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    Welcome to the glorious land of Kal'aran

    This is a brand new server, looking for members.

    Server Specs

    Host: CubedHost

    Location: London

    Ram: 2.5

    (depending on the active player base it will be improved)

    The server, for the most part, is Vanilla with a few data packs;

      • Experimental
        • timber (Fells Trees with one block)
      • Hermitcraft
        • wandering trades (mini Blocks for sale)
      • Mobs
        • more mob heads
        • silence mobs
        • dragon drops
        • anti enderman grief
        • double shulker shells
      • Items
        • player head drops
      • Survival
        • track raw statistics
        • custom nether portals
        • multiplayer sleep
        • Armour Statues


    Looking to have not just a server but a community where people can come and enjoy themselves, as well as work on community projects such as;

    • Shopping District ( Earn or spend those Diamonds :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: )
    • Gaming District ( A place for mini-games!)
    • Nether Hub
    • Pixel Art Town ( A place for all manners of crazy pixel art)

    And many more.

    These locations are still being mapped out, for now, once these locations are marked, build away from them if possible

    for example, don't build your base 20 blocks from the districts :)

    Kal'Aran also has a discord located here: https://discord.gg/PgJa7xp

    Content Creators

    We welcome those who wish to stream or record with open arms, be it frequent or infrequent, as such we will help with what we can, our discord will have channels to promote your videos!

    White List

    This is a white list server so please jump on to our discord to be added to the white list!



    1. No griefing builds or stealing.
    2. Keep pranking to a minimum unless those involved are in agreement
    3. Pvp is enabled, but be respectful, no all-out killing sprees
    4. No hacking! Mods or hacks are not allowed, optifine is fine
    5. Be respectful! We highly value this in our server, and we hope you keep this in mind.
    6. No building in areas that are claimed by another player without consent.
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