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Well, since I've been here long enough, why not do this properly :)


I'm rexxefa, but you can call me rexx or rexxy for short.

I'm a huge fan of Minecraft. But personally, I didn't like vanilla Minecraft myself. What got me into this game is the custom maps people has made, especially the CTM genre.

Even though I pretty much suck at it until now, I have played a lot of CTM maps and enjoyed most of them (even though I cheated my way through 98% maps that I had already played :P ). I tried creating one myself. I enjoy laying brush strokes and building structures, but due to the lack of time and motivation, I had failed to complete them :/

In real life, I'm currently a university student majoring in architecture. Which explains a lot to why I have very little free time to make maps.

Aside from CTM maps, I also enjoy a lot of adventure maps and other genres. I also like to play server minigames and some modded minecraft. I even tried to lay my hands on minecraft fan art ( and animations, which does not last very long :P

Anyway, thank you for taking your time to check out my profile page and to read this stuff about me :)


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