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    What if you lived underwater, and could not breath air? Added features might be a mer-tail, underwater plant life for food, etc., fish that attack, and maybe some sort of water-bubble gun to create over-world 'fish tanks'. You could also add differing biomes underwater, and flood caves so you could mine them. Bio-luminescent plant-life could be especially useful down there.

    An underwater mod could also have things like sunken ships, sunken treasure, and maybe mythology lore, like Neptune, or something. You could even add an air-diving suit with water tanks for limited surface excursions.

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    posted a message on Placemod (Fast Schematic Spawning System)

    Is the modder some kind of evil djinn, or something? Ruins needs you to convert schematics to template files, then proceeds to not spawn them. Recurrent Complex, though better than Ruins, tends to ignore them completely, and Restructured only adds them to villages, and glitches out air blocks, replacing them with random modded, and unmodded blocks (including NetherPortals...). Placemod actually does exactly what it says! I didn't think it was possible. Not only does every schematic run... without having to convert it... they actually spawn in world... without leaving a square crater, or glitching, or needing to find a village. Plus, I'm getting no fps spikes at all, and I'm using a few rather large schematics.


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    posted a message on Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded - The Sims in Minecraft - Updated for 1.7.10!
    I'm having some issues running this mod... I'm on 1.7.10, and using Java 64x v1.8. Basically, everything starts up just fine, but when I'm meant to choose my difficulty setting, upon world creation, I click 'normal', and the game crashes.
    crash log via paste-ee
    Could someone give me a hand with this one? I miss playing, and I'd just assume not make an old 1.6.4 pack in order to do it.
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    posted a message on Would someone take over my modpack?
    I created a modpack called the Underground. It's one of the more unique packs I've ever played, but it's not popular because I don't know how to advertise it. Also, I don't have permissions from the modders, as I don't really know how to go about doing that.
    I was hoping someone could take it over. I haven't had any design issues, as of yet, and no crashes.
    The Underground 4.5

    Let's delve into the past. It is the end of the Stone War.
    The only victors were the few Testificates from both sides that fled
    planet Minecraftia before the final bombs fell. Some fled underground,
    setting traps for all who dared follow.

    The wasteland above is
    lifeless. It's only been a few years since the bombs, so it is possible
    to be above ground for some time without being irradiated, but the acid
    rain continues.

    The radiation tore rifts in the fabric of space.
    This presents an opportunity to travel between dimensions, even sub
    dimensions. True magic, however, has been all but eradicated from this
    plane by the radiation. Still, it does look like something has happened
    to the plant life, and some stone. You will have to construct tools to

    This modpack works best with the Cave terrain gen (selected during world creation).

    Current Mods:
    StartingInventory, TreeCapitator, CaveGen, NEI, Waila,
    ThermalExpansion, CustomRecipes, DamageIndicators, Dartcraft,
    DeadlyWorldSpawners DimensionalDoors, ExAliquo, ExNihlo, ExtraUtilities,
    Morph, Shatter, InventoryTweaks, IronChest, Jabba, JourneyMap, ZansMap,
    AquaCulture, MoreFurnaces, OpenBlocks, OreDimensions, NetherOres,
    RainbowXP, Ruins, SoulShards, ToxinRain, Stackie, TinkersConstruct,
    IguanaTweaks, Mechworks, SteelWorks, TwilightForest, Uncrafter, Weather,
    CorosWeather2, CorosTornadoes, CorosHostileWorlds, Meteors,
    AthmosphericSounds, Ropes+, Carpenter'sBlocks

    Even if you don't go for it, please tell me what you think of it. The Underground has been an obsession of mine for a while now, and there are several versions on several MC versions.
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Odd issue here... I'm trying to install into MultiMC. I've got Forge running a few other mods (Treecapitator and VoxelMap), but when I put the Dalek mod into the mods folder, MultiMC doesn't recognize it as a mod. When I try to "Add" it the .zip disappears entirely.

    Does anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong? I've been using mods since 1.2.5 so I know what I'm doing... but I'm also a spaz so I'm likely forgetting something.
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    posted a message on Planet Aon | 24/7 | NoPVP | McMMO | Tardis | NoGrief | Community Oriented
    Planet Aon is back online! Our server is a new and improved version of our old home, but just as comfortable, twice as safe and even more fun.

    Build a new home on a few different worlds with alien landscapes, Raise your skills in mining, sword fighting, or fishing, or you can just sit back,and relax and go on Easter egg hunts all day long!

    Planet Aon is safe from unwelcome :SSSS: griefers :SSSS: . Just tell my Op or myself what has happened, and we will come and check it out. Within seconds we will know who the :Spider: culprit :Spider: is, within a minute or two, we will have banned them, and rolled back your property to before he showed up. It's as if the griefer never even existed! :lol:

    We have many great plugins for you to enjoy:

    :P EasterBunny - Take part in Easter egg hunts! Sometimes you will find an egg or two, sometimes a mob spawning egg, and sometimes a diamond!

    :Notch: NickMe - Don't just go by the only version of your name still available when you signed up to Minecraft! Choose your own nickname!

    :arrow: LinksOnSigns - Advertise your website on a sign! No sites with virus', porn, or warez. It will be checked. All signs must be on your property for aesthetic purposes.

    :Sheep: SpongeProtect - Protect your property with a sponge? Well, in the world of Minecraft, anything's possible!

    :geek: Wormhole - With this plugin, you're a jump away from anywhere on any planet! Just go, or be taken to a spot/planet, add the jump point for future use, and go whenever you want!

    :shock: TrippyTerrain - TT is a world generation plugin. It's added a few really strange and fun worlds to play around on, or you may choose to live on one.

    ;) LWC - This plugin will automatically lock most chests. Just type /lock, and punch it if it doesn't. To unlock... guess what you type?

    :D mcMMO - Gain skills in fishing, mining, woodcutting, acrobatics, excavating, and more than I'm willing to type out right now... With level comes new abilities. Fishing allows you to pull up some interesting items lost to the sea like foods, or tools, even diamond stuff!

    :YFlower: TreeAssist - Chop down trees in a seconds!

    :steve_csi: WorldGuard - This is an easy way to protect your property from griefers.

    :steve_sillyface: MyPet - Ever want to own a skeleton to protect you? Want to have your horse fight along side you? From endermen and chickens to bats, you can have almost any mob fight next to you, and level just like you do!I really hope you decide to join us!

    Planet Aon:

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    posted a message on Planet Aon | 24/7 | NoPVP | McMMO | Tardis | NoGrief | Community Oriented
    Here's a few

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    posted a message on Mystcraft
    Quote from jboyle0

    How do you get back to the overworld if i forgot a linking book....

    You can't unless you have cheats enabled. The code is /tpx 0

    Quote from walrus1999

    Im sorry but i hate the new age creation system, all i can make so far is void ages even though i didnt add the void page. I miss the old system.

    I know Wha wha wha, its just going to take time to learn the new system and im sure ill have hundreds of ages to delete off of my server from everyone elses trial and errors.

    I completely agree. I've been playing (this time) for days now, and I've had no luck at all. Not one world has been viable. I've either been on a skylands, just on a slab in the sky, or actually on the ground, but sick. Unless you count the cave worlds... Though, when i try and tunnel to the surface to look for libraries, I have the same problem as before.
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    posted a message on Note to ALL Minecraft modders!
    When listing your mod's versions you need to list the Minecraft versions as well!! What a pain in the butt it is trying to find compatible mods, when no one bothers listing what version of Minecraft their mods are running. A FEW of you do, but most just list the mod version. That's so useful!

    Good listing example;
    • example 1
    • 301a for Minecraft 1.4.6
    • 301b for Minecraft 1.4.5
    • 264d for Minecraft 1.2.5
    BAD listing example;
    • Example 2
    • -3.1.1 Forge Universal
    • -3.1.0 Forge Universal
      -3.0.0 Forge Universal
      -2.4.0 Client
      -2.4.0 Server
      -2.4.0 Client Forge
      -2.4.0 Server Forge
      -2.4.0 Bukkit
      -2.3.1 Client
      -2.3.1 Server
    Yes, I know the name of the mod, and it's current version tends to be in the title bar. So? Not every mod has the most recent version of Minecraft.
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