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    posted a message on NOTCHISM (The Gospel of the Golden Apple)
    Why not try to do one of more interesting stories in the Bible, or atleast work your way to the next story, and do more then just change 20 words. I did find this funny, however, as we've been doing a lot of stuff related to the bible in school. Diamonds for you :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on In-game name changer for SMP offline mode [REQ]
    Quote from Qwill »
    If anyone was having the same thoughts I was, yes he does have a premium account.

    Now, why exactly do you need to use offline mode? The servers aren't down THAT much, and I guarantee nobody else will find your server. To my knowledge, there are no plugins or mods that allow you to do this either.

    All I have is this cracked client, which is a full download and might mess with your paid version of minecraft. It does, however, have a name changer.

    -Link removed-

    Mod edit: User banned for linking to and distributing minecraft.jar
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    posted a message on [Plugin][Bukkit] TradeMod v0.7 - Multiple Economies [1.3_01]
    This is pretty nice, but there are plenty of places where people aren't standing, and people who steal stuff nowadays are generally banned pretty quickly. Nonetheless, nice job.
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    posted a message on Why does slime keep spawning in my mine?
    Quote from iJogurt »
    Hmm, make it smaller, or start your mine above layer 16.
    Slimes can spawn in darkness, and in light so that is hard to overcome, but they are very abundent under layer 16, so I would stay above that and you should avoid having a slime problem. Alternativly, If your looking for diamond at the bottom, try making the space smaller, they need a lot of room to spawn.

    EDIT: Ninja'd and they still spawn on peaceful unfortunatly :sad.gif:
    Quote from Blaze »
    Seriously though, all you can do is put it on peaceful.

    They spawn on peaceful??
    Can they hurt you on peaceful?
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    posted a message on Happy St. Patricks Day
    Quote from SuperZac »
    Chia pets aren't old! I remember seeing an Obama chia pet at some store a couple moths ago... laughed my ass off...

    Lol nice.

    Make a bunch of little creepers worshiping it :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on The Fed - Regulate your Minecraft Economy!
    It's nice, although I'm not sure how many people would want to return their loans :\
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