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    If you implement a new ore, that ore has to be very different from the existing ores.
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    posted a message on So with the addition of Jungle Temples made from moss stone...
    To be honest, these dungeons need to be more expansive. For a couple reasons:

    After the first encounter, navigating temples/pyramids will no longer pose a challenge and retrieving treasure will be very easy, and not exciting.

    I'm assuming the pathways of the dungeons have little to no generation. The hallways and rooms within each dungeon need to be randomly generated, so the player will never know what to expect for each dungeon.

    The dungeons need to be larger and contain more traps. Once again, if the dungeons are small and contain the same traps over and over again, it will become so easy overtime that there might as well not be any traps at all.

    Unique treasure only to that specific dungeon. Gives a larger incentive to explore these dungeons.

    I know completing this list would be time-consuming, but I think the payoff would be exceptional. Right now, the current state of the dungeons are exciting at first, but boring after a few more encounters.
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    posted a message on Ocelots turn into domestic cats....? Uhhh
    Yeah I think it's silly that they turn instantly into house cats. Would be nice if you had to breed two ocelots for a cat.
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    posted a message on Splerver! - *[1.3.1]*[McMMO]*[Factions]*[Ventrilo]*
    Nice server guys, I'm really enjoying it. Just needs some more people :3
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    posted a message on Sheep breeding question.
    Minecraft: Punnet Square Edition
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    posted a message on Anyone else notice the past few updates are stolen mods?
    I'm tempted to report this thread because of the sheer idiocy of the OP and the guy from Notch's twitter.

    I'm not even going to argue about how false and unsupported 50% of his claims are. The rest is just horribly opinionated to the point where I can't even comprehend how stupid he sounds.

    EDIT: He should at the very least, make a better argument, use proper grammar and spelling when he's sending an email to the CREATOR of Minecraft, and be respectful. Then he can still be wrong on everything, but at least he won't make a complete fool of himself.
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    posted a message on Terrain Generation Changes Remaining
    Oceans are in need. Too much ocean with nothing in it.
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    posted a message on Infinite water source being replaced by Cauldron?
    Maybe in the future, Minecraft will look more into intuitive water control mechanics.

    Right now though, infinite water works. It doesn't need to get any more complex, at least right now.
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    posted a message on Is it me, or are the recipes getting harder to remember?
    Quote from MistedMind

    So many. So many. Plus the potion brewing mechanics, I'll be tabbing out hardcore to the wiki. I also still keep forgetting that you don't get stuck on fences no more.

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    posted a message on New Effect
    Whatever it may be, we do know it will eventually incite rage among the forums.
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