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    Quote from STrippStr

    oh please! thats turning minecraft into an rpg, they're already making the game too easy. i think they should keep the 30 limit, and the easier enchantment, but change it back to a quadradic instead of being linear. and maybe they should nerf the cooking and mining xp.

    side note, its not actualy docs ender farm. its actualy jl2579's design. he made it for doc. but no one gives the guy any credit.
    Thanks for the heads up, but it's not actually JL's design, but Panda's. (I'll stop chatting lolz)
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    Quote from TheHeroInGreen

    How could you not like this? This is an amazing idea. The current XP system is terrible. I loved this in games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, it would be super cool if this was in Minecraft too.

    Thank you. Like MatixPulse said, Experience in Minecraft is not actually Experience. It's a kind of like a type a currency, you get stuff and it's gone, there are no long time advantages.
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    Hey guys, my name is Rib and I'm here to bring you some thoughts on how the Exp. System could be changed or remade. So, I was watching a couple of videos one video and I came upon a Aussie-guy named MatixPulse on Youtube. His videos are quite nice, and his commentary was a basic rant on how the Exp. system could be re-made in to something more useful (Video down below).

    At around 22:30

    As we all know, the Exp. System is based on Experience gained from mobs, and due to recent changes, mining and smelting. It is a short period reward, on which, you can improve weapons, tools, and armour (with the use of an Enchantment Table), and, after they break, the enchantment is gone. The maximum enchantment level (with the recent Snapshot) is 30 level or 1725 points. With all the changes, updates and fixing, Experience HAS become way more balanced, but here are some major set-backs:

    - Experience is way too easy to get, you can get up from level 0 to 30 in three minutes with Docm77's Ender-farm, or, buy cooking 8 stacks of Cobble in the Nether (unlimited fuel)

    - Experience has a advantage point in a short-period of time, after the tool you enchanted breaks, the enchantment is gone.

    - Some enchantment are more based on luck, rather than XP. (This has been mostly fixed with recent updates)

    - Experience only improves a limited amount of tools, rather than having a more wider-ranged selection of skill improvement.

    With these set-backs, and the fact that Minecraft is becoming a more complex, amplified game, the Experience System might as-well be improved, or a totally new system be implemented.

    The System is what I call a Experience-Skill System (E.S.S). Here's an example of how it was used in other games:

    (The popular RPG-game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim used a system similar to this: The game was divided in to sections and subsections, and you gained Experience or Skill Levels by completing certain tasks, i.e, by selling high-value items to a merchant, your Speech Skill increased.)

    By using the E.S.S , Minecraft would be divided in 2 diferent main sections, Experience gaining (where you kill mobs, smelt and mine to gain Exp.) and Skill gaining (where you complete certain tasks to improve each Skill). The Skill System would be divided in to 6 sections:

    - Fighting, divided into Archery and Close-Combat, improves the range, power and effect of the attacks, with weapons or without

    -Crafting, increases the chance of making more resistant weapons, tools, armour etc.

    - Smelting, increases the chance of using less fuel, and smelting more quickly, as-well as increasing the range of materials you can use to smelt.

    - Brewing, decreases the time you take to make potions, and may improve potion effects.

    - Building, with the building skill you may destroy blocks you place more quickly and sneak faster to improve
    building in high-places (lesser fall damage may also be implemented).

    - Mining, increases the chance of scavenging resources (like coal, redstone, diamonds, iron and gold in small amounts) in normal blocks (stone and cobble).

    The old enchantment system could be maintained or re-implemented into the Skill System. Skills and Experience could only be used with an Enchantment Table. And bookshelves might unlock new Skills.
    You wouldn't lose Skill points upon death, but Experience would be lost.
    And the main advantage would be this:
    You have a better way to increase your stats, both a short periods or long periods of your in-game time, and keep the good old tools you love and like

    Taking all of these things and putting them in place, you could may as well change the way Minecraft turns out, and improve the game. Improve it by a lot

    What are your ideas on this?
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    Check your hard-drive. It may be causing the crashes. I have a 1GB and [email protected] core dedicated server and it runs perfectly fine with 20 players on.
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    Moar bosses NOW!
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