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    can you make this mod for minecraft 1.7.4
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    Quote from Tmtravlr

    Hi Everyone!

    I made a little puzzle map that uses some of the new commands in 1.7.

    The goal of the map is to make your way to the center of the puzzle cube by completing different puzzles.

    The difficulty increases as you progress further into the cube, starting out quite easy and ending up a bit challenging. There is also a bonus area with challenge versions of all the puzzles.

    It should be multiplayer compatible up to any number of people. In fact, some puzzles are much easier on multiplayer.

    It also comes with a resource pack, which is mandatory (so things make sense =) ).


    A puzzle on the cube's surface.

    The second layer of the cube.

    An orange Baby Zombie.

    The third layer of the cube.

    The Bonus area.


    The rules are in the book in the double chest right near the starting place, but I'll reiterate them here:

    - Don't break/place blocks
    - Don't craft
    - Keep your difficulty on Easy
    - Stay in Survival or Adventure mode (doesn't matter which)
    - Use the included Puzzle Cube Resource Pack


    Series by rsmalec:

    Link to the playlist:

    First episode:

    Series by Qmagnet and SnoShoe

    Link to the playlist:

    First episode:

    Series by k0theawes0me1

    First episode:

    Second episode:

    Download and Instructions:

    Download v.1.4: http://www.mediafire...335c1blrdpasobp

    Previous Versions:


    1. Make sure you have Minecraft 1.7.* or higher.

    2. Download the zip file above and unzip it.

    3. Go to your .minecraft folder and place:

    a. "The Puzzle Cube - v.<version number>" in the folder "saves".
    b. "Puzzle Cube Resource Pack" in the folder "resourcepacks".

    4. Start Minecraft.

    5. Go to the resource pack selection menu (in Options) and add the Puzzle Cube Resource Pack to the top of the list.

    6. Open the world titled "The Puzzle Cube"

    7. Get Puzzled!


    Map made by Tmtravlr.

    Most of the textures are from Vattic's Faithful Resource Pack. If you don't know about it, you should go check it out: http://www.minecraft...-pufferfish-17/.

    All the other custom textures/sounds created by Tmtravlr.

    The idea for the look/feel of the puzzle cube inspired by Super Mario Galaxy.

    Well, I hope you enjoy this puzzle map! =) Let me know what you think of it.

    If you do find any problems/issues, tell me and I'll try to fix them.

    Also, if you want, you can check out my first map, a Survival map: http://www.minecraft...t-survival-map/


    how do you download the texture packwhere is the texture download
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