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    Position of Interest: Developer of some capacity.
    Real Name [First]: Tyler
    Age [Required]: 17
    IGN: Risible
    Known Languages [HTML,C++,Java etc.]:
    I'm going to do these on a 1 - 10 scale, 1 being novice, 10 being expert.
    HTML - 9
    CSS - 5
    Javascript - 4
    Java - 6
    PHP - 7
    Most other OOP based languages I know the fundamentals of since they are loosely all based on the same type of functions.
    Web Design Experience (1-10): 4 - I prefer backend in comparison to frontend web programming. Overall I'd rate my full-stack abilities at a 6.
    Amount of Time you can Dedicate: Largely depends on my schedule at work/school. Probably 25ish hours.
    Timezone [UTC Format]: UTC-5
    Skype [Required]: risible.hf
    Maturity Level (1-10): 9
    Responsibility Level (1-10): 9
    Honesty Level (1-10): 9
    Previous Experience: Previously I co-owned a prison server where I managed the Plugins, Plugin Configuration and Back-end side of things. The server went defunct after my partner and I lost interest in the server.
    About Yourself: I'm a 17 year old student who is currently a senior at my local high school. I also work at a mid-tier grocery chain where my position is supervisor in the front-end department of the store. I usually am responsible for managing 10-15 employees at one time. My main interests revolve around computing, I have been akin to computers since around the age of 12. Since then I've adapted my knowledge to work in the real world. I've been able to provide my services to local businesses in my own area doing tasks such as configuring computers and servers in an office to creating a web applications.
    Why Should you be Appointed: I believe my skills and experience will be able to translate well to this server to fuel its growth and create a thriving community.
    Any Questions: Not Currently.
    I understand that if I have been deceitful in my application, it shall be rendered Null and Void [Y/N]: Yes
    [You may also be asked to attend a Verbal Interview]

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    Quote from IDynamicI»

    Will you be looking for pay?

    No, just looking to join a community and enjoy it.

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    Plugin Configurator

    Name: Tyler
    IGN: Risible
    TimeZone: EST (GMT -5)
    Age: 17
    Past experience in this position: In the past I've held experience as a co-owner for a moderately popular prison server. I mostly handled the back end side of things server, including but not limited to server management, plugin management and configuration.
    Can you sucessfully configure any type of .yml: Given the documentation I can accurately configure any type of .yml
    Can you fix a broken config.yml or any type of .yml: Given the documentation I can accurately fix broken yml files.
    Do you know how to use yaml praser: I know how to use the yaml praser
    Do you know how to find an error in a plugin: This depends on the scale of the error. I have experience with Java, and some experience dealing with plugin creation. In the past I've had no problems finding and resolving errors. I doubt I will have any problems in the future.
    Do you understand how to configure plugins: Given the documentation of the plugin in question, yes I will be able to configure a plugin.
    Can you edit a plugin using notepad++: I'm not sure whether you're referring to the plugin itself or the configuration. If I'm editing a plugin, ideally I prefer to use an IDE like IntelliJ or Eclipse. If I'm editing configuration files I'll tend to use Atom, Sublime Text 2 or Notepad++, whichever is most convenient at the time.
    Have you made plugins: I don't have much experience developing plugins.
    Can you make custom plugins: Given the time, I'm sure I can teach myself, yes.
    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a 17 year old, currently attending high school while also holding a part time job at a mid-tier grocery store. My position there is a supervisor for the front-end, this involves managing 10-15 employees at once. Lastly I plan on majoring in computer science at my future university. In the past I have helped small business in my areas with problems ranging from web application development to configuration of computers involving Server 2012 and Windows 7.
    What can you bring to this network: I believe I can bring a unique amount of experience to the server. From my time as being a server owner, to my knowledge of Java and various other languages, I believe this can translate well to success for the network as a whole.
    Skype: risible.hf
    Email Adress: [email protected]

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