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    Blocade is a mod developed for minecraft, that intends to bring modular building to machines. A combination would be such as mixing steve’s carts and tinker’s construct. On it’s bare bones, blocade can be considered really crude. Since part of it’s magic may be relied on machines that are not included in vanilla minecraft (redstone flux, compressor, crusher, etc), but the intention is to make this mod as open as minecraft itself.

    Google Drive File

    I will be updating the google drive file more often than this thread, if you wish to follow closely, I recommend you to do that in there.

    Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OSUSHjLBHOzc8F5gUDM-_hQyQRncuPn0OVBELB_Kzok/edit?usp=sharing


    Here we are going to establish some core functionalities and crafting mechanics proposed by this mod. This includes content to be considered as a “spoiler”, as its intended to be discovered and explored by the player.


    Energy can be inserted by any mod, but here we are going to specify three basic types:

    • HP or CP
    • MP
    • RF

    HP stands for Heat Power (or Combustion power in case of CP), they are the basic minecraft standard, that is, burning through wood materials to get what you need.

    MP stands for Mechanical Power, very similar to better with mods one.

    RF stands for Redstone Flux, the most popular energy based power.

    Energy addendum

    Having only 3 initial types don’t limit us to that, we may have magical based energy, blood based, flower, anything you like!

    Materials [WIP]

    Material addendum

    Our materials are not limited to the vanilla ones, they can be expanded by any mod, such as copper, tin, etc. With each one with your special trait.



    They are divided in five main types:

    • Storage components

    Storage components are responsible for storing items/liquids/gases for the crafting process or the result process. Anything that can be added to the machine at the process time.

    • Energy components

    Those are for giving energy for the items that are going to be transformed, each component require a energy type and each energy component can only work for one energy type.

    • Function components

    They are what process the item, maybe you require a simple crafting, burning, compressing, pulverizing, liquifying, anything!

    • Logical components

    They can add-up an extra layer of logic into the machine, such as automatic outputting, double processing, upgrade slotting (after the machine assembly), etc.

    • Structural components

    Those are responsible for changing the machine stats, giving it extra modifiers (such as explosive, hot, etc), upgrading it’s speed, side outputting (you have to choose the side that will be able to do that).


    Crafting tables

    Blocade adds tables that are responsible for creating the machines that are the focus of the mod, here are the 3 types of table:

    Conceptual table

    This table is responsible for creating blueprints and research, so the player may use them in the manufacturing table. For now, this only functions as a drag and create type, but I intend to expand it to create something similar to the thaumcraft research system.

    Manufacturing table

    Here you may get the blueprints and combine them with raw materials (such as wood, iron, diamond) to create the various machine parts that combined will serve as the final product. Each finished part may require more than one material to be crafted.

    Assembly table

    In this part, you will be able to visualize what you are building, it’s stats, buffs and downsides. Assembling the machine should be immediate, cost hunger and generate XP depending on the level of the machine outputted.

    Machine frames

    Machine frames are the basis of any machine you wish to build. They will decide the level of the components that may be allowed, the size, complexity, base efficiency and many other parameters. Here we are going to see the main types, that can be made out of any material.

    Block machine frame

    They are the most basic part, can support only primitive components and can’t be expanded on.

    size: 1x1x1

    components: level 1

    complexity: level 1

    base efficiency: 0,5

    Blocade block machine frame

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    Your IGN: rfaster

    Where did you hear about the server: I was watching another game called Star Citizen, when I found on this server, I found incredible and now do not care anymore for Star Citizen :)

    Do you understand and accept the rules: I understand the rules, I really like being in the immersive story, so should have no problem with me since I tend to be very calm

    What's our policy on raging: There is no reason for it, just calm down and try again
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    1. Rafael Corrêa
    2. rfaster
    3. 14
    4. I played a lot, im watching luclin to help me and other excellent people
    5. I got banned one time for helping other people, I didnt understand why : S
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    HI everyone that downloaded my map!
    I'm making everything from scratch again, just to enjoy the new minecraft features, I hope that you like the new version that its coming and help me with comments and even building with me!
    Thank you for your cooperation
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    Quote from Hawkeye12

    rfaster I don't run .rar files on my computer can you make a .zip version of it :)
    Quote from Hawkeye12

    rfaster I don't run .rar files on my computer can you make a .zip version of it :)


    I made it with zip, just for you s2 kidding
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    Finally I finished the whole story and made an english version of the demo! I feel so good after that, now back to the map construction!
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    Ahhh...I forgot to say if I want a lets play or a trailer, now just to say I want both..
    there is the link again: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1260224-advpark-the-apocalipse-wip45-downloadsengpt/page__fromsearch__1
    Now have english version
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    rfaster, on 19 June 2012 - 10:30 PM, said:

    Could you make of the demo of my map?
    link: http://www.minecraft...__fromsearch__1
    And you dont have the English Demo posted :(

    I dont have a english version because I'm horrible in long texts(I don't have a good english at all) and my only friend that could help it, is a very lazy and busy( playing games, that what I see), I will try to transate for myself or use google translator.
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    This story its too short, but a cool, you could put a spider spawner at the end
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    I played it, its a awesome map, but sadly i dont have so much patience to find these redstones, so I take turns with a friend, but I finished it.
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    Ok, people, for the few players that played my map(mostly my friends) I will make some changes and let the map easier, I will update soon.
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    Ok, I just finished the demo.
    Its still a portuguese version( I'm a brazilian), BUT its great and you dont need understand, just jump and find the next place to jump.

    just place blocks (wooden) in places to help you in parkour, not to bug the map, dont break any blocks, dont use cheats, dont fly, have fun and dont rage with the difficult.

    Download link demo v0.1: http://www.mediafire...1h2z6eqv7p6mbfx (its not a oficial version, because it has some bugs and its missing parts of the enviroment, I decided to put it because its test time in my school and I will not have time to work on this.
    Anyway, thanks for the support.

    And some more pictures of the map:

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    Ok, i'm having a hard time working on this and I don't like to have the first comment about my own map, but I really would like to someone answer this topic, give suggestions, correct my english and other stuff. It would make me so happy :)
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