now to move on to multi- letters.

    Back from a long night of sleeping. I came up with a new method in my sleep that would easily incorperate all of the letters into about 10 lines of code I'd say. I'm going to try it now. I also came up with a double check method in my sleep to put the letters in the correct order.
    I'm putting that off to do more research on how minecraft generates seeds with both letters and numbers existing.

    With my new research on number + letter algorithms, I found that for 2 letters with one number inbetween, the equation is as follows.
    Lets say we were solving for C1D

    For ever extra scale the letters increase by, you add 30.

    I might get back to the programming soon, these number seeds are insanely complicated.
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    posted a message on Auto Hot Key help!
    Quote from ReceptiveRaptor

    The percents need to be there, it's for World Edit, we select a region and we use the percents to control the amount of ores that go into the mines.

    I already put percents in >_>.
    EDIT: I'm off this thread now, I'm gonna see is garrys mod is working again.
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    posted a message on New Effect
    I know what your gonna say when you see this image.
    Your gonna say, "Robert! You over enhanced it! This can't possibly be what's in the image!"

    And I'm gonna say, I could have done just that.
    I could have over-enhanced it a lot.
    But look at what the enhancement turned out to be. It's not just a bunch blocks that got messed up. It's a actual thing.
    EDIT: Changing this little bit, I beleive the effect is new mob smoke for when mobs spawn from a spawner! It has supposive mob faces in it after all. Then again, since you almost never see it, it could be a boss spawning mob effect.

    EDIT: I just noticed mob faces in it! It could just be my imagination going wild, but this may be a big observation.

    EDIT2: New mob spawner texture anyone? - Perhaps instead of smoke, it now shows this swirley sparkly mist with mob faces in it.

    EDIT3: Mycelium in the background. On the dirt of the middle mountain way in the background. - NOTE I just looked over the image again, and the supposive mycelium is just the fog blending the grass to a different color

    EDIT4: I'm currently examining this photo pixel by pixel, if I can find anything else, I'll post it.

    EDIT5: Here's some of the mob faces I decoded so far.
    1. Creeper with horns

    2. Derp zombie

    3. The last one I found that was only slightly legible was a skewed face.

    I'm gonna continue decoding this image

    EDIT: I'm done with this, I spent my hour on it
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    posted a message on Please stop water dripping from my glass ceiling
    Quote from InherentVice

    Hi folks,

    I really like the new feature of dripping water or lava. I´m pretty sure it will save my life one day. But does it make sense that there is water dripping through a glass block? It pretty much ruins my squid ponds with a glass floor in the ceiling of my house or underwater bases.
    Come on, you can see through the glass that there is water or lava and a glass block should be less permeable than a cubic meter of dirt.

    To stop water from dripping from your glass ceiling.
    Step one:
    Have your ceiling made.
    (Note, cobblestone is air)

    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :log: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :log:
    :log: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :log:
    :log: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :log:
    :log: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :log:
    :log: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :log:

    Step two:
    Get out a sword.

    Step Three:
    Hold down left mouse button while aiming at your ceiling.

    After following these steps, your ceiling will no longer drip, but water will rush in at you.

    That, my friends, is the simple solution to stop your ceiling dripping, and you don't even need to spend blocks on a extra layer!

    It worked for me!

    (Notice all the annoying water droplets dripping in)

    (Notice how theres no annoying water droplets dripping in everywhere at me)

    Notice: May cause drowning in some cases.
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